Famous Last Words, Fond Farewells, Deathbed Diatribes, and

Famous Last Words, Fond Farewells, Deathbed Diatribes, and Exclamations Upon Expiration [PDF / Epub] ✅ Famous Last Words, Fond Farewells, Deathbed Diatribes, and Exclamations Upon Expiration By Ray Robinson – Buyprobolan50.co.uk “Don’t let it end like this Tell them I said something”—Pancho Villa “Drink to me”—Pablo Picasso A collection of notable last recorded words of the dying Famous Last Words is bursting wi “Don’t let it end like this Tell them Words, Fond eBook ✓ I said something”—Pancho Villa “Drink to me”—Pablo Picasso A collection of notable last recorded words of the dying Famous Last Words is bursting with life hope wisdom and often laughter Here are writers philosophers athletes kings and ueens movie stars politicians and in all sorts of moods and states of Famous Last MOBI :º preparedness Some merely want to say goodbye to loved ones others want to create a legacy Ultimately every one of these parting statements is a reflection of the person behind it Each is accompanied by a mini biography of the speaker including the context of death from the golf course “That was a great game of golf fellers”—Bing Crosby Last Words, Fond PDF Æ to a favorite armchair “Go on get out Last words are for fools who haven't said enough”—Karl Marx  .

10 thoughts on “Famous Last Words, Fond Farewells, Deathbed Diatribes, and Exclamations Upon Expiration

  1. Simon Simon says:

    Kind of just a read for the heck of it I was interested if finding uotes and stuff for my blog at first but I just ended up reading the book to get it over with So it's not like the book was bad I just had no desire in it or heart to continue I did read every word and imagined the person uttering these words as they died and it was like a historical journey back into the lives of famous people or people who gave something to the world It was a final tribute to the unknown mystery of death something we all will find out eventually

  2. Cynthia (Bingeing On Books) Cynthia (Bingeing On Books) says:

    This was a great impulse buy I loved reading about some of the last words that famous people have said This book has last words from all types of famous people Presidents and other government officials actors and actresses musicians etc Some of the famous last words were poignant and some were really funny The only thing I didn't necessarily like was that the author threw in a couple of eulogies of famous dead people I wasn't nearly as interested in someone's eulogy as I was in what that person said right before they died Otherwise great read

  3. Christine Starkey Christine Starkey says:

    One of those books that I bought on a whim and read in a day Not a whole lot to say about this book that isn't evident from the title but it's filled with fun facts and I consider it a cool coffee table read Another one of my cute crazy reads to leave lying around my place for people to pick up and peruse at random

  4. Marc Marc says:

    Gave up halfway through this slim collection I received as a Christmas gift uotes weren't all that interesting which didn't necessarily surprise me just because you're famous and someone captures your last words doesn't mean they'll be memorable

  5. Bdomo28 Bdomo28 says:

    A compilation of Fond Farewells Death Diatribes and Exclamations Upon Expiration Robinson shares with us a collection of famous last words It's short and sweet and wonderfully entertaining

  6. Deborah Deborah says:

    An interesting read

  7. Jayajanani Pattabhiraman Jayajanani Pattabhiraman says:

    Short fun compilation of literally the last words from those you'd be curious about the famous ones and many others coming your way just because of what lay in the words they said Just to name a few that are included Vincent Van Gogh Pablo Picasso Anna Pavlova Sigmund Freud Thomas Edison George Washington Jane Austen Karl Marx Stealing some words from the book itself because it rightly describes the experience The beauty of some of these last words is that they may open a window through which we feel we can catch a glimpse if only for a moment of the entire life that preceded it Ray Robinson's Famous Last Words is a palm sized book that packs a bunch of bittersweet words from some of the best the world has ever seen

  8. David David says:

    Kind of fun to read these one page summaries with the final words of a very wide range of personages poets philosophers athletes criminals politicians movie stars soldiers pilots tycoons and the condemned The longest last words are by Erwin Rommel Socrates Lou Gehrig John Brown Virginia Woolf while the three pages of Most Annoying Last Words goes to infamous mobster Dutch Schultz recorded by a police stenographer as he lay dying in Newark City Hospital after being ambushed by assassins 1935 in a restaurantToo bad the 177 pages does not have an index of these authors so I can easily go back and find the full page of eg Socrates in 399 BC Nero who in 64 AD committed suicide or Lou Gehrig's public words to his fans as he was dying No alphabetizing of the authors uoted None of key Last key words So can we guess who were mostly criminals murderers assassins Francis Crowley Ida Straus Horace Tabor Charles Guiteau Charles Fox Paul Wellstone Wilson Mizner Rob Hall Robert Maxwell uoted from a satirical magazine Here lies Robert Maxwell He lies everywhere else Moe Berg Clarence Barron Jeanne Antoinette Poisson Robert Scott Ramon Narvaez Connie Evans John Lamb Brian Sweeney Carl Panzram George Appel Martha Beck Jessica Dubroff Edmund Gwenn or Arthur Flegenheimer?

  9. Sevenponds Sevenponds says:

    Are a person’s last words important? Do they leave some indelible mark on this world having been the final vocalizations of a human being before he or she passes into the next one?I’ll leave that for you to decide But one thing’s certain famous last words are uite entertainingThis cute little book by Ray Robinson which by the way would make a fantastic gift– stocking stuffer compiles the dying words of everyone from Pablo Picasso to DH Lawrence to Thomas Edison into one volume The words are often funny or poignant but they occasionally can be heart rending DH Lawrence dying of tuberculosis called out to his friend “Maria don’t let me die” Noel Coward said simply “Goodnight my darlings I’ll see you tomorrow”ContinuedFull SevenPonds Review

  10. Wisty Wisty says:

    A great little book that I bought on a whim Here's what I've learned people always have interesting things to say right before they're executed and the Bronte sisters are the saddest family ever Seriously Charlotte's page really made me sad her mom and four sisters all died of tuberculosis as many people in this book did unfortunately and she escaped it only to die of morning sickness while pregnant one year into her happy marriage Really unfairI could've gone for explanation paragraphs on the people because some of this explanations were pretty vagueAll in all a really interesting little read It was a fun activity going through this book with my brother We both have a thing about last words and speeches so this was a perfect thing to read together

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