Don't Forget to Write The True Story of an Evacuee and Her

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  1. Jenny L Jenny L says:

    My father and his brother were evacuated during WWII but he never talks about it nor indeed about the war This book is a powerful reminder of what the British people endured throughout six years Their resilience courage and bravery the kindness and humour that was needed to get through it all Be prepared to shed than a few tears as you take this journey back in time with Pam Hobbs as she shares what this war meant to her

  2. Vickie Vickie says:

    I enjoyed this perspective of WWII A true story an angle I hadn't read about before We live such pampered lives compared to the people then I'm not sure that we as a people are capable of the sacrifices that were made during this time

  3. Josie Josie says:

    Audiobook versionAn interesting personal account of evacuation during World War II I loved the cheery nature of this it's written with the innocence and humour of a child's perspective and there were some great stories of Pam's time as an evacuee Although having said that two of the stories that most stuck with me were from after she'd returned to Leigh on Sea such as her mother refusing to run when she heard a doodlebug going overhead and instead would move several spaces up in a ueue for food while other women ran I can just picture my own mother doing the same Or the little boy who found a SEVERED HEAD in bomb wreckage and carried it around in his bag charging ha'penny a view He'd made fourpence ha'penny by the time his mother investigated the stink emanating from his satchel and discovered it Her screams brought the neighbours running convinced she'd discovered a Jerry spy hiding under the stairs It's absolutely horrific to think about but at the same time gallows humour helped get people through the war and I couldn't help laughing half in stunned disbelief if I'm honest A severed headI was just as baffled as Pam was at her being evacuated to Derby four hours by train before war started a day's journey once you had all the changing timetables and stops and petrol rationing etc and yet there were children from the midlands who were evacuated to the Essex countryside 18 miles away from Pam's home It was bizarre Did the government think sending kids a long way somehow made them safer?? Or was that just the impression they were trying to give the parents?

  4. Jane Jane says:

    This was a very interesting insight into the experiences shared by so many children during the war and of their return home Being one of a large family compromising of sisters it was also very interesting to hear about their contributions to the warThis book shows self sacrifice and good spirit in times of great adversity and should be read by anyone wanting further insight into these times The book has lots of touching moments but also some humour I specifically enjoyed the references to Clarabelle the cat

  5. Rochelle Rochelle says:

    I heard about Pam Hobbs while listening to NPR and ran to my computer to order a copy of this book I was right to be excited Hobbs has an easy writing style that makes you feel as if you are sitting down to a cup of tea with her and hearing her story first hand And her story is well worth listening to This book spans the entire story of her family before and after the war and gives a working class view of the war and life in England although Hobbs was educated beyond the aspirations of her class

  6. Mary Mary says:

    True story of a young girl and her sister sent en mass with others from their English village to the safety of the countryside for a few years during WWII While the author downplays some seemingly harsh events such as the kids being taken to various towns and the villagers coming out to pick the kids they wanted to foster primarily useabuse for free labor other events are vividly detailed such as dealing with catty girls at their new schools scrimping to make due with war time rations and deaths of friends and neighbors due to the war

  7. Adasa Adasa says:

    You know i've always read about World War 11 from the perspective of the atrocities committed against the Jewish Nation This is the first time that i have read about what the citizens of the allied countries went through It has been very very informative and eye opening reading this book It gave a genuine insight into the everyday lives of ordinary citizens during the war I enjoyed learning about the characters in this book It touched me A definite must read

  8. Lenore Lenore says:

    Another very interesting look at what happened to children in England during WWII The British government felt children would be safer if evacuated to different areas of the country This would tear families apart and Hobbs chronicles how this affected she and her sister at that time Many of the foster homes were very caring others not so much

  9. Susan Susan says:

    This is a fascinating firsthand account of growing up in England and experiencing evacuation during World War II The book doesn't have the flourishes some accounts might have but the reader does away with an honest un embellished story much as if one were reading diaries of a favorite aunt with a razor sharp memory

  10. Wendy Wendy says:

    I really enjoyed this book Although I have read uite a bit about WW II and heard a lot from my parents and other relatives I hadn't read much about England nor thought about how different kids experiences would be when they were evacuated into random homes throughout the country Eye opening and enjoyable

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Don't Forget to Write The True Story of an Evacuee and Her Family [Read] ➲ Don't Forget to Write The True Story of an Evacuee and Her Family By Pam Hobbs – 'Dad walked determinedly down the path joined by two neighbours with five children between them As we reached the corner of Kent Avenue I looked back for one last wave But Mum had buried her head in h 'Dad to Write The True ePUB ´ walked determinedly down the path joined by to Write Epub µ two neighbours with five children between them As we reached the corner of Kent Avenue I looked back for one last wave But Mum Don't Forget Epub / had buried her head in her pinny and it was a year before I saw her again'In June year old Pam Hobbs and her sister Iris took the long journey from Forget to Write MOBI ☆ their council home in Leigh on Sea to faraway rural DerbyshireLiving away from Mum and Dad for two long years Pam Forget to Write The True Kindle - was moved between four foster homes In some she and Iris found Forget to Write The True Kindle - a second family with babies to look after car rides and picnics and even a pet pig But other billets took a sinister turn as the adults found it easy to exploit the children in their careReturning to Essex things would never be the same again and the war was far from over Making do with rations dodging bombs and helping with the war effort Pam and her family struggled to get byIn Don't Forget to Write with warmth and vivid detail Pam describes a time that was full of overwhelming hardship and devastation; yet also of kindness and humour resilience and courage.