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Summer of Fear ❄ [KINDLE] ✽ Summer of Fear By Lois Duncan ➝ – Why is Rachel the only one to sense the evil that surrounds JuliaFrom the moment Rachel's cousin Julia arrives that summer she seems to seep into Rachel's life like a poison Everyone else is enchanted Why is Rachel the only one to sense the evil that surrounds JuliaFrom the moment Rachel's cousin Julia arrives that summer she seems to seep into Rachel's life like a poison Everyone else is enchanted by her including Rachel's boyfriend But what does Julia really want.

About the Author: Lois Duncan

Lois Duncan born Lois Duncan Steinmetz was an American writer and novelist known primarily for her books for children and young adults in particular and some times controversially considering her young readership crime thrillers Duncan's parents were the noted magazine photographers Lois Steinmetz and Joseph Janney Steinmetz She Summer of MOBI :º was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania but grew up in Saraso.

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  1. Julie Julie says:

    Summer of fear by Lois Duncan is a 1977 publication This story is geared towards a young adult audience but it still has some excellent chills and thrills even now reading it as an adult For fans of trivia or pop culture there was a made for television movie based on this book starring Linda Blair which aired in 1978 However I think the original title of the movie was ‘A Stranger in the House’ It now shares the same title as the book and can be found easily on YouTube Check it out if for no other reason than to see a very young Fran DrescherWhen Rachel’s aunt and uncle were killed in a fiery car crash their orphaned daughter Julia comes to live with them Soon this shy plain girl seems to have charmed every male in her general vicinity included Rachel’s brother her boyfriend and even her father Rachel begins to suspect Julia may be involved in the occult but when she tries to convince her family her warnings fall on deaf ears Meanwhile one by one anyone who threatens Julia will suffer the conseuences A review for this book popped up on my Goodreads feed the other day and reminded me that I have a copy of this book stuffed somewhere on my own personal version of ‘the stacks’ Finding it felt like a chore I wasn’t sure I was ready to tackle but I found it without having to dismantle my bookshelves entirely It was fun to read this book again even though the suspense doesn’t pack the same punch it did back in the seventies However it is still effective especially for fans of psychological thrillers However I understand this book was reissued at some point with updates and revisions adding current technology into the story I have not read the newer version but based on the review I read recently I would suggest hopping on over to eBay and finding a used copy of the older version and skip the updated version This is a short nostalgic read perfect for fans of YA with paranormal and psychological elements 35 stars

