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Snakes on a Plane ➵ Snakes on a Plane Download ➾ Author Christa Faust – Young Hawaiian surfer Sean Jones's simple life is turned upside down when he witnesses a brutal murder An FBI agent saves Sean's life and arranges for him to be flown back to LA but a trap has been se Young Hawaiian surfer Sean Jones's simple life is turned upside down when he witnesses a brutal murder An FBI agent saves Sean's life and arranges for him to be flown back to LA but a trap has been set to ensure he doesn't make it when the plane reaches a preset altitude the enraged reptiles Snakes on ePUB ´ are unleashed upon the unsuspecting passengers and crew.

10 thoughts on “Snakes on a Plane

  1. Michael Hanscom Michael Hanscom says:

    The three stars of course come with the caveat that this book is exactly what it is A capable adaptation of a B movie notable for its title generated internet frenzy than for any actual inherent uality You don't read this book because you're actually interested in the story or the uality you read it to be able to say that you didn't just watch the film but you read the book You're just that hardcore And you're tired of those monkey fighting snakes on that Monday to Friday plane

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    I didn't need to know what snakes smelt like Does anyone remember the old scratch and sniff books that we used to get as children? I must be harking back to the 80searly 90s here but this book was so vivid with the descriptions of the smell of the snakes that at points I felt physically sick Christa Faust author of Final Destination III Nightmare on Elm Street Dreamspawn and Friday The 13th The Jason Strain has done another brilliant novelization of a horrorthriller movie When I had initially ordered this I was expecting another bare bones novelization However I got 415 page indepth novelization which improved on the film even than I was expecting AS this is published by Black Flame you also have the first three Final Destination novelizations listed at the beginning and also a preview of Death of the Senses at the end This could have been a Final Destination movie if Death was a snake instead As I've already said the description in this is simply astounding I was not expecting to see this and it's one of the best novelizations I've read so far this year alongside the Rocky novelizations I didn't think I ever needed to know what a snake's breath smelt liked or what would happen when a snake crushed you or crawled over you But now I know and I feel ueasy with the knowledge The beginning has been expanded on as well we get knowledge of who this random kid Sean was We find out that his deadbeat mother was pretty much absent for most of his life and he barely knew who his dad was this is also a whole thread of storyline that was cut from the final film He's alone spending money that was sent from his grandparents who also disowned his mother on the dirtbike which is where we find him at the beginning of the film Each character has their own background right down to the characters we all hated or even the characters that were barely mentionedgiven a namescenes were cut from the final film While this may drag some other booksnovelizations down Christa kept this flowing along nicely and it really did flesh out the storyline a lot Lets face it with a lot of these films you're just picking out who you want to diebe killed first But instead we find out about Ken's mythical girlfriend rather just her appearing at the end of the movie how much we loved to hate Paul Three G's severe OCD is brought up freuently rather than just skimmed over in the film The scene with Mercedes and Ashley and Tyler the guy who offers the dog Mary Kate a Xanax in the airport is also expanded and they become much fully fledged characters with an ongoing storyline thread throughout the book rather than just hanging around waiting to be killed off There's another character called Lulu Fang appropriate name who turns up at the beginning and then reappears at the end as well with Eddie Kim If she was in the film she was not on my radar at all The bit where it does feel a little too close to comfort to the first Final Destination movie is when a psychic appears on board and then uite promptly gets carted off when she has a rather accurate premonition about the snakes and everyone surrounding her appearing deadinjured That was perhaps indirectly influenced by Final Destination since Christa wrote the third novelization When you think about all the introductions and backgrounds to each character I was surprised by the plane taking off by page 105 yet it did not feel bogged down at all in description If you were reading this without seeing the film then it would be an excellent book and you'd be able to see everyone in your head Since I rewatched this movie shortly before starting the novelization I obviously had the actors in my headHowever the first human death by snake does not begin until page 135 All the deaths stick reasonably closely to the film just with the added description smells tastes feels It will send a shiver up your spine and there were a few times I had to put the book down and swallow There's also scenes with Eddie Kim and background to him as well I suppose they were trying to show how he became the man he was with his family background There's a lot chemistry between Claire and Flynn that was perhaps cut out or toned down in the film We also have a whole conversation as to why Claire is becoming a lawyer and why she went into being a stewardness There's also a lot from the stewardspilots in general including one particular scene where the pilotco pilot talk about female pubic hair and their preferences The snake doctor Stephen Price is a professor of herpetology and has a blonde bimbo for a girlfriend His scenes are also indepth and you get to see his sheer glee at dealing with so many snakes From reading the trivia about this film the original script was 122 pages long and then after reworking it the script is narrowed down to 103 pages long so I imagine a lot of the additional scenesbackground would have been cut in this reworking and it ended up with a 1 hour 45 min film I still enjoy the film I just think the novelization adds so much and is actually really enjoyable Christa has done an amazing job with this and I will be looking to see if I can pick up any of her books I already have all the Final Destination books that there currently are If you liked the film I would highly recommend picking this up and immersing yourself in Just keep a sick bag handy ​


    I for one have not had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane and would frankly welcome

  4. Brigid Brigid says:

    I challenge you to find a appropriate read for 2020Come for the ridiculous plot and nostalgia for a fangtastic movie; stay for the piss poor copy editing and unexpected misogyny

  5. Gwendolyn Gwendolyn says:

    Christa Faust needs a new job Desperately How can the novelization of the screenplay of the most fascinating movie ever be bad?? But it is Everyday objects and interactions are described in minute boring detail a table setting how to play the game Go while the really cool stuff like how the bad guys got a crate of deadly snakes on a plane is just glazed over The only reason I gave it two stars instead of one is that it is a motherfucking amazing story Let's hope she isn't on board to write the novelization for the seual 'Ferrets on a Panel Truck'

  6. Amy Amy says:

    This book is guilty of trying way too hard Trying to add depth and backstory made it tedious and overwrought If every page would have just had THAT'S ITI'VE HAD IT WITH THESE MOTHER FUCKING SNAKES ON THIS MOTHER FUCKING PLANE typed onto it in bold this book would have been a lot amusing

  7. Gale Bailey Gale Bailey says:

    Okay reading as movie books go It did keep me engaged the whole way through There is an obnoxious man on the plane who ends up getting eaten by a giant python I don't remember that happening in the movie version probably just as well So read only if you want to see how many types of snakes the screenwriters wanted in the movie Otherwise fuggetaboutit

  8. Brandon Brandon says:

    If you haven't seen the movie give this novelization a shot One of its virtues is that you'll invariably go in with low expectations and be pleasantly surprised It's upbeat unabashedly violent in some parts but absent the tacky dialogue one would expect A uick and thrilling read

  9. Annaliese Annaliese says:

    I can't believe I started this book but I didn't manage to finish it It was painfully slow scene by scene and eventually I figured I'd find out the ending faster by watching the movie The movie was delightfully trashy

  10. Alyssa Alyssa says:

    Holy moly what trash

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