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  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • Ten Little Rabbits
  • Virginia Grossman
  • English
  • 06 May 2015
  • 9780811810579

10 thoughts on “Ten Little Rabbits

  1. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    A nice little counting book with detailed and engaging illustrations of various rabbits depicting a diverse range of Native American tribes The story itself is a tad confusing because it seems like a first all the rabbits are in the same area or perhaps their little scenes are related somehow yet as you read on it becomes clear well to adults familiar with various Native American tribes that they are all distinct The author's note in the back clears up any confusion by describing a bit about each tribe included in the story Young children may or may not like that information read to them but parents and teachers should definitely explain to them after they read the story that the rabbits represent different tribes from different regions

  2. Jesa Rachele Burgoyne Jesa Rachele Burgoyne says:

    Screamathon Bingo suare Wrong number Prompt number in the title

  3. Jannah Jannah says:

    Reading this while white made me think well this is cute but I'm pretty sure this is a reference to the '1 Little 2 Little 3 Little Indians' song which I'm pretty sure isn't okay But it looks like Grossman tried to do her research by writing about the different tribes the illustrations are based on so maybe it's putting something bad into a new better light? And Publisher's Weekly wrote a review saying it features authentic portrayals of activities that Native Americans might have done at one point then I read Debbie Reese's blog post from 10 YEARS AGO here realized maybe not enough research was done Reese points out inaccuracies in at least 1 of the cultures And maybe perpetuating the stereotype from that old song wasn't a great idea The illustrations yes are attractive but objectification of someone else's culture isn't While this is just taking one positive and one negative review as examples I need to keep trying to be as informed as possible when reading about cultures outside of my own

  4. Andréa Andréa says:

    I understand some of the concerns with this book but it was one of the only books I could find in my system that 1 was short enough to read to my 18 month old crowd and 2 covered the topic of Native Americans fairly respectfully I've gone through than 100 Native American picture books in my system in preparation for my storytimes this week and I was only able to come up with 3 in our system including this one that fit those 2 reuirements Hopefully by the next time I do this topic we'll have some even better ones to use

  5. bernadette bernadette says:

    My toddler liked this book a little better than I did The illustrations are very pretty and detailed and I thought it was neat that the rabbits were shown wearing different Native American blankets There is also a section in the back that matches the blankets to the tribes that made the blankets

  6. Library Lady Terri Library Lady Terri says:

    I have a lot of issues with this book Some of the depictions and explanations are factually wrong Even the explanation of the different tribes at the end is deceiving Each tribe has an explanation and then one of the blankets is next to the explanation Until I got to the last tribe description I thought each blanket was representative of the tribe it was next to but when reading the last description I found that the 10 blankets all belong to one tribe the Navajo Something that is uniue to an entire tribe of people is reduced to nothing than a graphic for the two page spreadWe need to continue to demand publishing publishes books written by Ingenious people They deserve an opportunity to share their own story instead of others telling their story

  7. Nancy Walker Nancy Walker says:

    Having Native American children I am always looking for books that avoid the stereotypes but are also relatable I purchased this in 2002 when my youngest was 18 months old hardcover version He loved to look at it He would look through it at least once a day When he didn't have it his older brother would find any excuse to read it to himThe illustrations are vibrant and colorful without being gaudy The book covers the numbers 1 through 10 by featuring rabbits dressed in Native American regalia and doing traditional Native activities The book is both culturally sensitive and educational

  8. Joan Joan says:

    A uniue take on counting books counting one to ten with rabbits dressed in the regalia of various Native American tribes and participating in traditional tribal customs A brief sentence or two on each tribe follows the story providing very basic information about each tribe The simple rhyme is appropriate for young children and the illustrations on each page are colorful encouraging the child to count the rabbits in each scene In addition the portrayal of characters in the story as Native Americans encourages the young child to explore the customs and traditions of another culture in a positive way

  9. Kelly Wickham Kelly Wickham says:

    This is a counting book with amazing vibrant colorful pictures Each rabbit that is added throughout the book has a beautiful patterned southwestern blanket draped over their shoulders that represents a different southwestern American tribe Kids love counting the rabbits on each page until there is a full 10 rabbits at the end At the very back of the book each blanket pattern is explained in relation to their Indian tribe and culture I really like reading this book to small children and my only complaint is that book didn't have very good structural integrity and fell apart and the pages fell out

  10. Chiara Calò Chiara Calò says:

    Lovely counting book based on Native American traditionsThe child will learn to count to ten thanks to the matching text and illustrations while learning about Native AmericansThere is a section at the end of the book describing in a few words the most popular Native American tribesBeing someone who has donated small sums of money to Native Americans for years I find this book a fantastic idea to get children acuainted with these proud peopleFor preschoolers

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Ten Little Rabbits[Read] ➭ Ten Little Rabbits By Virginia Grossman – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Weaving fishing and storytelling are all part of this spirited book that celebrates Native American traditions as it teaches young children to count from one to ten The book's whimsical illustrations Weaving fishing and storytelling are all part of this spirited book that celebrates Native American traditions as it teaches young children to count from one to ten The book's whimsical illustrations reminiscent of Beatrix Potter Ten Little PDF/EPUB or glow with brilliant color and are filled with fascinating detail Each number introduces a facet of traditional Native American culture such as Pueblo corn dances or Navajo weaving and the simple rhyming text is enhanced by a brief afterword on Native American customs Ideal for storytime or bedtime this is a book sure to leave children counting rabbits instead of sheep.