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History of the World From Humanity S Origins On The African Savannah To The State Of The World After September 11, 2001, The New Penguin History Of The World Offers A Magisterial Sweep Through Time And History Completely Updated And Revised By Preeminent Historian J M Roberts, This Volume Features Ninety Up To Date Maps, New Sections, And Extremely Well Written And Accessible Articles Throughout Truly Global And Comprehensive, It Succeeds In Conveying The Staggering Diversity Of The Human Experience Across A Vast Range Of Climates And Conditions This Is The One Book For Anyone Interested In The Variety And Grandeur Of History S March.

  • Paperback
  • 1168 pages
  • History of the World
  • J.M. Roberts
  • English
  • 08 August 2018
  • 9780140154955

About the Author: J.M. Roberts

John Morris Roberts, CBE, was a British historian, with significant published works From 1979 1985 he was Vice Chancellor of the University of Southampton, and from 1985 1994, Warden of Merton College, Oxford He was also well known as the author and presenter of the BBC TV series The Triumph of the West 1985.

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    This is a masterpiece, highly recommended to anyone seriously interested in a good quality, thoughtful, insightful overview of human history This book manages to provide a surprisingly good level of detail while keeping a wide breath of analysis and encompassing the whole of historical development since prehistory up to contemporary times It should be kept as a reference, not just read and probably it should be read at least twice, to fully enjoy it.It is a real pity that there are a few mostly editorial choices that I personally found quite questionable first, the maps are so small as to be rendered virtually unreadable and they are not always relevant nor helpful an unforgivable error on the part of the publisher Lack of timelines and suggested readings are also quite frustrating I personally think that timelines would have been extremely valuable for a book of such breadth and ambition, and I am very d...

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    Good lord, I finally finished this book I think there were at least two periods where I put this one down and did not pick it up again for six months or so So, while Roberts does his best to give shape and clarity to an immense amount of information, it is not the most gripping read although, with the broad strokes necessary for a work like this, I doubt anyone could concoct scintillating prose.Content wise, there are two important weaknesses of the book First, while it is titled History of the World , European history is delved into thoroughly than anything else However, in the preface Roberts is upfront about this focus and his reasons for it mainly the disproportionate role Europe played in shaping world history, especially of the last 500 years , so you know what you re getting into Also, despite the European emphasis, I still learned a great deal of non European history here though this may say about the huge gaps in my historical knowledge than it does about the book s non European coverage.Second, there is not a single reference to any of th...

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    In one of the classic classroom quiz themed Calvin and Hobbes strips, our hero reflects on career choices.J M Roberts was a big picture person And this is a big picture book, but even though it is an all encompassing chronicle that traces every major development of historical significance beginning with our prosimian ancestors through to the early years of the 21st century, it is no meaningless clutter of facts and figures Roberts brings his erudition to bear on these to identify within them the major historical processes of our past Structurally, the book is divided into broad sections which illustrate these processes Pre historyFirst Civilizations Mesopotamia, Egypt, East Asia Classical Mediterranean Greece, Rome, Jewry, Christianity The Age of Diverging Traditions Islam and Arab Empires, Byzantium, Europe, India, China and Japan The Making of the European AgeThe Great AccelerationThe End of the Europeans world WWI, Ottoman Heritage, WWII and The Latest Age All through, the tex...

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    This title is a staple in the Barnes Noble history section as well as in the prominent, warmly loved independent bookstores here and there I happen to know that because I circled the book for at least a couple of years before finally purchasing it Weighing in with 1,180 pages of text supplemented by 57 pages of Index, it seemed both too long and too short too long because the project of reading it would take time that might be devoted to two or three other books that I looked forward to reading too short because any useful history of human existence seemed to merit one of those ponderous three volume sets that in fact I would never read.In any event quite often when I visited bookstores, I would sit down with the book and read short excerpts Then upon coming to Mexico, I checked out a copy from the library and started it It soon became a apparent that I needed my own copy I purchased one and was off on a long adventure.J.M Roberts, the British historian, died in May 2003 after completing the fourth edition The first edition of The Penguin History of the World was published in 1976 He had a point of view, as any historian worth his salt must At this point I am going to change to the present tense Having lived with this man...

