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Louvre 400 Masterpieces [BOOKS] ✫ Louvre 400 Masterpieces ✭ Daniel Soulié – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Since first opening its doors in 1793 the Louvre has become one of the largest and most famous museums in the world and with 83 million visitors per year it is also the most visited Louvre 400 Masterp Since first opening its doors in the Louvre has become one of the largest and most famous museums in the world and with million visitors per year it is also the most visited Louvre Masterpieces showcases a selection of works from this great institution from the most famous—the Venus de Milo and Mona Lisa—to lesser known gems  With a foreword by the institution’s director Henri Loyrette the book is organized according to the museum’s eight departments Near Eastern Antiuities; Egyptian Antiuities; Greek Etruscan and Roman Antiuities; Islamic Art; Sculptures; Decorative Arts; Paintings; and Louvre 400 PDF/EPUB or Prints and Drawings The ninth and final chapter tells the history of this one time imperial palace as seen through its architecture With its appealing format and carefully selected images many newly photographed Louvre Masterpieces is the perfect book for museum visitors art lovers and Francophiles.

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  1. CD CD says:

    A visual mini history of the Louvre and the collections therein With notes for each section the book adds some interesting though not revelatory additions to the story of the most famous museum in the world Each section of the book matches with a department of the museum and includes both famed and not famed but vital pieces from the overall collectionThe 400 works are not always presented flatteringly in LOUVRE 400 Masterpieces Enlargement and detail shots do not always highlight the most vital parts of various works and in other cases detail is not presented that is important to understanding of the workBordering on long form promotional work this is not a great book for the collector or artist I did find images of works that are not normally seen; there are some announcements of upcoming changes which unfortunately dates the book immediatelyin the Museums presentation and architecture; there are tidbits of information about past and present museum history that explain changes in displays and some information on accessing via the internet collections not open to the public due to fragilityAn eye catcher even in this smaller format but disappointing upon deeper examination

  2. Jaimie Jaimie says:

    The next best thing to actually visiting world renowned museums such as the Louvre our tight budgets get in the way is being able to peruse coffee table art books that present the collections in a affordable manner Especially if we borrow them from our local library for free Logical organization concise introductions and professional photographs set this small but weighty tome on the highest uality level possible It may not include the entire Louvre contents really what book could? but it gives readers a great introduction to the collection

  3. Raneem Meknas Raneem Meknas says:

    If you consider spending your weekend at a museum or a gallery as an excellent idea then this book is for you A virtual tour of the world's most famous museum the Louvre in Paris I have yet to visit the museum in person so this book was a thorough guide of what to expect there The book itself is a collector's item you may consider buying it rather than borrowing from someone It comes in a hardcover 8x8 suare format with silver finishing on the edge Art lovers would appreciate it for sure

  4. Larry Larry says:

    This is not a book you will sit down and read per SE but a feast of visual delights to be pondered a page or two at a time now and then whenever the mood takes you It beautifully presented there are no interpretations only a note on the origins of the works It is not a cumbersome coffee table book Behemoth manageable even in bed Look at one or two of the gems presented therein on a daily basis and refresh your mind with beauty and wonder

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