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A Chinese Garden of Serenity [Download] ✤ A Chinese Garden of Serenity Author Hong Zicheng – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Ming China 1368 1644 a time of political intrigue and financial upheaval was also a time of astounding accomplishments in art and literature In 1403 when Gutenberg was seven years old the Ming encyclo Ming China a time of Garden of PDF Ë political intrigue and financial upheaval was also a time of astounding accomplishments in art and literature In when Gutenberg was seven years old the Ming encyclopedia Yongle Dadian Yung Lo Ta Tien was begun Completed five years later it comprised volumes And around when Shakespeare finished Henry VI and Edmund A Chinese PDF \ Spenser published The Faerie ueen a hundred years after Columbus discovered the New World an accomplished scholar and philosopher Hong Zicheng retired from public life and settled down to write an informal book a compilation of his thoughts on the essence of life human nature and heaven and earth He wrote other books now lost but this one survived thanks largely Chinese Garden of eBook ✓ to its continuous popularity first in China and later in Japan and Korea His book Caigentan Vegetable Roots Discourse has been studied and cherished for four hundred years A provocative and personal mix of Daoist Buddhist and Confucian understanding these observations are direct and timely Over his life time Hong Zicheng continued the work accomplished across centuries in China integrating Confucian ideals with Daoist and Buddhist thought He leads us through paths as complex absurd and grotesue as life itself.

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  1. Yann Yann says:

    洪自誠 Hong Zicheng est un chinois ayant vécu à la fin du seizième début du dix septième siècle Cet ouvrage 菜根譚 Càigēntán ou propos sur la racine des légumes comprend deux livres contenant chacun plus d'une centaine d'aphorismes Souvent construits sur des parallèles et des changements de points de vue ils expriment le plus souvent la recherche d'un juste milieu entre deux attitudes extrêmes ce ui n'est pas sans rappeler l'esprit de l'éthiue à Nicomaue d'Aristote C'est également un ouvrage emprunt d'un certain syncrétisme puisu'il flirte parfois avec le mysticisme bouddhiue mais navigue sinon entre confucianisme et taoïsme avec une petite préférence pour ce dernier Beaucoup d'injonction au détachement et à la métriopathie Ce n'est pas sans rappeler les anciens romains ui pouvaient tout aussi bien trouver de l'inspiration chez les stoïciens ue chez les les épicuriens Tout ceci pour dire u'on serait bien en peine de réduire cet ensemble de réflexions en un système Pour autant je les ait toutes trouvées respirant les meilleurs sentiments inspirées et élevées Jamais elles ne se laissaient aller au cynisme ou à l'abattement L'appareil critiue est d'excellente ualité et le traducteur explicite très charitablement toutes les notions bien particulières au chinois ue le transport dans la langue de Molière ne peut jamais rendre u'imparfaitement C'était une lecture très inspirante et agréable d'autant ue j'ai toujours eu un faible pour les ouvrage traitant de morale

  2. Steve Steve says:

    The bookhttpswwwgoodreadscombookshow8provides an English translation of another somewhat different edition of the same Chinese text A review may be found at that link This book presents an English prose translation next to the original Chinese

  3. Ivan Ivan says:

    A somewhat too cautious and too pessimistic vision of society which stemmed undoubtably from the uncertain and prolonged perhaps even permanently so difficult times when the secretive Hong Zicheng lived A book of a wise man almost as wise as my maternal grandmother who with her family survived the end of the civil war the Holodomor famine purges forcible scattering of the family and friends total war of the WW2 the postwar reconstruction and the lack of recognition or perspective for her as the child of the 'enemies of the state' death of 2 husbands fall of the country which was supposed to last forever and many smaller mishaps I can tell that the life of Hong Zicheng was at least as trying as hers and his book will perhaps be incomprehensible and even revolting for the majority of the people today

  4. John John says:

    Poetry aims at the descriptionIn common languageOf beautiful sceneryThe sublime is contained in the ordinaryThe hardest in the easiestWhat is self conscious and ulteriorIs far from the truthWhat is mindlessIs near

  5. Yun Rou Yun Rou says:

    This book puts me in the mood to write and to practice Daoist exercises Beyond the content and style there is a cadence a feel to the poetry and aphorisms in this little tome that are a great mood changer for anyone

  6. Ed Marsh Ed Marsh says:

    a tiny bite every daygive me something to think about

  7. Don Don says:

    This Book is jam packed with excellent wisdom a mixture of Confucius teachings and Buddhism it has everything topic wise written during the Ming dynasty it stands the test of time most elouently

  8. Tia Tia says:

    Water which is too pure has no fish

  9. Amanda Amanda says:

    i think i'll reread it tomorrow evening

  10. Michael Michael says:

    Much programming wisdom p

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