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    It Is Accomplished It took five months, but I have finally finished this behemoth And I didn t just read it I studied it I took notes Assiduously It was a self imposed college course.How does one review something one has lived with for half a year The main question, I suppose, is whether or not the tome provided what I was seeking Different readers will have different goals For myself, I was motivated by a feeling that despite history being a steady, lifelong component of my reading repertoire I still hadn t developed a complete sense of the scaffolding of human history, a full structural understanding that would allow me to know what cubbyhole to tuck new information into and that would help me understand how one historical development paralleled or drew from others My hope was that this book would provide me with that, even if it might inevitably have some biases and limitations This it provided in spades.I wanted to walk away from the experience with a holistic understanding of History In order to do so, I felt I should attempt to digest the entire book sequentially and in a relatively short period of time, so that I wouldn t forget the beginning parts by the time I hit modern times I initially hoped to complete it in 12 weeks, but it t...

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    Originally published on my blog here in May 2000.At the end of the twentieth century, there seems to be a vogue for celebrating the end of the second millennium AD with universal histories of the sort which had been rather out of fashion for some years This particular work appeared at the time when they were unfashionable, the Pelican version being slightly updated from one printed by Hutchinson a few years earlier with many maps reduced in number for this edition to keep costs down.Judging by what I have seen of these millennial histories, The Pelican History of the World gains a great deal by not being sumptuously illustrated, by not aiming to be the only history book ever bought by its readers to use, in many cases, this term loosely.Another virtue making it a history which gives a natural view of the past if not fitting it so well as a reference book, is that Roberts has chosen deliberately, as he points out in the conclusion to refrain from sorting events into specific time periods each chapter deals with a particular aspect of the past, and carries the story through to what seems to be a sensible point in relation to the subject of that chapter rather than to any chronological division arbitrarily imposed across the board This is, of course, a particular feature of many of the history books marketed around the idea of the Millennium, most of which are divided by century The value of books like this one to someone...

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    Roberts is a master of the broad brush, managing to make world history a page turner and 1200 pages seem like 300 or so Because the subject s so large, it always feels like you re moving at high speed and observing from high above There s little room for detail, but that s the nature of world history The beauty of it is that Roberts makes connections and observations of patterns, and we re able to do the same, which wouldn t be possible in a history of smaller scope with detail of course, we need both One particularly valuable example is the context in which he places the American Revolution and subsequent US expansion At the time, the revolution was a relatively small matter and Europe was focused on important things After the war, Britain controlled the seas and also controlled the territory north of the new nation With a weak power Spain controlling much of the areas south and west, and with France checked by Britain in North A...

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    The publishing company ought not to put their name in the title because it utterly changes my understanding of the book s topic.

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    This was probably the longest project I ve ever undertaken It took me about 6 years to read a nearly 1,200 page history of the world And, while I ve been bummed to miss my Goodreads yearly book count the entire time, I don t know that I should feel bad about how long the process was.Clearly written from a UK perspective there were a lot u s in words than I m used to, and also there were just a few descriptions of stuff I had previous knowledge of where I was like, well that s a bit of a take I wouldn t call 100% impartial but not inaccurate There s things here and there that I did think really that s all the attention that gets But that was mostly things from the past 200 years and it s probably only my own personal bias that misses things not being discussed in the interest of covering things that were much important in the grand scheme.This book is an amazing feat And deserving of all the praise it s received I really do feel I have a better grasp on the history of humanity than I did before.I ve even kind of got it in my back pocket to read another edition years in the future like maybe 50 cause let s not go crazy, this was an effort to accomplish just because I continue to be intrigued by the knowledge shared in it s pages Though when I come back it better be in digital form to provide links to further information on specifics and interactive maps And not be a damn 10 pound paperweight.I m proud of myself for sticking...

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    Anyone fascinated by world history will be delighted with the appearance of a new edition of John Robert s History of the World His ill health mentioned in the preface made it hard work, and his recent death confirms his prophesy that this will be the final edition of this successful book Overall Roberts provides a great summation of world history, supplying a sweeping overview with perceptive insights, and avoiding the temptation to become enmeshed in encyclopedic detail The themes he follows, those of change and continuity, the impetus of history and the relationship between tradition and innovation in human history are well chosen and help to find a context for this daunting subject Additionally he makes relevant the weight of the past to present events including a very good job of bringing the book right up to date with post 9 11 events His overall perspective on history has changed surprisingly little over the years, perhaps because one of his basic philosophies is durable the two phenomena of inertia and innovation continue to operate in all historical developments we shall always find what happens both , and less, surprising than we expect Sounds like a bet both ways, however thinking about recent events it is quite plausable.The book, it is freely acknowledged by Roberts, comes from a white, middle class western perspec...

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