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Colder Than Ice Allison Shaunessy Is A Woman On The Edge As An Archaeologist With The Flinders Museum Of Australasian Exploration, She And Her Team Are Racing Against Time To Secure Funding For An Unprecedented Excavation In Antarctica Despite Her Best Attempts, She Despairs When She Falls Short Of Her Financial Goal.In America, Michela DeGrasse, A Psychologist With The International Space Research Institute, Is Involved With Studying The Interaction Of Humans In Extreme Environments When Michela Learns Of The Possibility Of The Antarctic Research, She Attempts To Join Allison S Expedition But Is Met With Resistance Only The Fact That She Is Able To Provide The Needed Funding Allows Michela To Join The Expedition To Continue Her Studies.Allison And Michela Instantly Clash Regarding The Focus Of The Expedition And Who Should Lead The Team They Settle Into A Grudging Working Relationship That Gradually Deepens Into A Fragile Friendship, But What They Find At The Expedition Site Defies All Expectations With Hardship, Extreme Cold, And Rivalry Standing In Their Way, Will The Two Women See Past Their Own Stubbornness Long Enough To Allow Their Friendship To Develop Any Further

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    Good read well researched,exciting,engaging and a very adventurous story with its believable and at times passionate characters..thriving ending for both leads paperback

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    To be honest, I enjoyed this book but inconsistent characterisations made it difficult at times to read.Allison is a highly strung Australian archaeologist working at the Flinders Museum The world s expert on fictional explorer Erik Finlayson, she wiles away her time at the museum with her slick fianc Rick Michela is an American, and a research shrink studying human re...

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    I was looking forward to this book because of the Antartica story line but i found this book really grated on my nerves Mostly because it feltlike a teenage drama than an adult romance If someone is seriously going to throw a temper tantrum and disappear over a little bit of jealousy then they don t need to be in a relationship There was a lot of misinterpreted actions and miscommunication a...

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    The writing is clunky and I can t bring myself to care about the characters.Not even Antarctica has got me interested enough to continue this.

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