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The death of Methuselah and other stories ➷ [Reading] ➹ The death of Methuselah and other stories By Isaac Bashevis Singer ➬ – Twenty stories from the Nobel Prizewinner including Disguised a transvestite tale of the yeshiva student whose deserted wife finds him dressed as a woman and married to a man and the title story which Twenty stories from the Nobel Prizewinner including of Methuselah PDF ↠ Disguised a transvestite tale of the yeshiva student whose deserted wife finds him dressed as a woman and married to a man and the title story which portrays Methuselah at the age of and when you pass your nine hundredth birthday you are not what The death PDF/EPUB or you used to be.

10 thoughts on “The death of Methuselah and other stories

  1. Lauren Lauren says:

    A man Singer? goes to a public place a park a cafe a cruise ship starts up a conversation with a person in this place and a fantastical story is born This device is about 70% of the setup for each story in the collection And it doesn't get boring Are these stories true? They often feature a Yiddish writer in the first person and some other person from a similar background Sometimes they take place in Poland or Argentina or in New York Sometimes they are about mythological creatures like demons or golems or about a man leading a international double life a homeless man with an incredible history or a wife who has a lurid affair with her young nephew some with mysticalkabbalistic overtones and some as clear as day They often end with a pithy bring it home uoteThis framing device draws the reader right in making each story infinitely readable like a juicy morsel of someone's private life and exploits This was my first full collection by Singer and I saw one critic described this collection as undernourished so I am curious to see what one of the other collections looks like fat on their bones perhaps? Since I enjoyed this one I am curious to see how it could possibly get better A 5 star for the ease of reading while not entirely perfect there are several shockers that one might not expect from the son of a rabbi I really liked these short stories and will definitely be reading Singer

  2. Kendall Morgan Kendall Morgan says:

    Love it Such a great read I love old Yiddish writers

  3. Mike Fitz Mike Fitz says:

    Won the Nobel prize for literature Good book of short stories based on a time over a thousand years ago

  4. Meghan Meghan says:

    But love has strange power Isaac Bashevis Singer

  5. Adrian Adrian says:

    Very good collection of short stories

  6. Ozma Ozma says:

    IBS knows 3 Jewish demons and mixes and matches them until they best suit as props in his storyline Honestly it’s offensive to demons No the Ketev Mriri is not the king of the demons I don’t think there even is a demon called “Briri” it’s just part of the incantation to scare off Shabriri Gehennom is not “hell”Yes of course I disliked this book for other sexism related reasons

  7. Maggie Eisenberger Maggie Eisenberger says:

    Skip the first story The rest are beautiful although sometimes disturbing explorations of people and their relationships

  8. Hotrats Hotrats says:

    Excellent Disturbing stories that make you ponder

  9. S S says:

    This is the rare book where I feel I should explain myself in giving it a good rating As I was reading I kept thinking how recent these short stories were Singer's construction is so assured and modern They are so compact conversational absolutely certain of when to begin and end his framing devices of conversations storytellers memories so postmodern that it was a surprise to find this collection was published in 1971 I remembered then reading his collection 'Gimpel the Fool' in high school how delightful those stories were they nostalgized the past These stories look back as well but read into it a bleak selfishness in people In the title story the bibllical figure Methuselah is utterly corrupted but in most of the stories it's sex sex sex And here's my reservation in story after story each one delightful in itself the women come out as cheaters somewhere between plot devices and connivers Except in the brilliant 'Disguised' which alone is enough to call Singer a great writer again and make one wonder why he seems lost to us at the moment

  10. Ariel Ariel says:

    This is a really great collection of stories by Isaace Bashevis Singer I found some of the tales disturbing but I think that is partly what Mr Singer was hoping to invoke in his readers especially Jewish ones like me I like the way he weaves in Jewish tradition ritual the way we used to speak in our older generations and even a bit of mysticism from the kabalah In the Introduction he says this was a book that he didn't necessarily intend to write but that it almost wrote itself As compelling as it was because he is such a great story teller I couldn't help wonder if he would rather have not written it These stories really brings out some of the worst aspects of human character when it comes to relationships infidelity betrayal of trust wives and husbands walking out on each other andor deceiving each other characters lacking forgiveness or charity etc I cannot say I liked this book because some of these tales were just uncomfortable and the characters were despicable It did make me think and the story telling was excellent

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