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Destroying Angel Rose Mcuinn Mystery 5 ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Destroying Angel Rose Mcuinn Mystery 5 Author Alanna Knight – The autumn of 1897 began well but within days Rose Mcuinn lost two precious things her fiance Jack Macmerry and her elusive dog Thane Her stubborn refusal to give up her job as Lady Detective cost her The autumn Rose Mcuinn Kindle × of began well but within days Rose Mcuinn lost two precious things her fiance Jack Macmerry and her elusive dog Thane Her stubborn refusal to give up her job as Lady Detective cost her the man whose love she had taken for granted A police sergeant couldn't be expected to have a female sleuth for a wife and so he found comfort in the arms of a accommodating woman And now it seems that Thane's real owners have been foundBut when Rose tries to return the hound to the Staines Destroying Angel Epub / family she is called upon to discover the identity of a blackmailer and thief The family's tragic past colors Rose's search for the truth and plunges her into ever dangerous waters Just whom can she trust in this isolated haven and what type of life will she be returning to when she finally leaves.

About the Author: Alanna Knight

Margaret HopeAlanna Rose Mcuinn Kindle × Knight MBE has published than sixty novels including sixteen in the acclaimed Inspector Faro series and seven featuring his daughter Rose Mcuinn as well as non fiction true crime and several books on Robert Louis Stevenson numerous short stories and two plays since her award winning first book ‘Legend of the Loch’ in A founding member and Honorary President of the Scottish Association of Writers and of the Edinburgh Writer’s Club born and educated on Tyneside she has two sons and two granddaughters and lives in Edinburgh.

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  1. Claudia Claudia says:

    Yes She finally ditched Jack 0 POkay sorry but I liked him less and less at every book P Thane is waaaaaaaaaaay better And Thane is at the centre of this mystery as it is because of him that Rose finds herself at Northumberland and the Staines mansion As always the story is really entertaining lots of twist and turns and even a bewildering suitor all of which make this a fantastic readA little break and then onto the next one

  2. Janine Janine says:

    This novel was the first novel I read from this author and it is a good crime novel with twists and turns everywhere

  3. Sandy Vaughan Sandy Vaughan says:

    Autumn 1897 Rose Mcuinn's stubborn refusal to give up her job as Lady Detective Discretion Guaranteed has cost her the love of her ambitious fiancé Jack Macmerry And now it seems that she is to lose her elusive deerhound Thane as well His rightful owner is Hubert a Royal photographer who lost him while walking on Arthur's Seat three years earlierFor a woman to have an occupation outside the home was not the norm I worked for and with two women doctors one a PhD one a MD who were born early in the 1900s They had to give up much for their very notable careers Imagine what strength it took Rose to commit to her career How can a man of her time tolerate such behavior? To get a glimpse into the time is wonderful And if there is a mystery involved 's the better As a dog lover I can well understand Rose feeling worse about the lose of Thane than the loss of Jack Dogs love unconditionally Men don't And Thane is such a grand dog and companion Hubert has a hidden agenda concerning her role as a crime investigator As the family's tragic history unfolds dark secrets are revealedand a series of suspicious deathsThis is where the book gets really interestingthe mystery It's as twisty as you want a good mystery to be; with characters you want to followOf course I did not read this in order Did I feel I lost anything by jumping in with Book 5 in the series? No Ms Knight has a good book that stand well alone That's my favorite kind of author One who doesn't need to tack a teaser at the end of a book to get you to buy the next edition The narration by Hilary Neville is as good as you want

  4. Meg Griffin Meg Griffin says:

    This was her usual wonderful writing but there's one new thing I hated The narration repeatedly told you the basic outline But little did I know that event was about to happen Don't tell me what's coming That's half the fun And if you do go that direction stick with the one big one at the beginning Don't also give away each chapter I love this series I'm not done yet I very much hope this was a fluke

  5. Deanne Deanne says:

    Rose faces losing both Jack and Thane unsurprisingly she seems upset about the dog Travelling to Northumberland and the Staines mansion with Thane to see a man about a dog Hubert Staines claims to be Thanes real owner but he's a man with alterior motivesRose gets a chance to concentrate on a case without the head patting

  6. Cath Cath says:

    Starting to regret not reading this series in order Once again really enjoyed the insight into life and attitudes in the late 19th century Will try to organise myself to read the rest in order

  7. Kt. Kt. says:

    I read all of this series Easy to follow Like able characters Good setting

  8. Martina Lennon Martina Lennon says:


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