Edible Wild Plants A North American Field Guide eBook

Edible Wild Plants A North American Field Guide ❮Epub❯ ➥ Edible Wild Plants A North American Field Guide ➤ Author Thomas Elias – Buyprobolan50.co.uk “Beautiful color photographs temptingly arranged”— The Library LetterPlanning an outdoor adventure Make sure to consult this information packed and photo filled North American field guide—arra “Beautiful Plants A North American Kindle - color photographs temptingly arranged”— The Library LetterPlanning Plants A PDF/EPUB ë an outdoor adventure Make sure to consult this information packed and photo filled North American field guide—arranged by season and region—before you go Already a huge success in previous editions this must have field guide now features a fresh new cover as well Edible Wild PDF or as nearly color photos and detailed information on than species of edible plants all across North America With all the plants conveniently organized by season enthusiasts will find it very simple to locate Wild Plants A North American PDF/EPUB or and identify their desired ingredients Each entry includes images plus facts on the plant’s habitat physical properties Wild Plants A PDF Î harvesting preparation and poisonous look alikes The introduction contains tempting recipes and there’s a uick reference seasonal key for each plant  .

10 thoughts on “Edible Wild Plants A North American Field Guide

  1. Celia Celia says:

    Growing up I enjoyed a mountain man stage when I all but lived outdoors for months almost obsessively studying My Side of the Mountain and this bookMy siblings thought I was crazy but they would often follow my lead anyway As a result we had the greatest time and learned a lot Some of our favorite adventures included feeding the fish in the creek because our wooden hooks weren't sharp enough to catch them cooking and eating dandelion jelly building a treehouse and making a picnic of the wild treats growing around usDitch the computer games and set your kids loose in the wild with this full color guide

  2. Samantha Samantha says:

    I read this whole book because I own a copy and I was thrilled when I found out it was here This book is full of recipes when to harvest where it grows and even WARNING SOME OF THE EDIBLE PLANTS ON THERE CAN BE MISTAKEN FOR POISONOUS ONES SO BE CAREFUL This book sometimes says there are no poisonous look alikes when there are So use at your own risk But it's still a great book

  3. KA KA says:

    This book is awesome tons of North American plants with their descriptions recipes photos related species poisonous look alikes; and all the plants are arranged seasonally which is a great help here in VT I feel very confident using this book

  4. David Gregg David Gregg says:

    Read this twice when I was in high school along with another book just like it which I also read twice You might be bored by it but I was enthralled

  5. Ross Ross says:

    great writeups on each plant The book organizes the plants by season in which they are found or best harvested Enormously helpful Pictures suck Only one pic per plant and usually at the plant's full maturity which is not necessarily the best time to harvest Some of the pics are even in black and white how does that help? This book is useful so long as you have at least one book for cross reference

  6. Eric Eric says:

    One does not exactly read the book But one big take away you can eat an awful lot of things if you're willing to boil them for 15 25 minutes dumping the water two or three times and then slather them in butter salt and pepper Or you can just cut out the middle man and shake some pepper on salted butter and just eat that But this does at least add roughage Nonetheless there are some good pictures and I'm going to eat a lot of the weeds that plague my gardens That'll teach em

  7. Dinh Hong Dinh Hong says:

    I would give 5 stars if the photos are bigger and all colors and benefits or vitamins minerals of these wild plants They are wild plants so the photos are very important Overall the book is very interesting and useful always in my bag

  8. Bozena Bozena says:

    yeah this is a classic buiying a copy for my brother this helped me cook on a recent camping trip thank you thomas and everyone and ancient knowledge that lets us enjoy this book

  9. Gretchen Gretchen says:

    Excellent resource but Google and my plant identifying app might be of practical use

  10. Kelly Kelly says:

    Decent guild Good information

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