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Eyewitness Volcano Earthuake Eyewitness Books [BOOKS] ⚣ Eyewitness Volcano Earthuake Eyewitness Books By Susanna van Rose – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Learn about the earliest seismographs rocks that float in water how animals can detect earthuakes before people what causes a fire fountain how buildings are made to withstand earthuakes where to hide Learn about the earliest seismographs rocks that Earthuake Eyewitness Kindle Ð float in water how animals can detect earthuakes before people what causes a fire fountain how buildings are made to withstand earthuakes where to hide during an earthuake and why the earth shakes Discover why the sands of Hawaii are black how volcanoes affect the ozone layer what makes magma explode what a pyrolcastic flow is and much much.

10 thoughts on “Eyewitness Volcano Earthuake Eyewitness Books

  1. Sophie Crane Sophie Crane says:

    A Well written Eyewitness book with lots of good pictures and interesting information

  2. Steven Peterson Steven Peterson says:

    Awhile back I rediscovered the series of Eyewitness Books that I once purchased for my son when he was young Can't believe he's finishing his senior year in college I enjoy going over them and reflecting on the value of this series for younger readers It is important that our youth understand the world around them including a knowledge of science This volume focuses on the volcano and earthuakes Given the role especially of earthuakes in American history this is a valuable volume The book begins with a basic point Page 6 Volcanoes and earthuakes are nature run wild The first part of the work explores volcanoes This includes the basics including an examination of Vesuvius what underlies the development of a volcano volcanoes on other plants and so on Then a discussion of earthuakes The basics what they are why they happen what the conseuences are All in all a very nice introduction to these natural phenomena for younger readers and parents might learn a whole bunch as well just as I did

  3. Simon Simon says:

    I first read this book when I was younger like around 7 I took it out from the library dozens among dozens of times in my younger life I can remember it being one of my favorite books because I loved disasters so muchI always liked to see the pictures and learn about the disasters that way and get an understanding of them It was great fun

  4. John Morr John Morr says:

    This book is about different earthuakes and volcanoes It shows different volcanoes and earthuakes all over It shows the destruction

  5. H H says:

    Had no idea volcanos killed so many people

  6. Cade Salem Cade Salem says:

    This book got a little fake at some parts by saying the earth is 50000000000000000 years old This earth is only about 2000 years old ya darn people

  7. Jayden Jayden says:

    There are some cool things In this book I recommend it for people who want a vaguely boring book

  8. Donna Donna says:

    These DK Eyewitness books are a huge hit at our house They are full of interesting facts and colorful pictures We are using these as non fiction read alouds for early elementary and typically cover one 2 page spread a night The books are aimed at Grades 3 7 for an independent reader The books are well organized and contain sections at the end about jobs in and tools used for studying the topic and places to go for informationI will add a warning that this book contains unedited explanations of how people perish in volcanoes and earthuakes The numbers of dead and the cause ash lava flow ground shifting etc are listed for each volcano discussed There are many photographs of the body molds from Pompeii the black skies following Mount Pinatubo and the side of Mount St Helens disappearing Consider your child's tolerance for this before recommending it

  9. Timothy Boyd Timothy Boyd says:

    OK I know these are supposed to be kid books but they are awesome Great pictures and just enough text to make you want to learn Great choices for a beginning history reader or to start an older reader out in a new area Every time I pick one of these up and read it I learn new things Highly Recommended

  10. Sarahjeanne Sarahjeanne says:

    Informational Book Awesome resource for learning all about volcanoes Each page is packed with great photos fun tidbits and interesting information so that anyone can pick up the book and find something they will love reading

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