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The Vampire and the Man-eater ❰Download❯ ➺ The Vampire and the Man-eater Author G.A. Hauser – Stock broker Brock Hart's idea of fun was playing at the local gay nightclub every weekend with someone new He imagined the Rules of Relationships didn't apply to him and his best friend thought his n Stock broker Brock Hart's idea of fun and the Kindle Ó was playing at the local gay nightclub every weekend with someone new He imagined the Rules of Relationships didn't apply to him and his best friend thought his nonchalant attitude towards sex was crazy Until one night his playboy image was put to the test Spying Brock in a crowded club Vampire Daniel Wolf sets his sights on the handsome 'man eater' businessman The Vampire PDF/EPUB ² Sparks literally fly between the two and with one bite from the sexy vamp Brock is hooked Never did Brock ever imagine falling for anyone especially not a man from Sixteenth Century England The only problem is he's a vampire Can love conuer all It will be a challenge but one Brock is up for in so many ways.

10 thoughts on “The Vampire and the Man-eater

  1. Alina Alina says:

    Lovely story At first it was a little hard for me to like Daniel he'd had too little personality and too much superiority but I absolutely loved seeing the little flashes of humanity and vulnerability and the full on dread of being human again at the end Really good writing here And I didn't think I'd like Brock that much judging by his previous mentions in the other books But I loved him and how he cares for Eli and his love for fun I don't think it's necessary a bad thing since he's single and doesn't cheat on anyone and his sudden and powerful love for Daniel Complicated and still very sympathetic characterI have to say I don't read vampire books much so I'm not familiar with what's considering norms and standards here but I loved how unpredictable for me the ending was While reading I dreaded Daniel'd turn Brock and I'd hoped against hope that still wouldn't happen So I was so happy things'd turned the other way around I think that was unorthodox and really cool Seeing Brock and Daniel changing places in almost all areas was really funThoroughly enjoyed this book

  2. Lee Lee says:

    The Vampire and the Man eater presents a very different and uniue take on the vampire genre Most of it works uite well and some of itnot so much The characters are likable and don't vary too far from their core identities keeping true to their personalities What didn't work for me was the view spoileroutlandish and over the top sex scenes Coming simply by touch and organisms that last for an hour and the condom filling cum that knows no end it's all just too much hide spoiler

  3. Felicia (Ferishia) Felicia (Ferishia) says:

    This was SO hooky it was funny When the Brock and Daniel have sexmake love those scenes just crack me up I've read it at least twice It's is kinda cute

  4. Jacq ~ Jacq ~ says:

    This was overboard on smexy Not enough plot to hold my attention

  5. Jes Jester Jes Jester says:

    The story was a somewhat uniue take on the whole 'vampire finds love then gets his soul back' I liked it

  6. G.M Cantave G.M Cantave says:

    250 stars

  7. Corazon Corazon says:

    I looked forward to read this book since it was recommended to me At first I really like GA Hauser’s work She always entertains me on a high level About this book well I’m not sure The story had such a great potential that hasn’t been revealed The book contains a lot of sex I don’t have anything against sex on the contrary I love it and each page I can read about But this one has 85 % sex and just 15 % real plot That’s not an adeuate proportionBrock the man eater at begin I didn’t liked him He was such an arrogant jerk During the minimal plot he made a bit of development so he gets a little bit likable at the end Daniel on one side an unusual vampire on the other side a vampire with all the abilities and clichés you will find in several thousand books It was great how the author put the characters together But as I said there was so much potential it’s really sad that she doesn’t make out of it The solution she designed for them both was uite exceptional but it was told on one page It could have been a great book but the characters stay shallow the plot isn’t elaborated and thought through I don’t understand why the author put the plot behind the sex scenes But nonetheless it’s a good erotic novella For readers who set a high value on sex scenes without a great story in the front it will be a very good read Therefore GA Hauser has a good writing style; I give her 25 3 stars for it

  8. Arzu Arzu says:

    35 stars

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