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High Bonnet A Novel of Epicurean Adventures [Download] ➾ High Bonnet A Novel of Epicurean Adventures By Idwal Jones – Buyprobolan50.co.uk The chef's towering white toue the high bonnet is the mark of achievement to which every young sauce stirrer aspires Idwal Jones's urbane novel follows the young provincial Jean as he attempts to mast The chef's towering white A Novel PDF Ê toue the high bonnet is the mark of achievement to which every young sauce stirrer aspires Idwal Jones's urbane novel follows the young provincial Jean as he attempts to master culinary art at the hands of Paris's most distinguished chefs Jean will win his high bonnet and the royal bearing that accompanies it but not until he's had many outrageous adventures in the kitchen and out High Bonnet is a sly send up of the seething politics High Bonnet PDF or subtle artistry and enslavement to the palate that constitute life behind the kitchen's swinging doors First published in and out of print for than four decades High Bonnet will delight readers of Anthony Bourdain's bestselling Kitchen Confidential or of Ludwig Bemelmans's Hotel Splendide.

10 thoughts on “High Bonnet A Novel of Epicurean Adventures

  1. Kat Kiddles Kat Kiddles says:

    Whittling 8 down to 5I propose that the top 5 uotes from this book are 5 “Into the Rue Mouffetard we entered Its air sparkled with frost under a chill and blue December sky A week of mild heat and nights of plumping rain in Brittany had garnished the stalls with the splendor of early vegetables hampers of endives truffles mushrooms and cress; a plentitude of herbs; and crates of geese so fat that ancient kitcheners leaning on sticks dewdrop on nose and coat collars turned up gazed at them lost in dreams” p93 4 “He served the Montepulciano The aroma of it – a mellow winy tapestry woven patiently by six decades of time in some dark Apennine crypt – filled the room We were not alone History art and religion crowded in with the music of trumpets and gnawing horns” p42 3 “After three or four puffs her opulent forearm like a sack of semiliueous fat looped delicately at the bangled wrist fell; the Baroness was asleep” p8 2 “She dabbed with lumps of bread and pushed them dripping with sauce into her mouth in absorption as if listening to the orchestration of flavors echoing against the soundingboard of her palate” p12and my pick for the No1 uote is 1 “Pierre mixed the salad The romaine and cress he doused with walnut oil chilled to an emulsion turning it with wooden forks so that the bruises showed on the green in dark lines He poured on the souring of wine vinegar and the juice of young grapes seasoned with shallots pepper and salt a sueeze of anchovy and a pinch of mustard At the Faison d’Or the salad was in wedlock with the roast” p24To see what else I thought of the book see the full review at

  2. Molly Molly says:

    Entertaining but rather wordy book I can't remember when I last had to use a dictionary so much while reading a book It has wonderful descriptions of food and restaurant kitchens

  3. Steve Steve says:

    Reads like a memoir this a first person fiction made up of a number of stories regarding a chef's rise through the ranks of classical French restaurants and his eating experiences between the wars Published in 1945 the chef escapes to Spain except they are in the middle of their war and WWII has not started yet ??????Regardless just loved this short book Luckily read on a kindle so with a press of the screen the loaded dictionary can explain what obscure food items are and inform the modern reader who and what some of the classical literary and historical allusions are which dot the textBut it is his lush descriptions of preparation and consumption of food that made me love this book so much And not just high end classic French cooking Often he describes dinners in some low end dive surrounded by working class fellow diners chomping away at their amazing f0od One dinner with the change of a chef does not go so well and an embarrassed host excuses himself and goes back and trashes the place And one of the main characters is a chef from Louisiana now cooking in France Described elsewhere as food porn that is rather an apt description Includes some very loose recipes that are fun to read even if little help in actually preparing the dishes Just a short relaxing read about food in France between the wars a trifle if you will Charming and well worth the little time it takes to read it if you are at all into food

  4. Melanie Jennings Melanie Jennings says:

    Awesome book If you don't like looking up words in the dictionary while reading however skip this one

  5. Susan Susan says:

    Light and frothy and fun Learned what a medlar is

  6. Ron Ron says:

    Really the best of the series edited by Ruth Reichl Well written with a descriptive and exotic vocabulary Great fun and good varied stories

  7. Richard Richard says:

    great descriptions of food Good use of language But really a boring novel

  8. S Cearley S Cearley says:

    Another excellent one from Mr Jones It has plot than I expected a continued string of reuired occurrence The final page was completely unexpected

  9. Neil Ludman Neil Ludman says:

    Poetic and ReverentalSuperb prose coupled with a deep knowledge and reverence for classic French cuisine Highly recommended for the student of cuisine

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