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  • 16 September 2015
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10 thoughts on “Chronicon Saxonicum

  1. Fiona Robson Fiona Robson says:

    I've intended to read this for some time now but the Bernard Cornwell books kind of chivvied me on a bit Why oh why oh why isn't this stuff taught in schools????? It's absolutely fascinating I had no idea William the Conueror was such a tyrant Of course everything about Alfred is fascinating but all of it was so interesting Can feel a letter to Michael Gove coming on

  2. Deborah Pickstone Deborah Pickstone says:

    I will acuire my own copy an indispensable reference for anyone interested in Dark Ages Middle Ages and fascinating to boot

  3. Linda Orvis Linda Orvis says:

    I borrowed a friend's card to the Cal State Fullerton Library to check out three volumes at a time of the 14 volume set The books were kept on one of the top floors and they were old and smelled like moldmmm my favorite book smell I can't believe that now the condensed set can be ordered in paperback It took me several months to read the meticulous writing of ancient monks translated from Old English and I learned so much about how the world was viewed by these scholarly men of the 9th century I was amazed that they wrote of how dragons swept across the sky and left drought and famine in their wake burning fields etc One of the books told of how Jesus while still a child lived in a cave with Joseph and Mary during their escape from Jerusalem Jesus and another child argued and Jesus struck him dead His parents explained how this wasn't a very child of Godish thing to do so Jesus brought him back to life I got a kick out of that one I'm glad I read these books but I was also glad to be done with them

  4. Aubrey Bierwirth Aubrey Bierwirth says:

    I trudged through this for awhile There are things I find incredibly interesting and that are so helpful for contextualization but for just sitting down and reading bits like the lists of bishops' deaths can get a bit frustrating However there are some real jewels in the entries like the fiery dragons in the sky the foundingnaming of towns or the extensive description of medieval torture that stood out to me I like how the king's ancestry is traced at first to Woden then eventually to Adam interesting mixing of religions there I think before reading this it's worth getting a foundation in Anglo Saxon history from modern scholars and also looking things up as you read Whenever something intrigued me or I felt I was having difficulty connecting events it helped to just look them up AlsoI think it goes without saying that this is a must read for Anglo Saxon scholars

  5. Kate Kate says:

    Once you have even a passing knowledge of the Anglo Saxons you'll probably want to read through the Chronicle Whitelock's translation features side by side versions of each manuscript when sources differ

  6. G. Lawrence G. Lawrence says:

    Not the easiest of reads a list of events year by year which can go past too fast; blink and you miss something of huge significance But a truly interesting read

  7. NickM NickM says:

    I hate having to give bad reviews With 4 different versions of the same events to go over in one book you'd think whoever put it together would have put effort into the layout Not so The entire reason this is getting 3 stars is due to this The content is interesting enough to warrant 45 stars However the narrative swaps between various accounts without proper set up or any distinct reasoning behind it You'll get a few years worth of one then a few of another then two years of the third and so on Entries stop mid sentence and continue pages later and while it's all noted as you go it doesn't make it any less of a chore to get throughMaybe this works for academics? I'm not one I read this purely out of interest in the subject matter and unfortunately find myself frustrated at how inaccessible it was

  8. Daniel Callister Daniel Callister says:

    Fascinating review of 1000 years of English history from or less primary contemporary accounts I was particularly intrigued by the super natural observations such as two moons in the sky pools welling up blood comets with tails that changed directions etc

  9. Wendy Fortune Wendy Fortune says:

    This is a very good book with great original source material

  10. Oscar Lilley Oscar Lilley says:

    The intro was as confusing as the chronicles themselves but I enjoyed it immensely

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Chronicon Saxonicum❮Download❯ ➹ Chronicon Saxonicum Author Various – The first continuous national history of any western people in their own language The Anglo Saxon Chronicle traces the history of early England from the migration of the Saxon war lords through Roman The first continuous national history of any western people in their own language The Anglo Saxon Chronicle traces the history of early England from the migration of the Saxon war lords through Roman Britain the onslaught of the Vikings the Norman Conuest and on through the reign of StephenMichael Swanton's translation is the most complete and faithful reading ever published Extensive notes draw on the latest evidence of paleographers archaeologists and textual and social historians to place these annals in the context of current knowledge Fully indexed and complemented by maps and genealogical tables this edition allows ready access to one of the prime sources of English national culture The introduction provides all the information a first time reader could need cutting an easy route through often complicated matters Also includes nine maps.

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