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A Twist of the Wrist Here S Everything You Need To Successfully Improve Your Riding, Novice Or Veteran, Cruiser To Sportbike Rider This Book Contains The Very Foundation Skills For Any Rider Looking Forconfidence When Cornering A Motorcycle Notes And Comments By Eddie Lawson Foreword By Wayne Rainey.

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    I was recommended this book by a friend before I started to ride motorcycles He had said reading it changed the way he rode When I bought my first bike, I decided to read it in hopes of having a good starting point for the base of knowledge A lot of what it said came across as common sense an...

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    For non racers this book does have some helpful tips The points about where to look, what countersteering is, and how to brake were all useful Lots of not so useful material however, too Probably excellent if you are a racer.

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    Some theory to practiceQuite a few insights for any rider Like anything, the theory must be followed through with practice Helped me as a road rider to consider road positioning, speed and braking.

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    I ve known Keith a long time and this book is spot on

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    Two pieces of advice for anybody desiring to ride a motorcycle take a Motorcycle Safety course and read this book.I acquired this book shortly after taking the Motorcycle Safety Program course in Pennsylvania I wasn t interested in road racing or heading out to a track I was looking for things that might be useful in gaining better control over my machine What I found was a witty, entertaining and very helpful book...

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    Having begun riding motorcycles in the Fall of 2007, I found this book to be most helpful I had taken a safety class, so I was familiar with many of the concepts, but it s always nice to read a different perspective The crux of the book is this since the 1960 s, the technology and equipment for motorcycles have improved tremendously tires, brakes, engines, etc perform ...

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    My uncle who taught me to ride told me I had to read this book I can see why that is too I may not be into racing, that s why I chose to ride a dual sport instead plus the roads in my town Anyways, this book teaches you how to fall when it happens because everyone is going to fall at one point or another It teaches you about counter steering, braking, and so muchThe only thing I wish is that I read this befo...

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    This book was a general introduction to the science and practice of race riding Primarily forced on how attention is split and the impact of those choices, most of this is basic but necessary, though likely in itself not...

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    Buku ini memaparkan teknik teknik riding serta tips tips racing di jalan raya dan race track khusus untuk sport bike dan motor balap Wajib punya bwt yg gila balap motor dan safety riding di jalan raya.

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    Decent into to motorcycle racing not general riding skills , albeit dated Doesn t have much technical detail and very high level as compared to, e.g., Going Faster for car racing.