Adventures In Odyssey Passages Series Darien's Rise ePUB

  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Adventures In Odyssey Passages Series Darien's Rise
  • Paul McCusker
  • English
  • 18 January 2016
  • 9781589971677

10 thoughts on “Adventures In Odyssey Passages Series Darien's Rise

  1. Kaitlyn S. Kaitlyn S. says:

    I read this out loud to two little siblings ages 7 and 8 and they enjoyed it than I did to be honest But I did enjoy it nonetheless just not as much as other books I have read This book wasinteresting There was nothing wrong with it I just personally don't enjoy parallel worlds or fantasy lands So the fact that I somewhat enjoyed it is saying a lot The world was well done the story line was intriguing and fast moving and I enjoyed that While I was reading the two who I was originally reading to were uiet and still and each time I had to stop I was greeted with complaints And we had several other siblings listening in if the corrections to my pronunciation of certain names of cities written about were any indication D Apparently it's been made into an audio drama I know of Adventures in Odyssey I've just never heard this particular one and I was making the names complicated than they actually were Th basic premise of the story is a retelling of the biblical account of David and Jonathan and King Saul I enjoyed the way it engaged the little one sin Biblical truth without changing it all around too much It was told so well that the 8 year old recognized it soon into the storyI enjoyed the time spent with the little ones and will most definitely be starting the second one tomorrow if my eager listeners have anything to do with it

  2. E.F.B. E.F.B. says:

    Passages is only one of my most favorite children's Christian Fiction series EVAH I've lost track of how many times I've read these books 3 3 3

  3. Jon Jon says:

    A solid short story Nothing too off the wall but I really loved the dialogue between characters Kept me interested and curious to read the rest of the series

  4. Lisa Lisa says:

    I don't have a lot of experience with Adventures in Odyssey which is loosely tied to this series of books In Darien's Rise the first installment of the Passages series a couple of adults discover and read an old story one of them found in a trunk from an estate sale The story is about two kids who find an old house in the woods and are supernaturally transported to another place and timeWhat's cool about this story is that it's based on a story from the Bible In this case it's based on parts of the life of King DavidI haven't read a lot of middle grade fiction but I really enjoyed this book It is well written and the parallels are not obvious but also not so subtle that you have to have studied the Old Testament in depth to know itThe books are promoted as a fresh look at familiar stories and I would agree with that label I'm looking forward to reading of these

  5. King Haddock King Haddock says:

    This first book in Adventures In Odyssey Passages is definitely the best by a long shot McCusker does an amazing job retelling the story of how David became king while adding much excitement and modern thrill and technologies like trains Actually when I first read the book back in elementary it took me a while to figure out how the story corresponded with the Bible Either way the book is very exciting and enjoyable I did however find it slightly obnoxious how it seems exactly like Narnia and many other children's fantasy books kids wander off and find themselves in a new world

  6. AlixNicolee AlixNicolee says:

    This book is AMAZING I've learned so much from it and like one of my favorite uotes says what's the meaning of a book if you dont read it than once?

  7. Reggie Virus Reggie Virus says:

    Omg I loved this I found this in a little free library and thought why not Glad I picked this up and I can’t wait to read the rest

  8. Amy Amy says:

    To me this book had a distinctly amateur feel which may have been appropriate given that this book was supposedly penned in a composition notebook by children but still had the result of decreasing the believability of the plot All in all entertaining enough but nothing special and a bit amateur

  9. Lisa Blair Lisa Blair says:

    First section of the story was edge of my seat excitement and I really enjoyed it The second section seemed to just fizzle out and kill off people rather than develop them It was disappointing to me as a reader

  10. John John says:

    This was a good book I'm curious how they are going to handle the framing story for the series

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Adventures In Odyssey Passages Series Darien's Rise❮Download❯ ➽ Adventures In Odyssey Passages Series Darien's Rise Author Paul McCusker – What if history repeated itself—with you in it Passages takes ancient stories and retells them from a kid's perspective Loosely based on the popular “Adventures in Odyssey” series Passages books What if history repeated itself—with you Odyssey Passages eBook ✓ in it Passages takes ancient stories and retells them from a kid's perspective Loosely based on the popular “Adventures in Odyssey” series Passages books begin in Odyssey and take you to a fantasy land where belief in God becomes the Adventures In eBook Î adventure of a lifetime Theme God's call; based on the story of David and King Saul The story of a brother and sister from small town Odyssey who find themselves suddenly transported to Marus a world of brilliant color and perilous wars.

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Paul McCusker is a writer of Odyssey Passages eBook ✓ many different kinds of things You may know him from Adventures In Odyssey and Focus On The Family Radio Theatre Or the Father Gilbert Mysteries Or the Augustine Institute audio dramas Brother Francis The Barefoot Saint of Assisi and The Adventures In eBook Î Trials of Saint Patrick Or plays like The First Church of Pete's Garage and Catacombs Or CS Lewis projects like The Chronicle.