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The Mystical Mind How Does The Mind Experience The Sacred What Biological Mechanisms Are Involved In Mystical States And Trances Is There A Neurological Basis For Patterns In Comparative Religions Does Religion Have An Evolutionary Function This Pathbreaking Work By Two Leading Medical Researchers Explores The Neurophysiology Of Religious Experience Building On An Explanation Of The Basic Structure Of The Brain, The Authors Focus On Parts Most Relevant To Human Experience, Emotion, And Cognition On This Basis, They Plot How The Brain Is Involved In Mystical Experiences Successive Chapters Apply This Scheme To Mythmaking, Ritual And Liturgy, Meditation, Near Death Experiences, And Theology Itself Anchored In Such Research, The Authors Also Sketch The Implications Of Their Work For Philosophy, Science, Theology, And The Future Of Religion.

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    This is one of the most enlightening books that I have ever read It s about neurotheology the biological underpinnings of religious experience Just to let you know in advance, Newberg and D Aquili at th...

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    This was a very interesting overview of neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, and how these are observed in mystical experiences.

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    One of the best books I ve read on this subject This is the most intensely focused book resulting from the collaboration between D Aquilli and Newberg.

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    An extremely impressive book, though certainly one of the most maddening things I ve ever read insofar as the authors don t understand basic philosophical distinctions The authors are apparently unaware that they semi coherently assume that both materialism and substance dualism are true, which is compounded by the fact that they also don t understand the metaphysical commitments of either position It s difficult to think of an easy analogy, but maybe something like an engineer explaining how An extremely impressive book, though certainly one...

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    Worship arts influence field.

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