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How I Know God Answers Prayer ➿ How I Know God Answers Prayer Free ➶ Author Rosalind Goforth – How I Know God Answers Prayer is a moving book a source of encouragement to Christians and a demonstration to the unbelieving world of the reality of God Rosalind and Jonathan Goforth were on the fron How I Know God Answers Prayer is Know God ePUB ´ a moving book a source of encouragement to Christians and a demonstration to the unbelieving world of the reality of God Rosalind and Jonathan Goforth were on the front lines of the Boxer Rebellion in China during How I Epub / and they saw the mighty hand of God respond to their passionate prayers This book describes how God met their needs in times of struggle You will be challenged by Mrs Goforth's testimony of how Almighty God cares for His children when they express their I Know God Epub ´ reliance on Him through prayer.

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  1. Hannah Hannah says:

    A profound little book by a woman who had to learn the trust God in literally everything Rosalind Goforth and her husband were missionaries to China in the early 1900s and this is her story of reliance on God Excellent

  2. Tarissa Tarissa says:

    This vintage book is the testimony of Rosalind Goforth Along with her husband Jonathan as missionaries to China in the late 1800s to early 1900s their lives were often in peril or at least in strange or unreliable predicaments God was Rosalind's constant companion through her faithful prayersthe wonder is not that God can answer prayer but that he does when we so imperfectly meet the conditions clearly laid down in his WordSet up similarly to a diary this book chronicles instances of God's own touch and healing power in the Goforth's ministry Many times throughout the years Rosalind found that it was only when she fully trusted and relied on God's goodness that the unimaginable feat that they so badly needed would come to passThe slogan of this glorious life in Christ is just 'Let go and let God'I personally think this profound little book packs a punch and shares a big message It reminds all Christians of the glory and power God has in our lives if we let HimHow I Know God Answers Prayer is a shining jewel in the midst of other books

  3. Kendall Kendall says:

    Year 1921 pick for 2020 reading challengePicked up this obscure to me anyway little kindle book because I needed to find a book written by a woman in 1921 and this looked the most interesting of the bunch I didn't know anything about Rosalind Goforth before reading this but I learned that she and her husband were Presbyterian missionaries in China in the early 1900s They lived a life of extreme hardship and experienced great tragedy Through it all Rosalind maintained a deep and abiding faith in God and the power of prayer This book is essentially her testimony of prayer There were some absolutely beautiful passages One of my favorites Prayer has been hedged about with too many man made rules I am convinced that God has intended prayer to be as simple and natural and as constant a part of our spiritual life as the intercourse between a child and his parent in the home And as a large part of that intercourse between child and parent is simply asking and receiving just so is it with us and our Heavenly ParentThere were elements of her life and faith that I found extremely relatable especially aspects of missionary life the story of her husband struggling to learn the language and the Chinese people reuesting that his companion teach instead of him because they couldn't understand him was soooo relatable This was written nearly a hundred years ago after her time as a missionary Which was almost exactly 100 years before I spent time in Peru as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Really interesting to see missionary life from the perspective of someone from a different Christian denomination who taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a different country in a completely different time period While there were a few relatable things much of her experience was very very different Her life was in danger on than one occasion And this is where I really struggled with the book she and her husband repeatedly put their children's health in danger in the name of spreading the Gospel and doing the Lord's work I know this book is nearly a century old and people just kind of accepted the fact that some of their kids would probably get smallpox and die but to knowingly go into parts of the world where sanitation was a huge concern as well as living in areas where smallpox dysentery diptheria malaria were rampantyeahhhhNO I lost track of how many of her kids she said got sick and died Her reasoning for most of their deaths is that she resisted taking the kids back to rural China so they ended up dying but once she followed the will of the Lord they didn't get sick as freuently or something like that? I can't remember how it all played out I just remember that she said her husband sort of chastised her and asked her where her faith was when she said she didn't want to leave the safer city in China and take her kids out into the sticks again Maybe I'm just lacking the faith Rosalind had but if my husband asked me to do that after a couple of my kids had already died I'd probably smack him BUT Rosalind Goforth like me also believes in the power of prayer when it comes to finding lost keys so she gets props for thatAlso because I don't want to forget this detail if I ever read this review again some day I read this in a few hours this afternoon because I had to stay home from church to take care of barfing kids So this was my Sunday school lesson for today Ha

  4. Margaret Roberts Margaret Roberts says:

    A mini testimony to the faithfulness and greatness of God Rosalind Goforth missionary to china reflects on how God answered ber prayers over the years From the need of clothing to serious illness God answered and provided and many times in what would be to us miraculous ways

  5. Karla Goforth Abreu Karla Goforth Abreu says:

    This book is a testimony to the power of God in response to sheer faith of a woman Rosalind Goforth persevered in service to God through overwhelming circumstances of life Not only do five of her children die due to illnesses she trusted her Father for the simple and huge needs in her life In an era when most women were often in the background she raises many children endures untold loss works until bone tired and ministers in service and preaching and teaching in China and Canada when on furloughs God provides above and beyond throughout her life This woman comes to a place where she is able to bring a need before God and then leave it there awaiting His answer whether it be yes no or miraculous intervention She is submitted and at peace with God's will Never does she write as a woman who knows all rather she writes humbly and simple This book will put most of us modern Christians to shame while inspiring us to go deeper and let go of the trappings that prevent us from laying all aside for Christ

  6. Stephanie H Stephanie H says:

    Jesus was so close while I was reading this book It's constant reminder of His every present faithfulness made my prayers so sweet as I was reading It is such a strong encouragement to grow in submission to Christ and to trust and witness in the midst of others who may doubt His faithfulness The wholly surrendered we become the we will see His lavish love for us and those around us

  7. Rachel Mayes Allen Rachel Mayes Allen says:

    What a story In the language of a friend speaking to another friend Goforth shares the ways in which God moved in her life as a missionary in China at the turn of the century Though the text does at times feel somewhat dated understandable given its publication date her faith remains timeless and she provides great encouragement to other believers in its writing

  8. brenda morris brenda morris says:

    InspiringThis little book gave me much to think about Reading of the amazing answers to prayer I am convicted and encouraged to pray boldly and confidently in God's power Nothing is impossible with God

  9. Cory Briggs Cory Briggs says:

    I'm glad I read itThe majority of the describes the answered prayers of Rosalind and Jonathon Goforth At times what she shared was powerful and encouraging Other times you wish added details

  10. Kate Sparkman Kate Sparkman says:

    great book of testimonyshe seemed relatable not on any kind of high horse; it was easy to see that she struggled with things just like I doGod cares about the large and the small

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