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    I had picked Boyce s Zoroastrians not only for its rarity but also because of the rave reviews that it had received It is supposed to be an introduction to this foreign religion Quite honestly, I found the book burdened with non essential details combined with a complete lack of embedding the narrative in any kind of comprehensive historical context Boyce version of Zoroastrian history is non confrontational and not the least concerned with the greater questions of historicity that loom on every corner along the way As the author of The Great Leap Fraud Social Economics of Religious Terrorism, I am probably entirely unsuitable to reading Boyce s book, in particular because I studied a lot of primary evidence rather than pre cooked secondary sources Naturally, it may be hard to please me with conformist religious gibberish that seems to derive from Boyce s admiration for this faith of supposed peace, tolerance and care for the poor as if these would not be expedient central tenets of everybody else Even though the author hints at some problems with the orthodoxy, she se...

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    Poorly organized, terribly published, and at points badly translated, it seems that this book owes its place in the study of Zoroastrianism largely to the fact that there are so few comparable books However simply because few modern scholars have made similar attempts, that does not mean that this attempt is a success Boyce is one of the important or at least most cited scholars of Zoroastrian religion, but in this book she seems to assume a number of things 1 that the reader is at once completely familiar with and yet largely ignorant of the topic at hand 2 that the pseudo historical narrative she and many other scholars have imagined for Indo Iranian peoples and the composition and creation of the Gathas is a verifiable historical reality 3 that the Gathas, despite being songs and poems, need not be presented as such 4 that incomplete rende...

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    Good resource and selection of primary readings on various aspects of Zoroastrianism Boyce offers a fresh translation of the texts selected and provides corrections to them as well as to the timeline of ...

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    Read this as part of an effort to better understand a friend It s a start but leaves many questions unanswered.

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Textual Sources for the Study of Zoroastrianism (Textual Sources for the Study of Religion) Zoroastrianism Is The Least Well Know Yet One Of The Most Important And Fascinating Of The World Religions Deriving From Very Ancient Sources, In Its Rich Traditions And Worship Zoroastrianism Has Preserved Many Immensely Archaic Forms, Dating Back To A Period Earlier, Even, Than Its Own Founding Although The Number Of Present Day Adherents Has Shrunk To Relatively Small Dimensions, In Its Time This Faith Exerted A Profound Influence On The Development Of Western Religion Including Selections From Original Texts, Historical Detail, As Well As Thoughtful Analysis, This Work Introduces The Reader To Zoroastrian Tradition, Doctrines, And Writings And Traces Their Development Down To Modern Times.