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The Sandman: The Dream Hunters [Read] ➱ The Sandman: The Dream Hunters ➹ Neil Gaiman – Featuring striking painted artwork this love story set in ancient Japan tells the story of a humble young monk and a magical shape changing fox who find themselves romantically drawn together As their Featuring striking painted artwork this love story set The Dream Epub à in ancient Japan tells the story of a humble young monk and a magical shape changing fox who find themselves romantically drawn together As their love blooms the fox learns of a devilish plot by a group of demons to steal the monk's life The Sandman: Kindle - With the aid of Morpheus the King of All Night's Dreamings the fox must use all of her cunning and creative thinking to foil this evil scheme and save the man that she loves This book also boasts an eight page section highlighting Yoshitaka Amano's amazing painted art.

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  1. Alejandro Alejandro says:

    A dreamy masterpiece This TPB is the original prose novella written by Neil Gaiman with illustrations of Yoshitaka Amano Don’t get it confused with the comic book format version featuring artwork of P Craig Russell DREAM TEAM You would not seek to uestion a poem or a falling leaf or the mist on the mountaintop Why then do you uestion me? You may be aware of who is Neil Gaiman the renowed British writer that got fame precisely with The Sandman comic book series but also he has written several prose novels like American Gods Stardust Coraline The Graveyard Book and The Ocean at the End of the Lane just to mention some of the most popular onesHowever you may haven’t heard of Yoshitaka Amano at least not for his name but it’s very likely that you know his work if you’re into anime manga Amano is a Japanese illustrator with wide successful experience in character design He has worked with anime companies such as Tatsunoko collaborating with the character design of iconic anime series like Gatchaman also known as “Battle of the Planets” or “G Force” Speed Racer and Tekkaman also known as “Teknoman” Also he has been involved in illustrations of the Vampire Hunter D prose novel seriesYou put together those two talents and you only can get without a uestion a truly dreamy masterpieceSo just to make it clear once again this book isn’t a comic book as the other volumes in The Sandman series but a prose novella featuring illustrations NOTHING IS REALLY FAIR IN LOVE BUT VENGEANCE? But you swore to help me And I helped you It is not fair No It is not This story The Dream Hunter is a wonderful Japanese style folk tale conceived by Neil Gaiman using his known characters of The Sandman and while you’ll enjoy to recognize the used characters here you really don’t need have read previously the series to understand and appreciate this stand alone bookA monk a fox and a warlock walk into a bar oops No wrong storyIn reality you won’t find many humor if not at all in this remarable romantic tragedy But you can't blame to try to put a smile in your facesA small wager between a he badger spirit and a she fox spirit would lead into an epic whirlwind where the lives of a reserved monk an intense she fox spirit and a wicked warlock never will be the sameYou should be honest with yourselfTrue love will be willing to do anythingDespicable actions found reckoningIn the middle of all that you’ll meet those mysterious three women that Neil Gaiman cleverly often used like “The Kindly Ones” The Sandman or “The Hempstocks” The Ocean at the End of the Lane where you never know if they are the same ones or not BUT that’s part of their charmMorpheus Lord of the Dreams will have to intervene in this tragedy since their actions put them right in Morpheus’ realm With cool cameos of Cain and Abel and one of Morpheus’ ravens but the real identity of this particular raven isn’t clear definitely isn’t Matthew or Lucien but due a clue in the narrative and the time period of the story I supposed that it must be AristeasWhat is certain is that this is magnificent reading

  2. Mir Mir says:

    Oh hey I know this story Well my version didn't have Cain and Abel and the Raven in it but the monk and fox part was familiar Not what I was expecting at all Slightly disappointed to not get something new to me but this was a very well done version with lovely illustrations

  3. Gabrielle Gabrielle says:

    This story has a very special place in my heart It’s enchanting tragically romantic and uite unforgettable It is about many things but the nature of love and the sanctity of life are the themes that always echo in my brain when I flip through it I have also recently found myself very drawn to stories featuring a fox I’m not uite sure why that is but a uick exploration of the many symbolic associations with foxes gave me uite a lot to ponderThere are two versions of this story available in print the graphic novel version illustrated by the amazing P Craig Russell and this one published as an illustrated novella I am a huge fan of Russell’s style but there is something darkly haunting about Yoshitaka Amano’s work which suits my current mood a little better than Russell’s whimsy – and I love this little fable so freaking much that I just wanted every version of it that was out there Besides this illustrated novella format means we get of Mr Gaiman’s beautiful words which is something precious that I can’t get enough ofI was not very familiar with this Japanese illustrator’s work as I am a complete dilettante when it comes to video games and anime until I got my hands on this book But from what I can see in my copy of “Dream Hunter” he is an incredible artist who truly captured the essence of this storyBeautiful melancholy and moving

  4. Teresa Teresa says:

    This Japanese folk tale was fairly familiar to me but it was a pleasure to read an expanded version of it and then to discover in the afterword that Gaiman was a bit freaked out to see how close the story fit in with his Sandman series Though sometimes rather dark in coloring the art had much going on in it and my favorite page was a hitherto uncharacteristic burst of colorful birds reminding me of a Walter Inglis Anderson a favorite artist of mine

  5. Ray Ray says:

    A beautiful novella fairy story done in faux Japanese fable form by Gaiman at the top of his form Recently after the latest Sandman Overture was released I went back and reread all of the classic Sandman series from the 90s Completest that I try to be I'm glad I read this which was the first time Gaiman went back to the SandmanOften the best Sandman stories are the ones that feature Morpheus also known as the King of All Night's Dreaming here as a peripheral character The mythological short stories about dreams and gods with smaller scale main characters against the backdrop of Gaiman's impressive fantasy world In this one which was published by DCVertigo but is a prose novella and beautifully illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano we encounter a humble monk and a fox spiritess There is love and revenge I shan't say any This book is recommended not only for Sandman fans but also for anyone interested in story and the written word Geeky comic fandom not a reuirement at all

  6. Brooke Brooke says:

    Gaiman Amano is a pairing that's like a dream come true pun intended Gaiman blends his Sandman characters with a Japanese fable and Amano the artist and character designer behind many Final Fantasy games illustrates It's beautiful and while some video game fans complain that Amano is a one trick pony I think that having of his signature style can only be a good thing

  7. Robert Vanneste Robert Vanneste says:

    Beautifully written and haunting artwork I have never been disappointed by anything Gaiman has been associated with

  8. Kaethe Douglas Kaethe Douglas says:

    I particularly loved the Japanese inspired art and mythology So pretty It would be easy to believe that somehow the Sandman mythos could be part of Japanese mythological history It feels realLibrary copy

  9. Randolph Randolph says:

    This is of an illustrated story than a graphic novel Amano's artwork and the Japanese aesthetic rein in Gaiman's excessive tendency to throw in the kitchen sink in this telling retelling actually of the story of the fox and the monk The story is wonderful and the artwork even so Amano really should have gotten top billing since Gaiman is basically just retelling a Japanese fairy tale with some Sandman flourishesThoroughly enjoyable although not really part of the Sandman canon This was a 10th anniversary project celebrating the Sandman comic Whoever was really responsible for this collaboration should get the real creditSadly this book actually belongs to my daughter

  10. Kaśyap Kaśyap says:

    Yoshitaka Amano's art is beautiful

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