Elizabeth & Georgiana: The Duke of Devonshire and His

Elizabeth & Georgiana: The Duke of Devonshire and His Two Duchesses [Epub] ❤ Elizabeth & Georgiana: The Duke of Devonshire and His Two Duchesses ➞ Caroline Chapman – Buyprobolan50.co.uk A tale well worth telling Antonia Fraser author of Marie Antoinette The Journey Oh may I see my beloved friends again for they are dearer still to me than all else in the world She is the kindest dear A tale well worth telling Antonia Fraser author Georgiana: The PDF/EPUB Â of Marie Antoinette The Journey Oh may I see my beloved friends again for they are dearer Elizabeth & MOBI :º still to me than all else in the world She is the kindest dearest best most beloved of friends and he is and must be ever & Georgiana: The PDF/EPUB Â the very soul of my existence I will cease to live in error with him tho' with shame and blushes I confess it one moment passed & Georgiana: The Duke of PDF or in his arms one instant pressed to his heart effaces every sorrow every fear every thought but him From the journals of Lady Elizabeth Foster as uoted in Elizabeth GeorgianaShe was a lonely young woman of noble birth condemned to a life of poverty and disgrace They were one of the wealthiest and most glamorous couples in England When they appeared on her doorstep one day and whisked her into the dazzling and glittering world at the very pinnacle of the British upper class how could she not fall in loveElizabeth Georgiana tells the poignant and provocative true story of what may be the most remarkable and enduring love triangle in history Drawing on hundreds of previously unpublished letters and thousands of journal entries written by Lady Elizabeth Foster this intriguing journey to the heart of passion will shock you delight you and challenge your beliefs about friendship loyalty and the true nature of love.

  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Elizabeth & Georgiana: The Duke of Devonshire and His Two Duchesses
  • Caroline Chapman
  • English
  • 17 March 2015
  • 9780471274957

10 thoughts on “Elizabeth & Georgiana: The Duke of Devonshire and His Two Duchesses

  1. Josephine Josephine says:

    An interesting read about Lady Elizabeth Foster known historically as Bess and her attachment to the Fifth Duke William and Duchess Georgiana of Devonshire The author did a good job filling in details from Bess's personal papers never seen before outside of her family I have to say right here if you have seen the film The Duchess or have read any of the back story about the love triangle she William and Georgiana shared this book deserves your attention if only because it does open Bess's character up in her own words and through the affectionate view her descendant's proffer The jury is still out on whether or not Bess and Georgiana were ever lovers they did however enjoy a most passionate and extraordinary friendship No one could've loved saved or betrayed Georgiana as Bess did In Georgiana's cold complicated marriage to William Bess was like the warmth of the sun on a frosty morning Sadly Bess had needs and desires of her own that her relationship with Georgiana couldn't fill Chiefly she needed William to help her eventually see her sons which Her estranged husband refused to let her visit Bess's ability to manoeuvre her way throughout the Devonshire's confidences support and marriage are wholly uniue amongst mistresses She did this in the comfort of their homes amongst their Kith and kin without prick of conscience Nor did it faze her that Lady Spencer Georgiana's mother despised her and wrote treatise after treatise imploring Georgiana to dispense with Bess The Cavendish family didn't like or trust her either She was bold as a fox in a hen house she made herself necessary to them Therefore she became absolutely resolute and immovable from their lives a true aristocratic marital parasite When William who made a serial career of producing children out of wedlock even while being married to Georgiana he fathered a daughter before his marriage who his young bride was forced to raise and two with her best friend Bess who they smuggled into the household and raised along with his legitimate children by Georgiana but when the longsuffering Georgiana found comfort in the arms of Earl Grey and fell pregnant he callously forced her to give the child up or she would forfeit her right to their children This book is a good read Depending on how much one has read of their history and your personal bias would determine how you process this book To my mind I found it very pro Bess nearly to the point of sainthood I wondered why and came to find that the collaborator on this book is Jane Dormer the great great grandaughter of Bess's second child by William Fifth Duke of Devonshire So it stands to reason she would want some how clear up Bess's long standing reputation as a double crosser and usurper of Georgiana's rightful place in her householdmarriage It's another perspective one heretofore unseen I recommend it because it is another piece of the puzzle It was a fascinating well researched book It's plain to see the affection Bess's posterity hold her in and it must have been something they long wanted to clear up on her personalhistorical account Did it change my overall opinion of Bess Foster? No But I cannot deny she made a way for herself in a time when most in her circumstances would have died in ruin and poverty Her very life health comfort and place in society was all due to the kindness of the Devonshires Women had very little power back then Their chanceschoices were truly limited She could have ended in a convent or worse Not to mention being shunned by polite society Bess had a grit and tenacity many lack I don't say that's always a good thing but her life and times are interesting This is helpful in that it does aid one in trying to sketch out her character She was in my opinion very adroit in her personal interactions and knew where it was at She had her pulse on current events and had a variety of important devoted friends This book has become a valuable addition to my personal library one I shall dip into time and again

