Consultant's Journey: A Professional and Personal Odyssey

Consultant's Journey: A Professional and Personal Odyssey (Mcgraw-Hill Developing Organizations Series) [Download] ➾ Consultant's Journey: A Professional and Personal Odyssey (Mcgraw-Hill Developing Organizations Series) ➹ Roger Harrison – Foreword by Peter Block This autobiography of one of the founders of the organization development OD profession offers a candid and personal view of both Roger Harrison's own development as a consulta Foreword by Peter Block This autobiography A Professional PDF/EPUB À of one of the founders of the organization development OD profession offers a candid and personal view of both Roger Harrison's own development as a consultant and of the growing OD profession from its origins in the s through to the presentHarrison offers an insightful look at his personal and professional life from his years as a rebel associate professor at Yale during the heyday of group dynamics and sensitivity training through the ups and downs of his consultancy Consultant's Journey: eBook ò in the United States and Europe as he struggled with issues of competence arrogance power money and partnership to the impact his deepening spirituality had on his work and life He discusses the practice dilemmas that all OD consultants face and summarizes what he has learned in than thirty five years as a consultantNew and experienced organization development consultants in public private and nonprofit organizations as well as HRD practitioners and adult educators will find this book both an inspiring portrait of a pioneering OD practitioner Journey: A Professional ePUB ´ and a revealing introduction to the consulting life.

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  1. Philippe Philippe says:

    „Consultant’s Journey” is a uniue and precious memoir of a life spent in service of organizations in transformation The book provides an exceptionally authentic insight into the life of a consultant struggling to come to grips with wicked problems in social systems I read the book for the first time almost twenty years ago when I was at the very brink of my own consultancy career Today the story resonates even than it did back then Consultant’s Journey can be read as a set of four intertwined narrative helices There is Roger Harrison’s personal journey from a rather unhappy childhood in California to being a mature but still seeking 65 year old person Harrison tells the story with unflinching sincerity His life’s journey has been a process of acknowledging and grappling with a powerful set of blocks and barriers „an obsession with scarcity security and wealth; a warrior mentality; an excessive reliance on reason; a distrust of others’ motives; a disposition to be manipulative deceitful and sometimes larcenous and a belief that I am unworthy of love” Then there is the thread of an unfolding career in supporting organizational growth transformation and learning Harrison’s early experiences with T groups at National Training Laboratories marked his professional ethos for the rest of his life He cherished the values of self direction and openness that T groups brought about Later in his career sought to remedy some of their undesirable and potentially traumatic implications The author recounts key projects and assignments in settings as diverse as the Peace Corps and large multinational companies with typical honesty sharing the learning from his professional successes and failuresHarrison has always been a reflective practitioner He is a strong conceptual thinker who relentlessly seeks to codify his experiences in models and processes His habit of publishing these insights in a series of papers bundled in a hard to find companion volume „Collected Papers of Roger Harrison” led to a considerable intellectual legacy Consultant’s Journey traces this intellectual development by summarizing the arguments of Harrison’s papers and outlining the features of key models he relied on at various stages of his career Finally the book also provides a early history of the discipline of Organizational Development OD as it emerged through the work of Harrison and his American and European colleagues Towards the end of the book he summarizes a lot of his experiences in a discussion of dilemmas that all OD consultants continually have to deal with for instance the tension between facilitating and participating and working one’s own agenda versus taking on the client’s agenda The value and relevance of these insights for contemporary practice is beyond doubt Harrison’s consultancy practice has been deeply felt and thoroughly reflected upon He forces the reader to examine his or her own experiences as a consultant I found myself to agree very often but not always with his positions At a later stage of his career Harrison’s insights increasingly acuire a spiritual dimension I have sympathy for that but I can imagine that many readers won’t Anyway this will certainly not have been the last time that I perused Harrison’s Consultant’s Journey It’s a book that packs a wealth of wisdom and shares it in a most trusting and humane manner A total contrast with the run of the mill management book A must read for any person that pursues a similar career Also recommend for people who deal with OD consultants on a regular basis

  2. Bruce Bruce says:

    I have been intending to read this book for about fifteen years following a friend's recommendation I got hold of a second hand copy recently and it was well worth the belated purchase In fact I wish I had read it much earlier in my consulting career Roger Harrison's odyssey as has been mentioned in many other reviews parallels the development of OD up to the time of writing in 1995 Whilst many books on OD and management uickly go out of date it is incredible how relevant and indeed prescient much of this book is It is also striking how much of his personal life Harrison is willing to share as he describes his journey as a consultant and as a husband father colleague lover disciple and human being Whilst this level of disclosure may be common now even in some 'professional' books I imagine when 'Consultant's Journey' was published in 1995 it was pretty unusual but entirely consistent with the integrated and self reflective approach to work and life that is Harrison's practice hallmark Harrison's often forensic analysis of his motives ambitions flaws fluctuations in self confidence and achievements is stimulating and reassuringly honest For me reading the book was an emotional rollercoaster as Harrison's disclosures and insights prompted me to recall some of my own consultancy successes failures and occasional disasters and to view them in a new light There is simply so much to stimulate and challenge OD practitioners in this book that it is difficult to know where to start For me the most revelatory aspect of the Consultant's Journey is how many conceptual models in OD and training practice have their roots in Harrison's work He is uick to admit that many of 'his' ideas were not completely original but how many ideas really are original but in my view Harrison's significant contribution to the OD field has been in bringing together thinking from diverse disciplines adding his own insights and then developing practical and useful models and frameworks for others to use In an accompanying book of papers The Collected Papers of Roger Harrison the author uotes Paramhansa Yogananda who is reputed to have said Read for one hour; write for two; meditate for three Harrison goes on to say I believe that all or almost all learning is remembering in the sense of bringing forth what is already latent in us and giving it new forms appropriate in the moment If that is true then a major purpose of reading is to stimulate one's own mental emotional or creative processes One reads to catalyse remembering and a little of the catalyst goes a long way Harrison may not have published much but I will be benefitting from his two book legacy for a long time I only wish I had listened to my friend Liz Goold fifteen years ago

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