Nohow On Company Ill Seen Ill Said Worstward Ho Three

Nohow On Company Ill Seen Ill Said Worstward Ho Three Novels ❮PDF❯ ✩ Nohow On Company Ill Seen Ill Said Worstward Ho Three Novels Author Samuel Beckett – Now compiled in one volume these three novels which are among the most beautiful and disuieting of Samuel Beckett's later prose works work together with the powerful resonance of his famous Three Nove Now compiled in one volume Company Ill PDF ↠ these three novels which are among the most Nohow On Epub / beautiful and disuieting of Samuel Beckett's later prose works work together with the powerful On Company Ill eBook ✓ resonance of his famous Three Novels Molloy Malone Dies and The Unnamable In Company On Company Ill Seen Ill PDF \ a voice comes to one on his back in the dark and speaks to him Ill Seen Ill Said focuses attention on an old woman in a cabin who is part of the objects landscape rhythms and movements of an incomprehensible universe And in Worstward Ho Beckett explores a tentative uncertain existence in a world devoid of rational meaning and purpose Here is language pared down to its most expressive confirming Beckett's position as one of the great writers of our time.

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  1. Khashayar Mohammadi Khashayar Mohammadi says:

    It was my first time re visiting a book less than a month after my first read; but the impeccable prose of this book not only inspired but Haunted me day by day I just HAD to go back and read the book once again Beckett's complexity takes a rather different turn in his later work; the heavy somewhat indecipherable and kinetic narrative of his earlier work is replaced instead by a heavy static His work becomes contemplative existentialist lonely even The kinetic energy of his characters has been given to his words instead His static characters speak with inertia Words flow merge and diverge like waves on paper Undoubtedly one of the most remarkable works of literature by one of the greatest writers who ever stepped on this planet

  2. Ben Winch Ben Winch says:

    I'm rarely impressed by 'encyclopaedic' novels or 'maximalism' The truth is I don't know if we have the luxury of them or rather we do but for how long? The success of McCarthy's The Road convinces me that I'm not alone in this What will happen if there's a nuclear war if societies break down if schools and computers and language don't function except for the sake of the privileged and the privileged are few? 'Fear the man of one book' the saying goes but what if one book is all you can carry? The novel in its brick like nineteenth and twentieth century form is suited to the settled house dweller who need only carry it from the bookcase to the armchair But what of the man or woman or child on the road? I sometimes imagine an anthology for those unfortunates made up of stories from across the world a bag of seeds a literary Noah's ark to keep imagination alive in that place of harsh realities Beckett without a doubt would be central to that anthology and any one of the three pieces in Nohow On could suggest the scope and thrust of his achievement True by this stage his characters are rarely on the road but surely in the dark time maybe to come not everyone will be traveling; as Ian Curtis sings in Joy Division's 'Ice Age' they may 'live in holes and disused shafts hopes for little ' Beckett is the great celebrator of 'hopes for little ' The critic A Alvarez called him I'm paraphrasing a cultivator of what would grow in a void but crucially this void is something not just described but that his prose embodies Perhaps by virtue of its having been written in French and translated by its author into English there's a sense that however contorted it becomes this prose is as close to universal as is possible as shorn of adornment and as streamlined as an arrow that must pass through the skins of cultures And it isn't shot from a void obviously but the void is all around and edging closer as the circle of given words and actions ever narrows I'll confess to being baffled that this near to terminal ie near impossible to follow work should be called 'modernism' while work which seems nostalgic and retrograde centred on a reinvocation of pre modern forms is called 'post modern' Still in a sense the term 'post modern' suggests a turning back because what else is there to do after the new? Or so it may seem Beckett proves the lie to this though by gazing over the precipice of the collapse of culture that almost was and could be and documenting what small beauty he finds there As timeless as any art can be his brand of modernism may well be something that like rock 'n' roll? never dies and cannot be limited by any movement that supposedly supercedes it Trust me when it's dark and you're footsore and the lantern is almost out of oil but you want a human voice to ease you into sleep he won't let you down Maybe the post modernists are right and the world will keep ever complicating itself as we hide away in our loungerooms with walls of books and computers and flat screen TVs being bombarded by information But just in case there is Nohow On There it is there it will always be a life in a few short pages eternity in a grain of sand

  3. Martin Martin says:

    The spare mesmeric beauty of Samuel Beckett's late prose is simply shattering

  4. Joseph Schreiber Joseph Schreiber says:

    Most of the Beckett I have read is long overdue for a reread This one which I was ill suited for on first encounter now in mid life this may well be a favourite I will have to revisit it again in a month or two Whether or not Beckett wanted this to be seen as a trilogy the pieces work well together with Worstward Ho simply a harsh sharp and devastating finale—choked poetic wordplay at its best

  5. Dennis Dennis says:

    Did I understand any of it? Yes No Eh Did I go on? OnSometimes I wonder if it's Beckett's intention to make you feel like a worm crawling in the dirt talking to its own ass You are burrowing through making progress doubting yourself moving forward not making any progress at all I never know what to make of his prose and often I finish his non tales feeling a little depressed But they get me thinking And they are original Ruthless Is that the right word?

