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Insight Yoga [Epub] ❤ Insight Yoga ➞ Sarah Powers – Acclaimed yoga and meditation teacher Sarah Powers is known and loved for her uniue approach—Insight Yoga—which combines traditional yoga with the meridians of Chinese medicine as well as Buddhist Acclaimed yoga and meditation teacher Sarah Powers is known and loved for her uniue approach—Insight Yoga—which combines traditional yoga with the meridians of Chinese medicine as well as Buddhist meditation Using Yin passive and Yang dynamic poses she demonstrates a series of different yoga seuences that bring benefit to organs muscles joints and tendons—as well as the mind She also provides a foundational explanation of traditional Chinese medicine theory and mindfulness meditation instruction Sarah Powers brings us on an inspiring journey inward and shows the path for cultivating a lasting relationship with yoga that cultivates and strengthens our physical well being and our mental and emotional clarity.

10 thoughts on “Insight Yoga

  1. Laurie Laurie says:

    I have been teaching yoga both a flow class and a restorative class since June 2016 and have been practicing since 2005 In the past six months I have been taking a Yin yoga class and noticed similarities between it and restorative yoga Eager to learn about Yin yoga I purchased this bookThe book did not disappoint Sarah Powers does an excellent job detailing Yin yoga sharing numerous poses and seuences as well as explaining a wide variety of practice systems that support Yin yoga I found her explanation of poses and seuences very helpful as they complement and will inform what I guide in restorative practiceIn the remaining chapters the author is indeed giving insight into her philosophy of yoga and how she chooses to live her life Some of it resonated with me but of it was out of my realm of experience Perhaps I am not yet ready to embrace these additional aspects however the explanations were occasionally interesting and sometimes caused contemplation on my end Before purchasing this book I read lots of reviews of it and other Yin books and am glad to have purchased it Many of the poses and seuences have been guided by my Yin teacher at a local studio often causing me to smile in recognition

  2. SarahYogaH20 SarahYogaH20 says:

    Love Love Love this book and all of Sarah's work I hope to study with her one day This book is a perfect launching point for understanding Yin and teaching it I often refer to it for inspiration or general reference Love

  3. Steve Steve says:

    Great book introducing and providing exercises in the realm of Yin Yoga Paul Grilley who originated or popularized Yin Yoga writes the foreword if you have circled around yoga from the vantage point of Tai Chi taiji and igong you will likely find Sarah Powers' style of yoga approachable and useful She approaches her seuences concepts and thoughts about meditation from the point of view of Chinese five element and meridian teachings At times it seems a bit eclectic yet the principles will make sense particularly if you come from that background On its own terms I appreciate that she provides many variations on the positions and movements to suit beginners at different levels I also got her DVD set which complements the presentation in the book She writes clearly with helpful photographs Most useful

  4. Beth Gallaspy Beth Gallaspy says:

    During a yin yoga teacher training I did in fall 2019 this was recommended for additional reading It's a nice addition to my yoga library I've benefited from the seuences provided and especially enjoyed the clear easy to understand explanations of the mental and energetic aspects of a yoga practice The introductions to mindfulness and meditation are also helpful for beginners and those seeking to approach with a beginners mind

  5. Abigail Abigail says:

    Used this for my 300hr advanced yoga teacher training and found it superb Well written easy to understand includes seuence options for classes and goes beyond asana and explores breath Buddha dharma mindfulness and so much

  6. Niki Walters Niki Walters says:

    There were long sections of the book that I found to be redundant repetitions of the same black and white photos and details on how to get into poses The other chapters were great though I'd only recommend reading it if you aren't like me and need to read every word

  7. Betsy Betsy says:

    Wonderful melding of yin yoga Buddhism and meditation

  8. Jamie Jamie says:

    Recommended by a yin teacher and I really enjoyed it I'd recommend it as well

  9. Natalie Natalie says:

    Excellent reference for yin and yang yoga meditation and mindfulness meridians and other related topics Very well supported with illustrations and options for poses and seuencing

  10. Robin Robin says:

    very helpful

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