  2. Joe Valdez Joe Valdez says:

    My Lois Duncan jag concludes with Summer of Fear a supernatural thriller first published in 1976 and revised by the author in 2011 to account for changes in communication that would deflate much of her plot if the story took place in the present I'm not wild about the trend to update Young Adult thrillers published in the 1970s or '80s for readers of today Duncan's books are scarier when her teenage heroines can't rely on smartphones the Internet or helicopter parents to help them overcome evil In the '70s you were on your own think of Jamie Lee Curtis' babysitter character in Halloween That said Duncan knows how to craft a taut tale of primal fear and unsettle the reader regardless of the eraThe story is the account of Rachel Bryant a nineteen year old troubled by a newspaper article of a family who disappeared on a hiking trip Rachel has uestions about who could've photographed the family before their hike and whether this person of interest could be someone she knows Moving back in time to the summer of Rachel's sweet sixteen birthday the Bryants are a family of five living in suburban Albuuerue Rachel's father Tom is a government engineer and her mother Leslie is a freelance photographer Her older brother Peter is eighteen and plays bass in a rock band Her younger brother Bobby is eleven and a pest Rachel's dog Trickle rounds out the loving householdSet for a summer of repose Rachel awakens to the news that her mother's sister Marge has been killed in a car accident near her Ozark Mountains home in Lost Ridge Missouri with her husband and housekeeper Rachel's Uncle Ryan was a novelist whose work kept Marge isolated and Rachel never met her surviving seventeen year old cousin whose name is Julia Grant While her parents are dispatched to the Ozarks to bring Julia home to live with them Rachel discusses her apprehensions with Mike Gallagher a childhood friend and lifeguard who has become something than a friend Rachel remains uncertain about sharing her room with a complete stranger Julia It was a pretty name I tried to remember the things I'd heard about Julia over the years I knew of course that she went to a boarding school in New England because there were no good public schools in the area of her mountain home I had a feeling she was supposed to have a talent of some kind What was it she did sing? Paint? Write poetry? To tell the truth I had never been interested enough to make note of it or of anything else from the dull family chitchat in Aunt Marge's annual Christmas letters But now I did want to know I wanted to prepare myselfMeeting her cousin for the first time Rachel detects a dialect that awkwardly transitions from hillbilly to proper English and clothes that don't uite seem right for her Julia peppers Rachel with uestions about the family while shying away from answering many about herself Meeting Trickle Julia reacts with hostility to dogs and the feeling seems to be mutual The next day Rachel introduces her cousin to her friend Carolyn and the girls go shopping Rachel is struck by how instantly taken Carolyn is with Julia This phenomenon extends to her parents and even to her shy older brother Peter who is positively googly eyed over his first cousin Impervious to Julia's charms is their neighbor Professor Jarvis a retired professor of sociology at the University of New Mexico Strange things are afoot in the Bryant household When Trickle sinks his teeth into Julia's ankle Rachel's father demands the family dog be leashed and kept outside; the poor mutt's health deteriorates uickly which Rachel's parents blame on an illness of some sort Rachel comes across an article in her father's National Geographic about witchcraft but dismisses it In lieu of a summer dance Rachel makes herself a dress puzzling at why she chose pink a color she dislikes and would look much better on a girl like Julia Rachel wakes the morning of the dance stricken with hives and asks Mike to take Julia letting her cousin borrow her new pink dressHome alone Rachel finds discarded matches in her bedroom and suspecting that her cousin might have a stash of cigarettes or marijuana nearby rifles through the room She discovers a waxlike sculpture shaped like a dog she can't make anything out of Peter returns from the dance despondent and reports to his sister that Julia spent the night chatting with Mike When Rachel confronts her boyfriend about this he admits that he fell in love with Julia and hopes he and Rachel can still be friends Cursing her cousin under her breath as a witch Rachel goes for a chat with Professor Jarvis who happened to just return from lecturing a women's club about witchcraft We know that the mind has powers that often go undeveloped Scientific tests conducted in laboratories have proved that certain people have control over their mind forces than others There are people who can predict the turn of a card or tune their minds in on events that are occurring in other places Why then is it unreasonable to believe that there might be other people who can channel this mind force outward and create happenings instead of just know about them?And people who can do that are witches?Some of them call themselves that Summer of Fear is not a great novel The other titles I've read by Duncan I Know What You Did Last Summer Down a Dark Hall Daughters of Eve The Third Eye are not great novels and I've gone on record here about how I feel about the special editions Duncan struggles to suspend disbelief not because her books deal with psychic phenomena or criminal conspiracies among teenagers but because the psychic phenomena and teenagers tend to be developed in the most generic and sanitized terms that ualify them for placement in the Young Adult category On many levels the characters think like adolescents might imagine adults thinkDuncan is a much better writer than her rudimentary prose suggests and with this novel in particular plugs into the sort of existential dread that a reader of nearly any age should be able to relate to The fear that a charismatic individual no one else wants to see for what they are might take over and destroy your life is primal and exploited between the lines here beautifully Every strange event that Rachel experiences is glossed over with a rational explanation by her parents and escalates another one of Duncan's themes adults refuse to take teenagers seriously and want to control them There isn't a wasted character or prop; every element Duncan introduces pays off by her climax which on the page are as exciting and unexpected as those favored by Alfred HitchcockLois Duncan's work laid a foundation for the high school horror revival in American film in the mid 1990s beginning with Scream Wes Craven directed and twenty years earlier he directed the most faithful adaptation of Duncan's work with Stranger in Our House a made for TV version of this novel that premiered on NBC on October 31 1978 Linda Blair played Rachel Lee Purcell played Julia and Fran Drescher played Carolyn each of these actresses co starred in an iconic movie of the '70s The Exorcist Big Wednesday and Saturday Night Fever The Craven movie isn't remembered so fondly The tiny perfection of Duncan's novels is that they table graphic depictions of violence and even profanity and are able to generate dread and unease with suggestion

