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    The brain is an incredibly complex organ, and an equally complex topic of research, but this series of lectures provides a wonderful introduction Dr Norden teaches in a progressive fashion and focuses on particular structures repeatedly to help the student not lose the forest for the trees or the pathways for the neurons, as it were The earlier lectures are somewhat formal and technical, while the later ones examine brain function and neurological disorders on a human or holistic level I ve noticed that wri...

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    This is an excellent introduction to the neurobiology of the human brain below the level of the executive function in the prefrontal cortex Although I learned a great deal that I did not previously know, I expected a discussion of the neurobiological basis of such higher order activities as reason, logic, critical thinking, evaluating evidence, and so forth It is ironic that this neuroscientist, who has based her entire career on the scientific method, is content with saying that the limbic system which appears to be her favorite part of the brain provides emotional support to the executive function Indeed, at one point she even deprecates reason Is she suggesting that the scientific method is ultimately based on emotion It may be that neuroscience is not sufficiently knowledgeable at this time to discuss the prefrontal cortex in any depth and that we must go elsewhere philosophy and...

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    These are the BEST educational DVDs about the brain I thoroughly enjoyed each of them Dr Norden really is an amazing teacher in that she can speak to you clearly, rarely reads from her notes, and teaches with concrete examples I d definitely go through the entire series again.

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    This is an 18 hour course on the Brain and not one minute is wasted It is simply an incredible course taught by an incredible instructor.

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    Incredible course on Neuroscience and the brain I am amazed at how much we know about how this organ works and how much we may never know..

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Understanding the Brain DVDs: The Teaching Company (The Great Courses) Course Lecture Titles1 Historical Underpinnings Of Neuroscience 2 Central Nervous SystemGross Organization 3 Central Nervous SystemInternal Organization 4 Central Nervous SystemSubdivisions 5 CortexLobes And Areas 6 CortexSensory, Motor, And Association Areas 7 Central Nervous SystemDevelopment 8 Central Nervous SystemCellular Organization 9 Pathways And Synapses 10 Neurotransmitters 11 Stroke 12 The Visual SystemThe Eye 13 The Visual SystemThe Cortex 14 The Auditory System 15 The Somatosensory System 16 Agnosias 17 The Motor SystemVoluntary Movement 18 The Motor SystemCoordinated Movement 19 Parkinson S Disease 20 Language 21 The Limbic SystemAnatomy 22 The Limbic SystemBiochemistry 23 Depression 24 The Reward SystemAnatomy 25 The Reward SystemDrugs 26 Brain Plasticity 27 Emotion And Executive Function 28 Processing Of Negative EmotionsFear 29 Music And The Brain 30 Sexual Dimorphism Of The Brain 31 Sleep And Dreaming 32 Consciousness And The Self 33 Alzheimer S Disease 34 Risk Factors For Alzheimer S Disease 35 Wellness And The BrainEffects Of Stress 36 NeuroscienceLooking Back And Looking Ahead