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Cupidity (Simon Romantic Comedies) [Read] ➸ Cupidity (Simon Romantic Comedies) ➵ Caroline Goode – Dating in high school is like reality TV It can get pretty surrealBetween the strict social ladder geeks' lockers left, jocks' to the right, and silly, pointless rules no handholding, no kissing, no b Dating in high school is like reality TV It can get pretty surrealBetween the strict social ladder geeks' lockers left, jocks' to the right, and silly, pointless rules no handholding, no kissing, no breathing!, high school is the single worst place to find a boyfriend And Laura Sweeney is no exception She hasn't had a date sincewell, everDesperate times call for desperate measures So Laura is calling in the big guns She needs guidance A proven get the guy strategy Luckily she knows exactly the expert to call He's a matchmaking mastermind who actually has the bow and arrow to prove it Let's just call himCupid.

10 thoughts on “Cupidity (Simon Romantic Comedies)

  1. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    i like this book a lot. this is my all time favorite book.
    when u first look at it.... u think that its like a chick flick, when the trith is that ists ot and i think that it makes me laugh out loud. This book is mainily about how there is this one girl and she wants to get with this guy and she wants help with it..then all of a suddden when she has a bad day and thinks that everything in her life is going wrong, she accidentally summons the greek gods for help and then they come down. So one of them come down to help her ... mean while its really a man.... but scince hes a god he makes himself very pretty and makes him all blonde and with long hair and is the most beautiful being. so then the guy that she likes falls in love with her and now its up to the normal girl, laura, to get her dude back and SEND THIS GOD BACK WHERE HE CAME FROM!!

    again i think that this is a very entertaining book to read and i think that it also tells you about all of the greek gods. So when your really into the story and the whole background information, just keep in mind that you are also learning.
    i think that every single person who is into greek gods and myths should read this book!

  2. Ariel Ariel says:

    should i even give 2 stars to this? this book was completely and utterly horrible that i wanted to throw it (and did) several times. i read this book when i got my wisdom teeth out and i was kinda tired of the catherine anderson books.

    first of all, the plot of this book is absurd. really? a girl that wishes upon the greek gods gets cupid disguised as a teenager (a POPULAR teenager, sorry) to become best friends with her and set her up with the hottest guy in school when she's nerd? not happening. this is DEFINITELY cliche beyond means. the book just gets worse.

    THEN, you throw in all the annoying gods and pre-mature writing style (yes, i know this is a young adult book, but come on now) with the completely boring plot, i had to FORCE myself to read this several times. i was literally telling myself that it was almost over and that i could do it.

    by the way, she ends up with NO ONE. so there is absolutely no point to this. yeah.

  3. Laurence R. Laurence R. says:

    Honestly, this was pretty bad. I forced myself to finish it because it’s really short, but I didn’t have fun reading it at all.

  4. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    I snagged this at a local book shop while on vacation at the beach thinking it would be a quick fun beach read. I ended up not getting through this one I thought the premise sounded so fun! Greek gods taking part in modern day high school girls love life....

    The Greek gods in this story are well, odd. They are gods yet they're super old and living in a retirement community. Then there is Cupid who turns into a girl to help the main character out with her love life. At times s/his interaction with students was a bit creepy.

    Laura, the main character, wants to find love and is obsessed with greek mythology. Maybe all the reading Laura has done about mythical characters from the past is why she puts everyone in her school a sort of popularity cast system, and of course Laura is at the bottom. After making a plea to gods for a boyfriend Cupid comes to her aid. I really wanted this romcom to work, but I didn't find it romantic or all that funny.

    I ended up DNF'ing this one it just was not for me.

  5. Geli Geli says:

    Being a fan of Xena and Hercules this book was perfect for me. Though I believe they should have said it was Greek Mythogoly rather than Roman because of the names of the gods and goodess' they choose.

    This book is about a young girl, Laura, who asks Jupiter aka Zeus for a boyfriend. The gods are retired now but they come out of retirement to help her. They get Cupid to disguise himself as a beautiful teenage girl to get to know Laura. But things start going wrong and its up to Laura to get things figured out.

    Its full of silly and crazy happenings. Its very light hearted and entertaining. I really enjoyed reading this one.

  6. Sherina Sherina says:

    This book is amazing!!!
    I've read so many chick lit books with the same themes and plot but with different characters. this book was sooooooo fresh and different! high school and Greek Gods and it was soooo well written that the Greek Gods are actually old now instead of being young and beautiful. and the high school drama which takes place is very entertaining!

  7. Nasty Lady MJ Nasty Lady MJ says:

    I read this one way back in the day when there wasn't any Greek mythology YA retellings (yes, such a tim existed). This one in just horrible. It tries to be wacky and zany by having the gods be retirees that play Bingo and Cupid having a Hot Chick moment. But the comical hijinks weren't comical. And the chemistry between the MCs was pretty much zero. Avoid.

  8. Jessica Jessica says:

    I wanted to read this story very badly. Now I wish I didn't. Annoying main character, annoying characters period, and the stuff with the Roman gods was just boring. It should've been the Greek gods anyway, because the Roman gods are basically the Greek gods with different names.

  9. Sara ♥ Sara ♥ says:

    While this book wasn't really what I was expecting, I quite enjoyed it. But more for the mythology than for the romance... which was minimal at best. I mean, like VERY VERY little happens between the heroine and the guy-who-she-kisses-at-the-end-so-probably-is-the-hero.... But honestly, the book was more like an Annabeth Chase book (Percy Jackson), except without the 4 sequels that would flush the story out. Actually, technically I guess it's more Piper McLean, since the gods are Roman. But whatever.

    So what happens, in a nutshell, is that Laura, future valedictorian who has never had a boyfriend, wishes to Jupiter (Roman version of Zeus) to get a boyfriend. Jupiter, who is ancient and lives in a retirement home in L.A., hears her plea and sends Cupid (because Venus is kinda scary) to fulfill Laura's wish. He (or maybe it was Mercury?) changes Cupid into a totally hot babe for 3 or 4 weeks and he (now she) goes undercover as Cupidity (*eye roll*) at Laura's Ohio High School.

    Cupid(ity) decides to take a couple practice shots and 2 couples go completely gaga over each other, and things go kinda crazy from there... (view spoiler)[Laura accidentally pokes Cupid him/herself and one of her own crushes and Cupid loses his/her memory... (hide spoiler)]

  10. Jack Strunk Jack Strunk says:

    Fairly poorly written. There were points where I laughed from how bad it was, but it was definitely still an enjoyable read. It wasn't so terrible that I didnt want to finish the book, and I think it was the right kind of poorly written for the genre. I think cliche and a little awkward is the perfect mix for these cheesy teen rom-coms. And, despite the awkwardness of the exposition, and the mot particularly well thought out plot, I really enjoyed the dialog, although it could be clunky at times (who am I kidding, all the time) it wasnt especially out of place for the characters, or overall feel of the novel.

    If you're looking for a guilty pleasure read that you can laugh at how bad it is, but still sometimes feel ashamed for laughing at the jokes, this is it.

    Still, probably not worth the read unless you have a lot of downtime like I do.

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