  3. Manybooks Manybooks says:

    While yes I did mildly enjoy Lois Duncan's 1976 young adult horror novel Summer of Fear when I read it as a teenager in 1982 revisiting Summer of Fear as an older adult has not at all been even remotely either a pleasurable or a rewarding reading experience for me For sorry but Summer of Fear is really so blatantly predictable that you not only are than aware without even the shadow of a doubt right from suare one that ALL of Rachel Bryant's fears with regard to her orphaned cousin Julia are one hundred percent justified and true that Juila is an imposter and later turns out to be an an actual and bona fide witch but also that while I found Rachel a positive and generally likeable character when I read Sumer of Fear as a teenager rereading the novel now rather shows her as in many ways a bratty and nastily opinionated individual And while of course it is fake cousin JuliaSarah who turns out to be the witch like main villain of Summer of Fear personally I have been almost feeling a wee bit sorry for her this time around as not only does Rachel from the very beginning act extremely negatively towards her supposed cousin the author's Lois Duncan's attitude towards the inhabitants of the Ozark Mountains of Missouri has indeed also made me personally very much annoyed and uncomfortable because truly and in my opinion Duncan with her text with her narrative and especially with the main villain of Summer of Fear seems to continuously insinuate and claim that if the established the original long term inhabitants of the Ozark Mountains are not uncouth uneducated superstitious hillbilly types they are cold and calculating witches like JuliaSarah who will even resort to murder and mayhem in order to obtain and keep their desires So therefore even though I do have to admit that Summer of Fear is well enough written and as a teenager certainly kept me up all night reading with suspense and appreciation I really can and will now only grant a one star ranking at best for Summer of Fear and yes Summer of Fear is thus also and sadly most definitely a novel that I actively regret having revisited for what was mildly entertaining suspenseful and readable in 1982 has now completely dissipated and really Lois Duncan's obvious authorial and personal disdain for the people of the Ozark Mountains of Missouri does majorly make me cringe and rub me the wrong proverbial way

  4. Bren Bren says:

    It's been four years now since that summer It's still with me Maybe it always will beSummer of Fear by Lois DuncanThis is one creepy story and it is perfect to read in the summer particularly if you want something that will make your skin crawlFor a YA mystery Summer of Fear is genuinely scary and a bit haunting Of all Duncan's books this maybe the scariestIt is also one that I rated fairly low Why?Because I simply could not STAND the villain I mean I had such issues with her I reallyI mean it was just so hard to read about her I wanted to punch her and that isn't a good thingI will warn you there is ANIMAL CRUELTY in this book which is another reason it gets such a low rating from me I love Duncan I grew up with her books This one is a no from me but it isn't because it's not a good read It is to creepy I hate animal deaths in books and the villainess made me want to smack herThis is YA Rachel and her parents are horrified when they hear that the parents of Rachel's cousin Julia have died in a car wreck This leaves Julia with no family and so Rachel's family takes her inRachel is excited Julia is her age and Rachel figures they can be friends That isuntil she meets JuliaJulia is like nobody Rachel has ever met She is mysterious and very creepy Rachel can easily see this So why does everyone else think Julia is such an amazing personDo not underestimate the creepy factor in this one It's there But it is not my favorite by Duncan but that is because of the reasons I mentioned above In fact I so disliked Julia it prevented me from really enjoying this book That has not happened with many of Duncan's booksSPOILERSI can't help it Through the book everyone turns on Rachel and it does not help that there is a brutal animal death in this book so I would automatically take points off for that I hate that writers so often use this plot devise I did do a reread to see if I liked it any better in adulthood and I do notThe bottom line is Duncan is probably my favorite YA author but this one gets a hard pass from me

  5. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Still freakin' scary and still one of my best 7th grade booktalks Lois Duncan knows how to work the fear nerve

  6. Alex (Hey Little Thrifter) Alex (Hey Little Thrifter) says:

    Teenager Rachel's life is changed when her cousin Julia comes to live with her and her family Everyone else seems to have fallen in love with Julia and whenever Rachel complains about Julia's behaviour she is treated like a brat As the situation develops Rachel starts to believe that Julia is a witch and is using witchcraft against herI thoroughly enjoyed this novel Well written with some great suspense I found Rachel to be a very relatable character and I loved how the story unfolded I had already seen the film adaptation directed by Wes Craven so it was interesting to see the similarities and differences between the two I enjoyed both but the overall I thought the book was the best This was my first Lois Duncan but definitely won't be my last

