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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 233 pages
  • Hatha Yoga Illustrated
  • Martin Kirk
  • English
  • 02 December 2014
  • 9780736062039

10 thoughts on “Hatha Yoga Illustrated

  1. Gabrielle Gabrielle says:

    Ageing is funny I just turned 35 which is not old and if anything I am very happy to be getting older I’m so much happier healthier and smarter now than I was through my twenties But my body is clearly not as young as it once was I fall asleep at 10pm on Friday nights I can’t have than 3 drinks on a night out and thanks to a recent chronic anemia diagnosis I have to watch what I eat with manic attention I have also noticed that as years pass the things I used to roll my eyes at my dad for are making their way back into my life veggie burgers spirulina and yoga The punk rock apple did not fall that far from the hippie tree after all GroanI’ve mentioned before that my dad has been a yoga teacher for many years when I was a kid I used to do some yoga with him but family drama and puberty happened and I stopped After a recent little health scare everything is fine I decided to have some humble “fine fine dad was right about that” pie and slowly got back into it by working it into my workout routine I used dad’s old copy of “Richard Hittleman’s Yoga 28 Day Exercise Plan” and that went rather well; it was enjoyable and helped me built a daily yoga habit so I decided to keep going“Hatha Yoga Illustrated” is almost a bible for a few serious practitioners I know including my famous ex roommate the lovely Yoga Bunny and I found it to be the most comprehensive and accessible book on the subject I have ever flipped through It’s non denominational so well suited for anyone though there is some adorably uaint New Age philosophy sprinkled gently along the way The first few chapters contain a brief but informative history of the practice and how it evolved into the uber trendy exercise practice in the West and description of the various philosophical schools you’re likely to encounter There’s also useful information about breathing techniues meditation and mudrasThe bulk of the book however is about asanas Divided by types of position the book details each step of the asana or position illustrated with photographs accompanied by clear instructions and a list of important information including mental and physical benefits points of focus and contraindications so that you can do all this safely at home and understand exactly what you are doing The final section includes a few traditional routines to use the asanas in seuence for relaxation or flexibility While I would have enjoyed a few flow options it’s not really hard to flip through the various asanas find the ones that address your specific goals stretching specific regions of the body relieving fatigue improving digestion whatever and create a customized routine of your own based on the information provided The index listing the asanas by English and Sanskrit names is brilliantly laid out and helpfulAs with every yoga book I always scratch my head as to why it doesn’t come in a spiral binding I like to keep the open book on the floor next to my mat so I can use the images as reference but I have a thing against cracking paperback spines I’m sure I’m not the only one But aside from this I loved this book and I suspect it will become a go to resource as I continue to practise yoga at home Even my husband has been using it I’d recommend it for anyone interested in learning new asanas understanding their impact on body and mind and to anyone looking for a good reference book on Hatha Yoga

  2. Danielle Hewitt Danielle Hewitt says:

    This book was part of my yoga teacher training curriculum so I bought it out of necessity than desire However my 2 year old daughter discovered it on my shelf one day and took instant possession of it She absolutely LOVES this book I can only imagine that her fascination comes from the full color photos packed on every page and the fluid seuences at the end of the book She is only a toddler but is happy as can be following along with this yoga book and copying the asanas Under my supervision obviously Anywaythis is a great book for what it is A simple illustrated breakdown of yoga asanas including the variations of each pose and basic background info about it This is not a book about yoga theory philosophy or deepening one's practice beyond Hatha Yoga Nonetheless it would be a beneficial addition to the bookshelves of almost all yogis Its a uality reference manual and general guide to asana It would be especially excellent for future teachers yoga beginners and visual style learners

  3. Tasha Tasha says:

    I used this book for my college yoga class It was easily laid out for first time yoga students Very informative

  4. Brent Brent says:

    this book is a fabulous and useful asana guide

  5. Brandi ;) Brandi ;) says:

    Great photos and explanations of yoga poses Gives modifications too

  6. Alexa Alexa says:

    great for benefits of posesif you want to create a class vinyasa or series for addressing a specific mindbodyspirit focus this book really outlines which poses will benefit you

  7. Connie Connie says:

    Nice reference book good photos and I like the pose modifications etc Well laid out as a uickeasy reference

  8. Angela Stephen Angela Stephen says:

    The only thing better than this book is taking a class with Martin

  9. Adelle Adelle says:

    This book didn't make it onto my list yet because the only pages meant to be read in order are the first 26 pages The rest of the book is a resource of yoga poses So while I have been using the book for a few months already it is finally on my list The authors did a wonderful job of explaining how to hold or move through each pose accompanied by photos showing exactly what the explanations mean I love having the indexes at the back listing the poses by both their English name Sanskrit name And the guide alongside each pose is invaluable explaining counterpose drishti benefits for both mental physical health and any contraindications you might need to be aware of when doing the pose This is one of the best yoga resource books I've come across

  10. Saira Saira says:

    A basic breakdown with step by step illustrations of the major asanas along with the relevant information a teacher needs to know like the mental and physical benefits along with the contraindications I like that modifications are included and how the book is broken down by type of posture This was a part of my teacher training curriculum but I’ll definitely be holding on to it for reference through the years

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