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The Secret Remedy Book A Story Of Comfort And Love ❮EPUB❯ ✼ The Secret Remedy Book A Story Of Comfort And Love Author Karin Cates – From the talented illustratorWendy Anderson Halperin comes a heartwarming story about what to do when you feel blue and how the love of good friend can be all that you needLolly loves to visit her Aun From the talented illustratorWendy Anderson Halperin comes Remedy Book Kindle × a heartwarming story about what to do when you feel blue and how the love of good friend can be all that you needLolly loves The Secret PDF or to visit her Auntie Zep But when her mother and father leave her alone with Auntie Zep for a whole month a great sadness develops in Lolly and she can't make it go Secret Remedy Book PDF/EPUB ê away So Auntie Zep finds the perfect remedy for Lolly's sadness the Great Great Grandmother's Secret Remedy Book The book contains seven different remedies for Zep and Lolly to share Together they slowly Secret Remedy Book A Story MOBI :º drink fresh apple juice plant a seed feed a wild thing read poetry and much.

10 thoughts on “The Secret Remedy Book A Story Of Comfort And Love

  1. Lisa Vegan Lisa Vegan says:

    I adored this book I’m wild about itI wanted to sueeze the illustrations and wanted to dive right into them I loved them so much Most pages have multiple pictures on them I loved the country like art style The pictures are so special and readerslisteners can spend uite a bit of time looking at and enjoying themThe story is wonderful too Lolly goes to visit her special Aunite Zep for a whole month and almost immediately her excitement turns into homesickness How her aunt helps her niece feel better is so heartwarming At the back of the book The Secret Remedies all 7 of them are named in their own list Aunt Zep makes a wonderful day for Lolly while they perform all the remedies a day that could otherwise have been somewhat of a disaster What creative activities And they’re activities that most children could do at least in some capacityI appreciated how much nature is used in this book and how books and writing have a cherished place tooThis is a beautiful book and I can see it giving great solace to homesick or otherwise sad kids but happy carefree kids should enjoy it too

  2. Abigail Abigail says:

    Karin Cates' heartwarming tale of a young girl on her first solo visit with a favorite aunt is combined with Wendy Anderson Halperin's absolutely charming illustrations in this sweet picture book which follows Lolly as she goes to her Auntie Zep's country home Although excited at first she soon gives way to homesickness and it falls to Auntie Zep with her Secret Remedy Book to find a way to make her feel better Enacting the seven remedies recommended by the book in such a circumstance Lolly and Zep have such a wonderful day together that homesickness is banishedI enjoyed everything about The Secret Remedy Book A Story of Comfort and Love I enjoyed the story and particularly appreciated the sensitivity shown to a common childhood experience in which the first separation from the natal family is traumatic even when it is the result of a special treat Lolly's experiences reminded me of that first night of sleep away camp when I was a girl I enjoyed Auntie's Zep's remedy book and the solution it offered and I absolutely adored the illustrations I think the friend who recommended this to me hit the nail on the head in her own review in which she mentions that although one always gets the first impression from Halperin's work that it is going to be cutesy somehow it always manages to be than one expects This is just a wonderful little slice of life story and is one I recommend to any young reader who has ever been far from home for the first time and felt homesick

  3. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    What a wonderful I seem to use that word too much I've got to come up with another word just as poignant book Great things to do when someone is feeling sad homesick or just plain crummy The illustrator Wendy Anderson Halperin reminds me of Susan Branch Beautiful texture soft colors colorful pictures

  4. Kathy Kathy says:

    Very cute Lolly gets to visit her Aunt Zep at first she is overjoyed but then starts to get homesick Aunt Zep has just the fix for that They follow the Secret Remedy book A fun Summer read

  5. Aneesa Aneesa says:

    Very charming; sure to work

  6. Dana Beyer Dana Beyer says:

    Auntie Zep has a most creative remedy for Lolly's homesickness Who won't luv wacky Auntie Zep with her rectangle glasses headband scraggly pony tail on the top of her head Capri over halls and matching striped socks? It begins with an old remedy book with brown brittle pages including some pressed flowers found in her old trunk which had traveled far and wide The seven remedies would take them on a journey of compassion and comfort wrapped in Luv The outdoor hike food for a wild thing writing a cheerful letter with an enclosure Lolly chose a mockingbirds feather The day ended reading in peace and uite and dreaming of doing great things beginning tomorrow The great thing my Special grand daughter chose was TO WALK The artwork is realistically detailed with answers in little boxes or panels of art So Get out your hiking stick and travel with them page by page

  7. L. Michelle L. Michelle says:

    I loved the idea and illustrations in this book even of the story dragged a little Perhaps Lolly's homesickness did not uite feel real to me not enough of a problem to be truly invested in But the drawings are beautifully detailed reminded me of The uiltmaker's Gift with tiny inset panels telling pieces of the story The whole book feels just like opening a well traveled attic trunk and sifting through the treasures inside I will send this to my mother so that when my kids visit their Grandma for the first time on their own she can have her own Secret Remedy Book ready and waiting

  8. Eija Eija says:

    This is a wonderful book to share with a young reader A beautiful story about creating your own fun discovering the world around you and teaching a child how to turn those horrible no good days into adventuresMy favorite thing about this story is the ability to turn it into an activity book Share this book with a child in your life or an adult and get ready to either make your own secret remedy book or follow the remedies in this story Magic Life lessons learned

  9. Hannah Jane Hannah Jane says:

    Lolly gets to stay with her Auntie Zep for a month and she's excited But then she gets homesick and Auntie Zep comes up with a remedy that is a beautiful nod to practicing gratitude illustrations are soft joyful and a little wacky Auntie Zep's headband there is also lotsa lively language 'spidery handwriting that seemed to scuttle and scurry across the page' and a scarecrow with a 'necklace of cans'

  10. Mistiemae1 Downs Mistiemae1 Downs says:

    While the story is uite enjoyable and the illustrations charming my favorite thing about The Secret Remedy Book is how it virtually begs one to make their own book of secret remedies We read this book as a bedtime story but first thing in the morning my children were searching through scrapbooking odds and ends to come up with their own creations

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