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Death in the Afternoon (Hear No Evil , No 1) ✯ [PDF] ❤ Death in the Afternoon (Hear No Evil , No 1) By Kate Chester ✼ – Sara Howell is smart savvy beautiful and deaf When her father Lt Paul Howell is killed by a hit and run driver she feels it's her duty to find some answers Her brother Steve insists the case is too da Sara Howell is smart savvy beautiful and deaf When her father Death in PDF \ Lt Paul Howell is killed by a hit and run driver she feels it's her duty to find some answers Her brother Steve insists the case is too dangerous for Sara but she persists Soon Sara finds herself in the middle of an investigation that puts her and Steve in danger than she could imagine Young Adult.

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  1. Kristin Kristin says:

    As a young teenager I had most if not all of the books in this series but never read them for whatever reason and I think I ended up either packing them away or selling them at a yard sale to make room for adult titles on my shelves Earlier this year I found one of the later books in the series in my attic and it was interesting enough for me to want to read the others if I found them againThis is the first in the series and reading back through my review of the other book doesn't have the same flaws I found in that one This one was actually rather believable with deaf teenager Sara reeling from the untimely death of her police officer father in a hit and run accident while she was away at her boarding school Following the funeral Sara and her brother Steve a rookie cop following in his dad's footsteps have to get to know each other again as Sara has been away most of the last couple years and her contact with home the book was from the mid to late 1990s so no social media has been primarily through TTY phone calls with her dad Having lost their mom when Sara was young she refuses to go back to the boarding school for fear of something happening to Steve and instead enrolls in the same private high school that many of her summer friends attend When on a bike ride with 2 of her friends they go past the place Sara's dad was killed which is in a parking lot near a bridge that collapsed a few months ago and killed a bunch of people and Sara's friend Liz suddenly gets upset with her for going there not because of what happened to Sara's dad but because Liz's father was involved in the bridge construction and the collapse has affected their family profoundly The discovery of a note in her dad's study leads Sara to believe that perhaps there's a connection between the bridge collapse and he father's death but Steve strongly forbids her from snooping and investigating on her own and also wants her to distance herself from Liz for reasons he won't explainAlthough a main focal point of the story is Sara's deafness and how she and those around her address her impairment it's only at the very end of the book where it plays a significant role in the storyline I almost feel like Chester focused on it so much in order to give readers a strong taste of what Sara's world is like so that she can spend time developing the suspenseful plots of future books without providing so much background info on Sara That would be my main issue with the book that the plotline involving the bridge collapse and whether Sara's dad's death was connected in some way was a somewhat weak story and there were a lot of coincidental things that happened so that it could be contained nicely in the allotment of pages common to YA books of the time this was before JK Rowling and her massive Harry Potter tomesAll in all a good book I found one other at the sale where I got this one don't know if it's #2 in the series or not just that it's definitely not the one I read earlier in the year I'll read that one eventually and continue to look for the others if I can find them cheap or better yet free at the library

  2. Daleine Daleine says:

    16 year old Sara Howell has just become an orphan and left in the Custody of her brother who has followed in his father’s footsteps and became a police officer Sara is deaf which makes it a little hard as her brother struggles with sign language Their father was killed in a hit and Run accident which remains unsolved Sara wants to find out how her father was kill but she is deaf To make things worse she is being followed

  3. Samantha Samantha says:

    Shadow Point Bridge collapses killing five people and shocking a community The collapse is deemed an accident along with the hit and run which kills police officer Lt Paul Howell But there is something sinister going on in the shadows Paul’s death leaves behind his two kids—Steve and Sara Sara is still a teen and has spent most of her life sheltered in Edgewood School for the Deaf But beneath her lack of hearing is a keen mind and she finds herself being drawn into the mystery of her father’s death as well as the mystery behind the bridge’s collapse However the closer Sara grows to finding the truth the she and her older brother are put at risk Can she find the answers before it’s too late?This book was a little slow but enjoyable Sara is such an interesting character and her older brother is so adorable in his protectiveness I couldn’t help but care about them bothThe beginning was a little confusing as there was a lot of information being thrown at the reader and it was hard to separate the different events Also I feel like the reader was supposed to view the events as separate just like the characters did but considering how closely they were introduced to the reader After that first chapter or two though the two events weren’t so intermixed anyAlso with Sarah’s deafness The book walked a very fine line between hitting the reader over the head with her deafness and with just having it be a part of her life There was maybe once or twice I felt it was a little too much but for the most part the balance was just rightThe level of mystery was just right for a young adult reader—not too hard for them to put the clues together but hard enough it isn’t obviousOverall it was an enjoyable read and I will be picking up the rest of the series

  4. Nat Nat says:

    Sara got on my nerves maybe in one of the other stories she'll be better I didn't like the way it was written I don't understand why the author decided to have Sara sign every thought in her head to herself Hearing people sometimes say things aloud to themselves sometimes they even hold short conversations but they don't say every thought that pops into their head aloud when alone; there's a word for people who do thatcrazy When Sara is alone and has a thought for some reason her fingers start flying people sign to communicate with others but since she's the one thinking the thought it seemed pointless in a bookThe repetitive dialogue also annoyed me Someone will be talking a good paragraph will be written the writer would make it so that Sara didn't follow like the person was either talking too fast or turned away Sara would sign to them that she didn't understand and then they would repeat the entire paragraph over again This happened countless times and is just a bad idea in a book nobody wants to keep reading the same thing over and over This is a book not real life so you have to approach it differently Make Sara understand the first time or only have her not comprehend a couple times at the mostThe story itself grew tedious and at times I wished that Sara would take a long trip under the river; perhaps forever Writer's do need to be creative when they have black characters Keesha and Marcus how tiresome are those names for blacks? Very

  5. Sakura Koneko Sakura Koneko says:

    I'm usually not a fan of mysteries but the premise of this book had me interested I found it very uniue that the author decided to make her 'detective' a deaf teenager It makes the descriptions in the book very interesting and in depth in some way as the character has to see everything instead of hearing it

  6. Ashley P Ashley P says:

    This book was one of my favourites when I was younger and holds up pretty well actually The mystery is in depth and the descriptions of sign language were enough that even with my basic knowledge I knew Kate Chester was getting it rightSara Howell is a well formed character and the plot is uick moving I wish this hadn't gone out of print

  7. Amanda Amanda says:

    An excellent book that shows that just because you have a disability it doesn't mean you can't stop your dreams from coming true A short uick read that has suspense drama and action all rolled into one

  8. Shari Shari says:

    About a deaf girl who lives with her older brother because their parents were killed Older brother in a policeman

  9. Zell Zell says:

    Seeking the undeniable truth of her father's mysterious hit and run accident; Sara Howell becomes her own detective to finding the truth to her father's death

  10. Amanda Amanda says:

    it was a very awesome book i couldnt put it down

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