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Three People [Reading] ➼ Three People By Pansy – They were unlikely companions the pampered Pliny Hastings solidly brought up Benny Phillips and uneducated street scamp “Tode” Mall not much chance under ordinary circumstances that they would eve They were unlikely companions the pampered Pliny Hastings solidly brought up Benny Phillips and uneducated street scamp “Tode” Mall not much chance under ordinary circumstances that they would ever meet But God's plans are never ordinary and the greatest miracles need only the seed of a tiny prayer to bring them to fruition Thus it was one day in the repulsive rubbish heap of humanity known as “Five Points” that a dying mother showed her ragged neglected boy the only kindness he would ever know from her when she prayed O Lord don't ever let Tode touch a drop of rum And so that one small desperate prayer went forth setting in motion the beginnings of hope—and stirring in little Tode a determination so great that it transformed not only his life but also the lives of the astonishingly different people whom he came to know protect and love Heartwarming stories of faith and love by Grace Livingston Hill's aunt—Isabella Alden Each book is similar in style and tone to Hill's and is set in the late s and early s.

10 thoughts on “Three People

  1. Hannah Hannah says:

    It's not the uickest read in the world and it did take me several months to read it but what an excellent story Tode Mall later Theodore Mallery matures into an excellent Christian hero The story is deep with Christian lessons and will also make you think a lot about the temperance uestion Not a lot of stories feature anything about true Christian friendship so that was another aspect I really enjoyedHighly recommended

  2. Victoria Lynn Victoria Lynn says:

    One of top 5 favorite books in the world Basically a well put temperance lecture of the eraHowever it is so much than that The story of Tode Mall as he makes his way up from the gutter with just one rule No Rum He soon becomes a Christian and the way that changed his life and raised him farther up in the world The story of his strong Christian faith has always been encouraging to me That being said I read it probably 10 times over the years and still find it enjoyable That old adage about a good book being like an old friend That is what it felt like when picking this up to re read recently So please go read this fantabulous piece of period spiritual fiction

  3. Sarah Grace Grzy Sarah Grace Grzy says:

    35 starsHA Somebody anybody please give me a pat on the back for finishing this It took me over two months but hey At least I did it

  4. Victoria Minks Victoria Minks says:

    This was so good At first it was a tiny bit slow talking about babies after all And then you meet Tode as a baby and instantly I was hooked As the story goes on it increasingly gets better TodeTheodore is wonderful I just loved his character The supporting characters are also well done I enjoyed Jim although he is of a background character Pliny is likable despite his bad and weak ways and certainly engaged my empathy There's humor wonderful truths and a little bit of adventure There are a few euphemisms coming from the mouths of bad or unsaved people but I still feel they could have been left out It has a strong temperance theme which I certainly don't mind It's refreshing to hear the truth stated as plainly as it was back then In short I grew and to like the book as I read it and when I finished I was sorry but very satisfied and convinced that it was a great book I'd even like to see it as a movie

  5. Angie Thompson Angie Thompson says:

    Aaarghthis is a hard review to write Pansy is a favorite author but this one isn't one of my favorites of hers Probably not my least favorite and there was a lot that I did like about it but some things still bugged meI think most of her books that I haven't liked as well as the rest have had a very strong temperance theme That's not necessarily a predictor Little Fishers and Their Nets is an absolute favorite but it's definitely a theme I've noticed Why it bugs me so much is something I can't uite figure out; I personally advise and practice total abstinence and I'm in sympathy with a lot of the goals of the temperance reformers I also realize I'm coming at the subject from a totally different post Prohibition perspective I generally don't mind reading temperance lectures in small doses But when it becomes a main theme it starts to bug me uite a bitOne reason that I've come up with is that there's likely to be real tragedy in her temperance themed stories than anywhere else FYI I am not a fan of tragedy At all Even if it's just for one character I also don't like the way anyone who opposes any of the arguments is written they're shown as either hypocritical illogical or just wrong Which makes it hard for me to even sit down and evaluate the arguments because I'm immediately aligned with those people The interpretation of certain Bible passages got pretty strained at times And I don't like the pretty heavy judgment that's handed down on anyone who isn't a supporter of temperance view spoilerFor example Ben's death is seen as a judgment on his father who sells liuor in his grocery store and fought against a certain temperance measure even though there's nothing to indicate that he ever encouraged his son's drinking in any form hide spoiler

  6. Nicole Nicole says:

    I really enjoy reading Isabella Alden's books Each one touches a different area of my walk with the Lord and causes me to reconsider the way I live or think I would recommend her books to anyoneThree People was a very sweet and neat story about three boys who start life on the same day and whose lives are intertwined by amazing circumstances arranged by the hand of God

  7. Lydia Coral Lydia Coral says:

    If I could give this 6 stars I would I found once I started reading it that I just couldn't put it downIt is a wonderful book and one I wish everyone could read

  8. Margaret Boehm Margaret Boehm says:

    loved it

  9. Debbie Sue Debbie Sue says:

    definitely Not as good as a GLH book but it was okay Not to plausable but I would read it again and i would recommend it as long as people understand that it is Not a GLH book no matter how much the cover looks like it yep fooled me at a book sale a year ago

  10. Morgan Morgan says:

    Excellent read Well written with an intriguing story line that keeps your attention and carries a great message

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