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The Plantagenet Chronicles ❮Reading❯ ➿ The Plantagenet Chronicles Author Elizabeth Hallam – Over 100 short essays illustrated mostly in color provide background information on contemporary events people customs and traditions They include notes on the place of women in society herbal remedie Over short essays illustrated mostly in color provide background information on contemporary events people customs and traditions They include notes on the place of women in society herbal remedies popular food and drink music poetry and medicine They describe some of the great and important buildings of the time and include biographies of kings ueens and men of power and portray the contrasting The Plantagenet ePUB ´ life of ordinary people This is the Plantagent era in the worlds of the people who lived through it.

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  1. Bettie Bettie says:

    From the Introduction The foundations of Plantagenet success were laid by a line of obscure castellans in the Loire Valley who in the tenth century rose to become counts of AnjouOpening Part1 ORIGINS OF THE ANGEVIN DYNASTY The fortunes of the house of Anjou were founded on the prowess of Ingelgar a semi legendary soldier of fortune who carved out an estate for himself in the Loire Valley His son Fulk the Red built effectively on his foundations and became count of Anjou by 941There the stage is set to continue through this coffee table weight tome of maps history illustrations and photographs some of which are of double page spread dimensionsWhen I had three Billy's for Christmas with the accompanying order to 'fill 'em up' I felt that I wanted somewhere to have reference books open so Dear M made a lectern in one of the shelves This book has been there for months a page read and turned everytime I walked past Scumptilious fun

  2. Ted Ted says:

    MEDIEVAL EUROPE’SMOST TEMPESTUOUS FAMILYFROM HENRY II AND HIS WIFEELEANOR OF AUITAINETO RICHARD THE LIONHEARTAND HIS SCHEMINGBROTHER JOHNSEEN THROUGH THE EYESOF THEIR CONTEMPORARIES From the book’s dustjacketThe book has five sectionsPart I Origins of the Angevin DynastyPart II Geoffrey Plantagenet 1128 1154Part III Henry II 1154 1189Part IV Richard I 1189 1199Part V John 1199 1216So the book is not by any means a complete story of the Plantagenets who ruled England for over 300 years from Henry II 1154 through the death of Richard III in 1485; including the famous years of both the Hundred Years War 1337 to 1453 and the Wars of the Roses 1455 to 1487 neither of which are included yearsThere’s a lot of stuff in here Maps eleven of them; a two page family tree of the Kings of England and France showing the houses of Norman Angevin Blois Capet Auitaine Plantagenet starting with William I the Conueror 1066 1087 down through Edward I 1272 1307; an Introduction by the editor in which she talks about the various chronicles used in the book; Glossary Bibliography ten pages divided into the sections view spoilerPolitics Law and Finance; Ecclesiastical; Social and Economic; Art Music and Literature; Crusades and Warfare; Bibliographies Atlases and Reference Works hide spoiler

  3. Rae Rae says:

    PopSugar Reading Challenge 2020 A book on a subject you know nothing aboutSo the conversation went like thisMe Muuuum can I use this book on politics for a subject I know nothing about? I don't know MUCH about politicsMum I guess so I mean it would be difficult to think of a subject you know NOTHING about because then how would you know about the subject? turns head 180 degrees to parents' bookshelfMe What's a Plantagenet?And that's how I came to read this excellent book about the PlantagenetsThe Plantagenet Chronicles exudes than a little Game of Thrones and I learned loads My favourite historical character was St Hugh of Lincoln best mates with a swan upset the local monks by putting Mary Magdalene's hand bones in his mouth kings just couldn't stay mad at him because he was such a card and my fave Chronicler was Gerald of Wales gossipy and good funI really enjoyed it and want to find out what happened next

  4. Lauren Lauren says:

    If my house was burning down and I could save let's say two books from the fire I would choose this book as well as Hallam's Four Gothic Kings The Turbulent History of Medieval England and the Plantagenet Kings I simply cherish these books which I discovered completely accidentally at a used book saleThis book is a mixture of contemporary accounts of the times modern asides and gorgeous photography of the locations buildings and artwork of the period Although some of the contemporary accounts drag with King A captured castle X and King B captured castle Y there are enough fascinating asides to hold your interest For example Fish of an unusual appearance were caught in England It was as if they were helmeted and carrying shields and they looked extremely like an army of knights though they were much numerous

