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Luke's Story ✮ [PDF] ✩ Luke's Story By Tim LaHaye ✻ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins forever changed the world of publishing with their phenomenal Left Behind series which has sold than 65 million copies Now they are teaming up again to bring to life the g Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins forever changed the world of publishing with their phenomenal Left Behind series which has sold than million copies Now they are teaming up again to bring to life the glorious dramatic story of Jesus Christ told through the eyes of the Gospel writers Matthew Mark Luke and John What Left Behind did for the Book of Revelation The Jesus Chronicles will do for the Gospels Luke never met Jesus Unlike the other Gospel writers he never witnessed Jesus perform miracles or heard Him impart the Word that healed the souls of so many No his was a belief built on faith alone like that of believers today And his Gospel filled with the stories of the Lords divinity speaks to the hearts of Christians everywhere In Lukes Story we follow him as he rises from Greek slave to university educated physician Along the way he meets Saul of Tarsus a formidable Hebrew debater who becomes both Lukes role model and greatest competitor Luke is intrigued but skeptical when he hears tales of a man named Jesus who purportedly performs great miracles of healing But the dramatic story of the conversion and redemption of Saul now called Paul and the miraculous healing of one of his own patients by prayer irreversibly changes Lukes spiritual life He pledges himself to Christ and makes the life changing choice to write a Gospel based on years of interviewing believers about their conversions and listening to stories of the Lords life from those who knew Himmost important His mother Mary Luke wrote his Gospel to appeal to women nonbelievers and the disenfranchised The result is scripture rich in the miraculous stories of Jesus that touches people all over the world today.

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  1. Wild Wild says:

    Luke's Story By Faith Alone shows marked improvement in story development by Mssrs La Haye and Jenkins You still have the wonderful Scriptural background that the authors' first book The Story of John was noted for but this time the reader is treated to a detailed and fascinating portrait that is LukeIn this story we learn of Luke's rise from a slave to becoming a physician Ultimately Luke becomes a Christian when receiving his evangelical witness from the Apostle Paul Most importantly we feel the characters are written with greater dimension and come to appreciate why Luke was compelled to write his Gospel with such care and specificityThis book was a pleasant improvement over the first in the series The Jesus Chronicles

  2. Beth Beth says:

    Written by a pastor Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins chair of the Moody Bible Institute these two authors have collaborated on many religious books This one is 3rd in the Jesus Chronicles The beginning third of the book was fun to read though not well written Probably it was conjectured but the story of Luke Bible New Testament Luke and Acts growing up as a slave who was favored by his rich master and therefore taught to read and tutored was a good read The book remains interesting as it moves on to Luke's college period as a medical and stoicism student His college seems a little too similar to today's college experiences Luke a Greek enjoyed a friendship with a Jew until the man who intended to be a Rabbi realized he was not to fraternize with people other than Jews Of course in the conversion to Christianity section of the book they rejoin their friendshipAs the book gets into the period of conversion and writing the gospel and trips in the service of God and friendship with Paul it begins using Luke's gospel as its' words and substitutes preaching for story I got bored and gave up with reading as this part was sufficiently familar I should have known it would be The book ends with Luke's segments of the Bible and Acts

  3. pianogal pianogal says:

    So while this one wasn't a great book I thought it was fine The problem comes bc a few years ago I read Dear and Glorious Physician by Taylor Caldwell also discussing Luke and it was so much better After Caldwell's version this one kind of felt like the Cliff Notes version for kids Good but VERY basic It also kind of bothered me that they modernized it too much I mean thanks for not writing everything in Greek but the other measurements of time and distance could have been appropriateIf you are looking for somewhere to start learning about Luke this one might work If you want something in depth read Caldwell's bookPS Thought it was a little bit of overkill to have the Gospel of Luke and Acts in the book as wellespecially since they covered all the events listed in the first half of the book

  4. Jodi Jodi says:

    This was a book that I had seen several times at the library and finally decided to pick up I waited awhile to actually read it I worried that it would be really boring I did have some trouble reading the book due to the fact it felt like I was reading history books in school I did learn a great deal about Paul Saul and Luke I had no idea that the bible could be written to read like a book I always had trouble figuring out who all the people were and got disctracted by the names of people and places This was a great book for me

  5. Sue Sue says:

    I was really disappointed in the ending of this book The authors did a good job on the story but they did not have a conclusion instead they went right into what must of been a reading of the footnotes which was just reading of historical bible verses The book is listed as non fiction but clearly the story line is a fictional telling of the things Luke said and thought as he was growing up That part of the story was done well but then the authors went into footnotes from bible verses which they got their ideas from and wrote from a historical non fiction standpoint So I felt like they did not finish the story If the footnotes had been left as footnotes to be looked up as desired it would of been great but it left a sour taste in my mouth to be forced to read footnotes to finish the book which I did all three to four hours of the narrator reading them Sorry for the rating but the authors needed to stick to one idea or the other not start with Luke's story and end with Jesus's story Two books would of been better

  6. Lynne Modranski Lynne Modranski says:

    I've enjoyed all the books in this series I always wonder how much is historically true and how much LaHaye and Jenkins used their imagination it's just a curiosity not a judgement on the book The wonderful thing about these being based on real life is the way I kept waiting for events to happen A couple I thought they'd missed but I just had them on the wrong timeline My only disappointment with the series was the stiffness of the dialogue Much of it comes across like it was set in a lite King James England period but since none of it is I wish they'd have used a conversational less formal style I thought Luke's Story was the best dialogue in the series; however I still felt as though the conversation among families and slaves would have been a bit life like All in all a great book and a wonderful series Our book club at church will be discussing this one in ten days so we'll see what they have to say

  7. Baygent Baygent says:

    I really enjoyed this book I love how the authors incorporated so much Scripture into the storytelling It was beautifully done My only problem with the book was the beginning I enjoyed the idea of Luke's upbringing but I wish there had been a prologue to let readers know that the events of Luke's upbringing and his relationship to Theophilus were assumptions or speculations I felt like someone who wasn't educated in the Bible or the events of that time period may take that as factual instead of just possibilities Otherwise it was wonderful I loved imagining such a life for Luke and can't wait to ask him if it were close to that

  8. Allan67 Allan67 says:

    Another book that I read to Diana We can't do much any after her stroke so I read to her to spend time together Diana has always loved to have someone to read to her and I like to do just thatWe were surprised at the assumption that Luke was a slave to Theophilus and that Theophilus as a former owner played such a prominent roll in Luke's story This book is clearly fiction with a bit of the Gospel of Luke and a bit of Acts thrown in for realism Half of the book are the books of Luke and Acts from the Bible If you have read those then the length of this book is approximately halved

  9. Chris Chris says:

    I really did not care for this book It starts out with the premise that Luke was a slave Then goes to be educated and becomes a freeman and physician He becomes friends with Saul during his education and they part in life then he searches out for Saul and becomes part of Saul then Paul's life and writes all the events down in what is now known as Luke and Acts of the Apostles I just couldn't buy into the whole first 13 of the book The only reason I am giving it 3 stars is that the writing is good and concise for the last 12 of the book and included was the book of Luke from the bible

  10. Carrie Daws Carrie Daws says:

    We don't really know much about Luke outside of early traditions and conjecture but I found this perspective an interesting read I've often wondered how he came across Theophilus what they meant to each other how deep their friendship grew The latter half of the book of course relates Luke's researching interviews and life with Paul so it was largely taken from the New Testament It was the first half of the book the part with conjecture and educated guesses that fascinated me

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