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10 thoughts on “Blessing in Disguise Red River of the North #6

  1. Christy Christy says:

    While this was not my favorite of the Blessing series; nor do I think this was the ending I was looking for after having read five previous books I am still glad I read the Blessing series My favorites will remain An Untamed Heart and An Untamed Land Ingeborg was my upmost favorite to read about and Hjelmer my least I was sad Ingeborg did not make it into this book much; but I really enjoy the flow and light romance that has accompanied this series It's not cheesy or flowery or overly descriptive and I also appreciated the lack of detail that went into explaining the women's appearance Sometimes beauty can be so overstated If you enjoy homesteading books or the pioneer feel then escape to the town of Blessing

  2. Kim Kim says:

    Even though I really have enjoyed this series and liked the main story thread of this book with Augusta and Kane I have to mark it down to three stars because of the abrupt ending and all the dangling storylines I don't want to list them because I don't know how to do the spoiler thing But this just left me disappointed by so many unanswered uestions And the very last few paragraphs almost seemed like Mrs LS looked up from her wonderfully imagined world saw the clock and calendar and said Oops the deadline I have to meet the deadline I am hoping if I decide to go on to the next generation series Retun to Red River Series 1 4 I will find out what happened with some of these unanswered plot points

  3. Cyndi Cyndi says:

    Audiobook I have listened to all of the other red river series I thought this was going to be a nice wrapup of the people already introduced as it is the final book in the series Wasn’tWell I enjoyed the story it was of a love story than some of the others and I really am reading the series for historical fiction and not a love story I wanted it to be about how all of the families and blessing turn out Also a comment about the audiobook narrator she is very monotone except for when she yells when she’s mimicking children’s voices EH Disappointing

  4. Αἰκατερίνη Αἰκατερίνη says:

    Skipped everything besides the main story line because I found everything else boring

  5. Kelly Kelly says:

    This book was so crazy I couldn't put it down It just goes to show how communication barriers can really mess things up But thank God He understands us no matter what language we speak

  6. Lebanon Public Library Lebanon Public Library says:

    The rebellion is upon the Society along with a tragic plague Time is running out and the plague is taking over everything Our main characters are doing what they can to bring down the Society and find ways to help with the cure I enjoyed the way we read from Xander Ky and Cassia's perspectives as the timeline progresses There are a few points that seem convenient in this story that wouldn't likely happen in real life but that's what I enjoy about stories anything can happenReviewed by Dixie

  7. Charmaine Charmaine says:

    I think I would have enjoyed this story had I not jumped into this series with this book The story included many characters that I assume were from previous novels and that kind of threw me off a bit However the story of the main character and her faux pas in finding her way to Blessing ND was fairly interesting albeit predictable One thing that I got from this story I sure am thankful for modern communication technology eg telephones text messages etc including language interpretation software Clean Readers as far as I can recall this is completely clean

  8. Rachel Rachel says:

    I really liked this book So much so that I finished it in a day For the last book in the series though it could have ended better I really hope there's of Kane and Augusta's story in the other Blessing series's In all I really enjoyed reading the Red River of the North series and am definitely looking forward to starting Return to Red River

  9. Tammy Tammy says:

    Characters Augusta Bjorklund Kane MoyerSetting Ipswich SD and Blessing ND 1889Just finished this series about the Bjorklund family Really enjoyed this one about Augusta and would like to revisit her later I will take a break for a while then I will start the next series

  10. SJ Garrison SJ Garrison says:

    Loved meeting this headstrong woman Loved this continued story And a new character Augusta very strong willed woman coming alone to America I would recommend to everyone that wants a clean read that will make you laugh out loud in public while reading

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Blessing in Disguise Red River of the North #6 ➼ Blessing in Disguise Red River of the North #6 Download ➻ Author Lauraine Snelling – Her first mistake was emigrating alone Was this one even worseAugusta Bjorklund after discovering her intended bridegroom married someone else decided to leave her broken heart in Norway and start a n Her first Disguise Red PDF ´ mistake was emigrating alone Was this one even worseAugusta Bjorklund after discovering her intended bridegroom married someone else decided to leave her broken heart in Norway and start a new life in America But knowing no English Augusta misunderstands a ticket agent's directions in St Paul Minnesota and in the harried confusion she boards the wrong trainHer Bjorklund relatives eagerly await Augusta's arrival in North Dakota When the train reaches the town of Blessing with the woman nowhere in sight the worried Blessing in PDF \ family hopes she will be on the next train But the following morning only her trunk shows upArriving at the end of the line Augusta is met by a handsome young rancher in Disguise Red River of PDF/EPUB or Kane Moyer who is waiting for his Norwegian mail order brideShe told him she was headed for Blessing Why will he not take her there.