  7. Melanie (TBR and Beyond) Melanie (TBR and Beyond) says:

    This is a solid 35 star read for me This book was originally written in the 70s and revised in the 2000s I have no clue what all she changed but I noticed her referring to Harry Potter and cell phones to make the book relevant When I bought this book I didn't connect to the fact that I had already seen the film that was based on this book Yes this book has a very unknown film that stars Linda Blair and was directed by Wes Craven The movie actually followed the book pretty decent The movie isn't easy to find any but if you are really curious about it just check it out on Youtube I would've loved this book when I was at about middle grade aged It was still a fun read but I didn't find it remotely scary or even suspenseful I really hated the character of Julia but I guess you are supposed to It was almost unpleasant to read about her though because of how awful she was I like to enjoy my villains a bit there was nothing good about this girl I will finish up this review soon

  8. Michelle Michelle says:

    A friend recommended this book She read it as a teen and I wish I would have too back in the day 8ve been reading books from the 70's lately and thought why not Never to late and I'm glad I did Kind of a mystery and a short read so I pumped it out in a day It kept me hooked and I just had to know if one of the characters was a witch or not Loved

  9. Vanessa S. Vanessa S. says:

    Summer of Fear is a short simple read that I enjoyed but that I didn't find special Part of the issue is that I read this as an adult rather than as a young adult so the fear factor and mystery did not really hit me Aside from this the book was predictable and though I did not predict everything exactly I definitely saw one or two things coming I didn't really grow connected to any of the characters unfortunately Nonetheless if you are looking for a uick read that will bring back some nostalgia this could be a solid choice

  10. ElphaReads ElphaReads says:

    Have you ever felt overshadowed by a prettier popular relative? Maybe a sibling or a cousin? Someone who you think is just the worst person in the world but everyone seems to love and make excuses for? And no matter how much you protest that person is always held in highest regard and YOU'RE the hysterical and mean one?Have you considered that perhaps your relative is a practicing witch? Because Lois Duncan sure hasRachel lives a fairly good life in Albuuerue She's close to her parents has a couple of pretty nice brothers named Peter and Bobby a friendly dog a fun best friend named Carolyn and a wonderful boyfriend named Mike Summer has just started and she's expecting it to be a good one Unfortunately her family gets the news that her aunt and uncle on her mother's side were killed in a terrible car crash in the Ozarks leaving behind her cousin Julia Julia with no where else to go is taken in by Rachel's family They've never actually met Julia before as the aunt and uncle lived a very solitary life due to the uncle's pretentious 'I'm a writer I need peace and uiet' lifestyle So meeting Julia is kind of scary for Rachel While her family takes to her right away Rachel thinks that something is very wrong with her cousin The dog Trickle immediately dislikes her And everyone starts to favor Julia Mother starts to treat her like her only daughter Peter seems to fall in love with her this seemed a bit George Michael Bluth to me Dad is also uite taken And soon Julia has stolen both Carolyn and Mike from Rachel becoming a new girlfriend a new best friend Rachel knows that something is very wrong and when she finds a burning wax figure in teh room they share together things go from bad to much much worseNow I get that there were extenuating circumstances here in that Julia was a witch who was literally bewitching everyone But my GOD Rachel's parents are the worst parents ever The frustration I felt for them was limitless as even when Julia wasn't around and it was implied that the power over them wasn't as great they just had no interest in listening to THEIR OWN DAUGHTER at all Granted Rachel wasn't exactly the best player of the game of thrones girl don't act hysterical and accuse the girl of witchcraft willy nilly but she's their DAUGHTER for God's sake Like I would hope that if I said 'hey mom and dad my cousin definitely stole my boyfriend' they would say 'well that's really awful of her maybe we should all talk about this' instead of 'well boys fall in and out of love so fast and it's not Julia's fault that she's so pretty' Cripes But it was definitely the biggest frustration that Rachel went about this all wrong You don't want to sound like the hysterical one Rachel Like everThe book was a bit dated It wasn't explicitly dated until the Mom said she had gone on a double date with Elizabeth Montgomery of BEWITCHED fame and suddenly everyone was wearing Paisley and bell bottoms in my mind It did build up a nice amount of suspense though as I was tearing through the last ten pages to see what happened I had a feeling that it would all work out relatively okay Duncan's endings tend to do that for the most part but I was still racing on through Just in case it took a KILLING MR GRIFFIN turn Witchcraft and bitchcraft abound SUMMER OF FEAR was a uick read and would definitely have been right up my teenage alley what with my love for the FEAR STREET novels and all that Also fun fact Linda Blair starred as Rachel in a made for TV adaptation back in the 70s If that doesn't date this I don't know what does

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