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The Transplanted Gardener ➳ The Transplanted Gardener Read ➻ Author Charles Elliott – Popular Kindle Epub The Transplanted Gardener By Charles Elliott There are many interesting things in this book format Hardcover and others isbn 9781558214170 240 pages and has a text language like En Popular Kindle Epub, The Transplanted Gardener By Charles Elliott There are many interesting things in this book format Hardcover and others isbn pages and has a text language like English.

  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • The Transplanted Gardener
  • Charles Elliott
  • English
  • 22 April 2015
  • 9781558214170

About the Author: Charles Elliott

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10 thoughts on “The Transplanted Gardener

  1. Louise Louise says:

    Another selection of highly readable garden essays ending on a melancholic note lost gardens

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    I am on page 29 of 238 This is one the most delightful light hearted yet insightful and informative reads I have come across Charles Elliott portrays the perfect personality to be the observer and participator outsider as well as insider to world of British gardening and cultureExpecting something entirely different when picking this book up from the shelf of the Gardening section at my local Bargain Books I read the inside front leaf of the dust cover and decided it is a must buyBill Bryson's cover uote One of the most delightful books of any kind I have real all year is perfectly accurate

  3. Joan Mitchell Joan Mitchell says:

    Interesting book lots of gardening history

  4. ^ ^ says:

    My acuisition of this this book second hand of course was largely influenced by the recommendations published on the back cover “One of the most delightful books of any kind I have read all year” Bill Bryson and “a lively pen and detached uizzical and revealing eye I enjoyed every word”Therein lay my error All too soon I discovered that the transplant bears no comparison to the wonderful “The 3000 Mile Garden” by Leslie Land and Roger PhillipsIndeed by the time I had slogged through to the end of “The Transplanted Gardener” my firmly set view was that Mr Elliott must surely have written his text from start to finish whilst comfortably seated in the London Library a renowned scholarly subscription library see ; never straying for so much as a brief stroll in a London Park Each chapter of this book addresses a different aspect of gardening and the plant world; a broad swathe indeed from the use of metal detectors when judging giant vegetables through engineered water gardens to the Himalayan Blue Poppy and much else Select and research a topic write insert some amusing anecdote observation or fact; and there’s another chapter finished done and dustedThe only line which genuinely made me smile came right at the start “There may be some truth in the old gag that you can tell when its summer in England because the rain is warm” p3 Wrong actually; as everyone who enjoyably partied as very many of us did to celebrate The ueen’s Diamond Jubilee will rememberBy page 79 Mr Elliot was assuring me that one mole is capable of relocating 10lb of soil avoirdupois betraying his targeting an older readership in twenty minutes; by comparison based on the bodyweights of mole and of man to one lone coalminer lifting 12 tons coal or soil in an hour I wonder where as late as 1996 he actually found a shovel using British coalminer; and how and where he was able to observe and measure that performing mole Unhelpfully he gives no references; not even to the “Guinness Book of Records” Was it an American mole and a Pennsylvanian minerElliot discusses compost Ah ha; I thought How very English But alerted by a sentence beginning “If I persist dutifully composting leaves grass clippings decayed lettuces eggshells sooner or later the clay will become black and friable”p106 I realised that here this armchair author had utterly betrayed himself Here is a man who has clearly never so much as watched an episode of the long running BBC TV “Gardeners’ World” because he has neither seen heard or read Geoff Hamilton Alan Tichmarsh Monty Don and others regularly remind viewers not to compost eggshells unless well crushed and to compost leaves separately Well rotted aged leaf mould is highly regarded as a valuable prize in its own rightBy page 157 I was seriously uestioning why I had persisted with this book “Stourhead in Devon” advertised cringing deficiency Stourhead justly famed for its magnificent landscapes is geographically located in Wiltshire; buffered from Devon by the hefty presence of both Dorset and Somerset What on earth was this author described on the inside back dustcover as “having been a magazine editor and a senior editor for the American publisher Alfred A Knopf Ltd” trying to achieve At Knopf who said ‘goodbye’ to whoIn conclusion read this book if you enjoy an abnormal compulsion to analyse how promising material could be considerably better written up Or apply yourself to rewarding reading; only being sure to pick up anything of this era published by Viking Penguin with cautionI’m tempted to compost this copy At least that would benefit the foxgloves

  5. Camilla Camilla says:

    I loved this book I bought my copy for 1 at the Denmark public library book sale on the strength of the cover blurb from Bill Bryson One of the most delightful books of any kind I have read all year I like Bill Bryson a lot so I figured I was onto a winner Also I like gardening myself so am always happy to hear about other people's garden stories The book is a collection of essays arranged under three sections Fresh Ground about the author's own garden Gardeners and Other Obsessives what it says on the packet includes Charles Darwin and a cast ha ha of thousands of earthworms and Lost Gardens about various historical aspects of gardening It's lovely light hearted interesting and informative and very reminiscent of Bill Bryson's style And I've just discovered he's written a whole lot of other stuff about gardening big eyes

  6. Kate Kate says:

    From the uestion of why England is so wet or in the view of a dripping American seems to be to an account of the great Charles Darwin's favorite obsession it was earthworms The Transplanted Gardener contains a sparkling set of essays exploring the history practice and eccentricities of gardening in 'the world's greatest potting shed' Englandback coverMuch to my surprise I find that I didn't know much about English gardens and English gardening history I know now that I've read this book

  7. Sandy D. Sandy D. says:

    Non ficture collection of essays orginally published in Horticulture magazine They're great if you like reading about gardening and history and the differences between the US and Great BritainLet's see some of the highlights include an examination of the ways to combat moles stink bombs are popular in the UK formal vs 'natural' garden plans garden theft and how to figure out the age of a hedge

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