  5. Kate Kate says:

    This is an excellent sourcebook Not only does it tell the story with appropriate timelines of the family it also places them firmly within the culture of the middle ages Usually I find boxes of text separate from the main thread irritating but here it worked so well Invaluable

  6. Elia Princess of Starfall Elia Princess of Starfall says:

    From the Devil they came and to the Devil they will returnAccording to legend the infamous Plantagenet family can claim descent from the daughter of Satan Melusine; a witch who could not bear to hear Mass Its safe to say that the rampant betrayals murders rebellions and sheer daredevil nature of the earliest Plantagenet monarchs cemented this image of a power mad and ruthless clan devoted to authority above all else The Plantagenets have gone down in history as the longest ruling dynasty of England but also as its most bloodiest and warlike The Plantagenets are IMHO fucking awesome What a bad ass family of kings crusaders murderers adulterers and all round BASTARDS The fights this family got into Fucking glorious No doubt you've deduced that I'm actually a rather enthusiastic fan of the Plantagenets Lets move onto the book shall we?The Plantagenet Chronicles is an excellent and well informed sourcebook all about the rise of the Plantagenet family their ancestors from Anjou and how the family members were influenced and interacted with their lands and subjects Using a balanced mixture of translated contemporary chronicles and letters alongside short introductory essays written by medieval historians I would describe the Plantagenet Chronicles as an insightful and enjoyable introduction into the world of the early Middle Ages and the rulers who wielded such ridiculously vast power and influence over so many lives Broad expansive and chocked full of interesting historical facts the Plantagenet Chronicles is the perfect coffee table book Split into five sectionsPART I The Origins of the Angevin dynasty Who the ancestors of the Plantagenets were and their importancePART II Geoffrey Plantagenet 1128 1154 the father of the Henry II the first Plantagenet monarch and the role that he and his wife Matilda played in gaining Henry the Crown of EnglandPART III Henry II 1154 1189 My absolute favourite English king the reign of Henry II his fractious relations with his wife and sons and how he governed over England Maine Anjou Normandy Brittany and Auitaine PART IV Richard I 1189 1199 The Coeur de Lion how he went on the Third Crusade left his mother Eleanor in charge of England fought against the French King Phillip II and was captured and ransomed by the German Emperor Henry VI PART V John 1199 1216 How John got the throne instead of his nephew Arthur his loss of Normandy Anjou and Maine to the French king his signing of the Magna Carta in 1215 and why Prince Loius of France invaded England Accompanied by beautiful medieval pictures of daily peasant life religious portraits detailed maps of Plantagenet territory and breath taking pictures of ruined castles and fortresses the Plantagenet Chronicles is lavishly illustrated and the various trials triumphs and disasters of the Plantagenet beginnings are told clearly with no academic dryness An incredibly helpful introduction in understanding the Plantagenets as monarchs their overall importance to English and French history and why they deserve to be remembered to the present day Not only does this book go into detail about the earliest Plantagenets it also describes women in early medieval society agriculture the prestige of the Roman Catholic Church the relentless appetites for crusades in the Middle East the Magna Carta coinage the Royal Forest whether Robin Hood was fact or fable astrology and prophecy the Anarchy in England the trouble over in Wales and why Eleanor of Auitaine was a magnificent ueen of both England AND France I would completely recommend this book if anyone wanted to know about medieval society in its proper historical context That being said this is a very broad introduction and cannot in fairness delve too deeply into particular issues The bibliography in the back can be very helpful in further reading FYI the loss of the ancestral French homelands under John's reign lead indirectly to the Hundred years War between England and France in the 14th century under King Edward III They say that an elephant never forgets Fuck thatA PLANTAGENET never forgets

  7. Pete daPixie Pete daPixie says:

    Really enjoy these larger size books and this one has some brilliant colour photographs Too wide a subject area to delve deep but a good intro to the Plantagenets

  8. Thom Dunn Thom Dunn says:

    Medieval Europes's Most Tempestuous family from Henry II and his wife Eleanor of Auitaine to Richard the Lionheart and his scheming brother John seen through the eyes of their contemporaries

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    Thank you Bettie Looks luscious

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    Read this to do a little research in my family tree when I found out I am a direct ancestor of this very interesting family line

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