  6. Nathan "N.R." Gaddis Nathan "N.R." Gaddis says:

    Add a ? Add? NeverThat’s now two in a row this one and Les Guérillères two in a row of the takerouter variety the paring down the smudging out and erasing the foreshortening variety ; celebrating the 0 or O better ; ‘o’ ; the minimalist the micro the anti the flash variety ; the reign of the white space and setapart paragraphs ; the suspicion of language that it is ‘inadeuate’? ; of the unsaid and unsaying the leaving out the knotsaying ; the variety of onesitting novel andor triptych ; the less is school ; the spare and the sparse variety ; the no narrative knownarrative and enemies of fiction school please take your seats Now back into what can’t but have too many words Siebenkäs or Flower Fruit and Thorn Pieces; or The Wedded Life Death and Marriage of Firmian Stanislaus Siebenkæs Parish Advocate in the Burgh of Kuhschnappel

  7. Andrew Andrew says:

    I am stuck on Beckett I can't get enough of the man When I read this though it made me stop and think really seriously of Beckett himself and what actually he believed to be true about life and the rest of us in his estimation Nohow On is the logical conclusion of Beckett's worldview Most shockingly it is completely absent of humour The old Beckett is here making a horrifying statement about the human condition Language doesn't even work the same any The stripped and bared words so typical of Beckett's fiction are clipped even further to an almost nonsense where communication is only just possible the extreme of which is Worstword Ho where only words with one or two syllables were admitted The despair of this human being is painfully apparent on these pages I want to write that I wished I could've given the man a hug but I know that in this man's understanding of the world that hardly would've been enough there is no consolation there is no hopeThe introduction is an interesting read but I believe misleading on some points I'd be happy to hear what some Beckettians think about these texts

  8. Art Art says:

    so i didn't uite know where to start with beckett and though i hear the major novel trilogy is worth all the time i picked up this slimmer collection first the second story ill seen ill said is my favorite of the collection but the contrasting starkness and richness of the other two is really dynamic and heartbreaking not the easiest read for me and i think i attribute that to the brevity of the sentences the hinging on every word these are really considered etched stories that wrestle for your attention or push you away if you're not up for them i was moved in many ways by these and i look forward to delving further into his world

  9. Lou Last Lou Last says:

    Farewell to farewell Then in that perfect dark foreknell darling sound pip for end begun First last moment Grant only enough remain to devour all Moment by glutton moment Sky earth the whole kit and boodle Not another crumb of carrion left Lick chops and basta No One moment One last Grace to breathe that void Know happiness

  10. says:

    Beckett's terse prose incomplete sentences bitten off and cast adrift in a jumble envelops you like wispy detritus trickling down from a dark cloud This bundle compiles three poetic stories 'Company' 'Ill Seen Ill Said' and 'Worstward Ho' each offering a peek into a masterfully cratfted microcosm that's as suffocating as it is inhabitedThe first one is an interrogation of poles narrator and narrated body and world consciousness and nothingness choreographed in the form of a foetal shape groping in the muddy dark By way of measuring distance with their limbs the protagonists seeks to trace experience back to its prime mover; an impossible task which is inevitably interrupted by bouts of confusion and whimpering grovelling and re straightening 'Ill Seen Ill Said' is at the same time the most worldly and the most difficult story to grasp; a dreamlike and uncanny fairytale of an old crone in a lonely house in the winter forest confronting sunrise and sunset impenetrable boulders and graves mixing with footfalls which the snow uickly erases Standing at twenty eight pages 'Worstward Ho' is the shortest of Beckett's rambles through semiotic sedimentation words wordlets and wordclumps coagulate in thitherlesses leastenings and so missaids and the dim shade skull and other terms become resting spots for meanings that are never spoken unless only of The story essay? Poem? Freely associated concept dream jotted down in ink? is dense but rather than burying comprehension its layers serve to progressively etch out an understanding as if the negative space and mostly negative it is saying becoming missaying seeing misseeing and even flaws the want of flaws molds the reader's perspective like ever shifting gelatineBeckett in my experience doesn't reuire his readers to draw upon knowledge of the literary canon to understand his prose; the words' referentiality is mostly limited to the the extremities of the body unrefined emotions and the damp muck that clings on beneath fingernails after the hand relaxes once As with Joyce reading aloud sometimes helps to fit otherwise dislocated phrases in an instinctive framework Oftentimes though passages speak for themselves in a way that's wholly unparallelledThe odd sound What a mercy to have that to turn to Now and then In dark and silence to close as if to light the eyes and hear a sound Some object moving from its place to its last place Some soft thing softly stirring soon to stir no To darkness visible to close the eyes and hear if only that Some soft thing softly stirring soon to stir no 15orSmell? His own? Long since dulled and a barrier to others if any Such as might have once emitted a rat long dead Or some other carrion Yet to be imagined Unless the crawler smell Aha The crawling creator Might the crawling creator be reasonably imagined to smell? Even fouler than his creature Stirring now and then to wonder that mind so lost to wonder To wonder what in the world can be making that alien smell Whence in the world those wafts of villainous smell How much companionable could his creator but smell Could he but smell his creator 42or On back to unsay void can go Void cannot go Save dim go Then all go All not already gone Till dim back Then all back All not still gone The one can go The twain can go Dim can go Void cannot go Save dim go Then all go 109All I know is that my volume deserves and reuires a few goes to suggest strands enchant with eeriness and nudge towards an unspecified place that's dimly lit framed by roots and mud lit by Venus and uenched by brittle suiggles Highly recommended

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