  2. Margaret Margaret says:

    I finished Amanda Foreman's excellent biography of Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire with a wish to know about her devoted friend Lady Elizabeth Foster who was also the Duke's lover and his second wife I wondered whether Foreman's clear partiality for Georgiana had led her to paint Bess with a blacker brush than was warranted Therefore I was very pleased to find this book about both Bess and Georgiana; Chapman wrote in collaboration with Jane Dormer a descendant of Bess and with full access to Dormer's family collection of Bess's journals and lettersThough there's still a clear element of the scheming social climber who appeared in Foreman's biography this book does present a well rounded portrait of Bess as a bright curious artistic woman who genuinely loved both Georgiana and her Duke Where Foreman's biography is full of the social and political world the realms are where Georgiana reigned supreme Chapman gives lots of interesting details about other areas in which Bess was concerned notably art literature travel an excellent description of what the Grand Tour was like and archaeology in which Bess was interested in her later years Gaps in the records due to censorship of letters and journals mean that we may never get a full picture of either Bess or Georgiana but Elizabeth and Georgiana makes an excellent companion to Foreman's biography

  3. Lissa Lissa says:

    History as excuse making Bess Foster the subject of this book yes it's ostensibly about the two dutchess of Devonshire but really it's all about Bess Foster She has gone down in history as a manipulating social climber par excellence who got the Devonshires to take her in and support her and her illegitimate children as well as much of the rest of her family While she was best friend of the Dutchess she was regularly nailing the Duke This book unsurprisingly written by one of her descendants does a really bad job of making excuses for it all Not only that but it also manages to take an interesting story and make it dull as all hell Read Amanda Foreman's Georgiana instead

  4. Irina Irina says:

    Elizabeth Foster was neither rich nor beautiful nor even that particularly smart but she had one talent that took care of all the rest she had a real knack for associating herself with the right people Yet to label her an opportunist and schemer would be inaccurate She was a woman who made the most of every opportunity that came her way and really there were not that many for an impoverished woman of a noble birth in the late 18th century Some of the things she did were really slimy like having an affair with her best girlfriend's husband while living off of the couple Yet the two women appear to have had a very strong and genuine friendship relying on one another in times of crisis including the times when the said man deliberately made their lives miserable According to many letters and diary entries Elizabeth was surrounded by friends and admirers everywhere she went along with those who thought her to be calculating grabbing and manipulative She was probably a little bit of everything Georgiana's daughters understandably openly hated her but she deliberately chose to avoid conflict never saying or writing a bad word about them After all where would she go if she were kicked out of the Devonshires' house? Beggars can't be choosersIn some ways she was ahead of her times making physical exercise serious reading THE Edward Gibbon was one of her closest friends and pen pals and traveling an important part of her life She was an excellent mother and her relationship with her children remained warm and affectionate throughout her life You also have to admire the way she kept active both physically and intellectually in her later years After the Duke’s death she retired to Rome and immersed herself in art history archeology and literature supporting artists and entertaining some of the most important people of the day I really enjoyed this biography It's an easy and entertaining read that gives you a glimpse of what life was like for some people in the 18th century Europe

  5. Carol D Carol D says:

    Such a fascinating look into historical lives that comes alive as you read it with a complexity that adds a multitude of shades to the story of the lives told about Very definitely worth reading multiple times

  6. Brett Brett says:

    Obviously I find the people surrounding Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire fascinating They all have the most amazingly over the top stories it was such a soap opera of a time in England anyway But the Devonshire menage a trois definitely tops the weird but apparently acceptable things done by the British aristocracy in the late eighteenth century list Upon meeting Lady Elizabeth Foster an earl's daughter who married far below herself then suffered the further stigma of the marriage breaking up leaving her in the limbo of a married mother with no husband or children the famous Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire met a woman who became so much to her than a best friend She was truly a lifelong companion who shared in the hectic life of Devonshire house; a person that Georgiana loved as a sister if not apparently for the rest of her life It's a thing that we in the modern era find very hard to swallow but while simultaneously filling this urgent need in the life of a very vivacious intelligent if needy woman Lady Elizabeth known to history as Bess was engaging in a lifelong relationship of uite another sort with Georgiana's husband the Duke of Devonshire one which would result in two apparently secret illegitimate children who were yet raised with the rest of the children end with Bess' marriage to the Duke following Georgiana's death A lot has been written about the Devonshires there has been a lot of opinion expressed on her motives whether she was really the true life companion helpmeet of her friend or simply playing along while placing herself in a position to be a long term mistress Most opinions of Bess are not favorable This book written in conjunction with the current holder of Bess' correspondence journals comes across as a strong apologia firm in the belief that the three parties were truly much happier together or less completely aware of the nature of their various relationships Obviously it's impossible to know who is right after all this time from the historical record as it stands I feel confident that the truth is somewhere closer to the middle Still this is a fascinating read adds a layer to our knowledge of this remarkable family friendship that makes it real balanced

  7. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    Absolutely fascinating story of these two womenif you've seen the film 'The Duchess' all I can say is you would be amazed at what they left OUT of the movie Bess Foster was generally villianized by history but I find it better to approach such things with an open mind Would definitely recommend along with the Amanda Foreman book

  8. Rebecca Huston Rebecca Huston says:

    An interesting look at one of history's infamous menage a trois as seen in the film The Duchess Want the real skinny on the story take a look in here for about Lady Elizabeth Foster For the longer review please go here

  9. Julia Lose Julia Lose says:

    I really enjoyed this book I began to feel like I knew Bess an easy enjoyable informative read for those interested in the regency era

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