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Good as Gold ❰Reading❯ ➿ Good as Gold Author Ann Braybrooks – While searching for his missing honey pot Pooh and his friends see a beautiful rainbow Owl tells them there's supposed to be a pot of gold at the end so they all set out in search of the treasure Inst While searching for his missing honey pot Pooh and his friends see a beautiful rainbow Owl tells them there's supposed to be a pot of gold at the end so they all set out in search of the treasure Instead the friends stumble upon other precious finds; a rock a robin's egg and a nest The gold eludes them but Pooh saves the day when he finds his missing honey pot and fills it with berries in the Good as ePUB ´ colors of the rainbow as the group heads home after a fun filled day they all agree that they are very rich indeed.

10 thoughts on “Good as Gold

  1. Emily Emily says:

    Reading my dad's first book this afternoon made me think about the first book I ever remembered reading It was this one The first in a 19 book series about Winnie the Pooh aka my favorite animated character of all time #sigmems

  2. Sara Sara says:

    Got the whole set of these books when I was little Used to read them all the time Found them while cleaning and decided to read them to my mom

  3. Leigh Leigh says:

    My son loves these volumed treasuries and I do too I didn't have any from this series as a kid it's new to my son's nursery In this book the inhabitants of the hundred acre wood spot a rainbow and trek across the wood to try and find the treasure at the end of it There isn't any pot of gold but the gang find treasures in nature and one of Pooh's old pots as well It's a sweet lesson in that there's much to be enjoyed than money I thought it was very sweet

  4. Mary Elizabeth Mary Elizabeth says:

    Through enchanting illustrations and clever prose Ann Braybrooks delivers an important moral to both children and their parents that is that gold does not necessarily have to be found at the end of a rainbow but rather anywhere it brings joy Overall a great read for both children and parents who are growing within a contemporary world

  5. Kristina Kristina says:

    my kids enjoyed this book I thought it was a nice and uick read I would recommend this book to others

  6. Stevie Loveridge Stevie Loveridge says:

    I love Winnie the Pooh books I have nearly next to all of the apart from Look before you bounce

  7. Honeylieg Vela Honeylieg Vela says:

    This was is a well loved book when my kiddos were little Pooh and friends adventures are always worth the read

  8. Brittany Hartline Brittany Hartline says:

    This book is suitable for nursery and primary age childrenAt the beginning of the book Winnie the Pooh is counting his honey pots and notices one of them is missing Roo comes hopping in the ddor and tells Pooh to come look at the rainbow outside when he gets outside he finds Owl and Tigger they set off to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow On the way they ran into Piglet On the way Piglet found a shiny rock he thought was a piece of gold Pooh noticed Piglet felt embarresed about being wrong but told Piglet he could keep the rock and it made him feel better as they continued on there search Tigger came across a robins egg he liked the color of the eggs and decided to take one with him Roo wanted to keep the nest the eggs were in As they got close to the end they got excited about the gold Owl was disappointed to find that the only thing at the end of the rainbow was Poohs missing honey pot Owl was upset that he didnt find any treasure so Pooh ate al the honey out of his pot and went off into the woods He came back with a pot full of red blue green and yellow berries He gave the pot to Owl and told him now he had his own rainbow in a pot and this made owl happy on the way home owl asked if he had told the group what his uncle said about good friendsthey are as good as goldThe pictures look as if they were hand sketched with a pencil and colored in The artist used lines to created the illusion of shading around the faces of the characters The book is full of bright colors that easily attract the attention of young children the illustations are detailed but not enough to see the single strand of furThis book is a great book for young children It teaches children that it is fun to go on adventures and find treasures but its is important to have friends to go on those adventures with Like Owl said good friends are as good as gold Friends are priceless compared to any material posessions you may have It is a good book for adults to read to remind them that getting what you want out of life is good to do but if you have nobody to share it with how much is it really worth

  9. Partridge Public Partridge Public says:


  10. Lisa Lisa says:

    Good as Gold Disneys Out and About With Pooh Volume 1 by Disney Enterprises Inc 1996

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