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Communicating Design Developing Web Site Documentation for Design and Planning [Reading] ➼ Communicating Design Developing Web Site Documentation for Design and Planning By Dan M. Brown – Most discussion about Web design seems to focus on the creative process yet turning concept into reality reuires a strong set of deliverablesâthe documentation concept model site maps usability repor Most Developing Web Site Documentation Epub / discussion about Web design seems Developing Web PDF/EPUB À to focus on the creative process yet turning concept into reality reuires a strong set of deliverablesâthe documentation concept model site maps usability reports and that serves as the primary communication tool between designers and customers Here at last is a guide devoted to just that Communicating Design PDF or topic Combining uick tips for improving deliverables with in depth discussions of presentation Design Developing Web Site Documentation ePUB ´ and risk mitigation techniues author Dan Brown shows you how to make the documentation you're reuired to provide into the most efficient communications tool possible He begins with an introductory section about deliverables and their place in the overall process Design Developing Web PDF ´ and then delves into to the different types of deliverables From usability reports to project plans content maps flow charts wireframes site maps and each chapter includes a contents checklist presentation strategy maintenance strategy a description of the development process and the deliverable's impact on the project and.

10 thoughts on “Communicating Design Developing Web Site Documentation for Design and Planning

  1. Kara Kara says:

    I am a freelance information architect sometimes called user experience designer or user interface design who subcontracts to large ad agencies for the design portion of web site creation usually large scale b2b and b2c sites I am fortunate in that I am often exposed to different approaches and uses of design deliverables but unfortunate in that everyone seems to do it a little differently I hoped this book recommended by a colleague in a different state could help standardize my outputsIt's an interesting mix I almost primarily focused on the Site Map Wireframe and Competitive Review sections the bread and butter of what I do for the majority of my projects On one hand I was disappointed that there weren't real examples probably because I'm a visual person and am always curious to see what other IA's do On the other hand I was pleased to see the book acknowledge so many of the problems I encounter on a daily basis I just had a client want to know how many wireframes I was creating in my estimate when I wanted the conversation to be about what processes needed to be created for the site How does the traditional linear structure of site maps translate into today's dynamic sites where content is not neatly tucked away in nice little silos? How do you run an effective wireframe review? For a competitive review do you analyze by feature or competitor? These are all issues I've encountered within the past month and they were all addressed I changed the formatting of my site maps immediately after reading this bookThis is the first book I've encountered that spoke so specifically to the deliverables I produce that part of me wanted even than the book offered I would have liked to see even about collaborating with the development team particularly with the layout and annotating of wireframes Sometimes the book talked about stuff I already knew and sometimes I wanted visual examples and just a little bit of color but this was by far the most specific and comprehensive reference books I have on my shelf currently This may be a lot for the very beginner to digest I've been doing this for 11 years and probably would have benefited the most from this the most about 2 3 years into my career when I had enough real world examples to apply the examples against Still there are points here that I find relevant now I've recommended it to several of my other colleagues so we can all be on the same page when working through design together

  2. Katherine McCauley Katherine McCauley says:

    This guy sure does love mandolins and hate meetings—two opinions I can get on board with Most of this was completely irrelevant to me at this time but fortunately I’m immortal and have unlimited life minutes to expend on reading practical manuals for things I’m not doing Oh wait—what’s that? Really? Oh dear I’m hearing reports that in fact I am going to die one day and that I’m wasting my youth

  3. Jennifer Schooley Jennifer Schooley says:

    Good advice and examples for creating documentation but much of it seemed extraneously wordy

  4. Tami Tami says:

    Very good information But wordy and complex Wonder if use of color would make easier to engage

  5. Jan Jan says:

    This is an essential cookbook on creating and presenting UX deliverables

  6. Natasha Flint Natasha Flint says:

    Great for fundamentals of UX

  7. sethmsparks sethmsparks says:

    Provides really helpful breakdowns of the basics around workflows wireframes conceptual maps and

  8. Audrey Audrey says:

    Excellent book of writing advice I love Writer’s style Highly recommend for other

  9. Trevor Owens Trevor Owens says:

    I first read this book in a Digital History seminar I took a decade ago Just finished re reading it for a Digital History seminar I'm teaching this year It remains a fantastic introduction to the process of creating digital web projects While the technologies for creating web projects has developed significantly this book ages well because it focuses on the process and methods of creating various deliverables in a design process Students often come wanting to make a web site or create some digital resource without realizing all the techniues and methods that can and should go into informing the development of a project Communicating Design continues to be an excellent hand book for thinking through project design and for focusing on what kinds of deliverables need to be produced at what point to get stakeholders on board

  10. Letha Davis Letha Davis says:

    I've had this book in my shelf for years And reference uite often it's general approach hold true over time

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