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Creation's Heartbeat Following the Reindeer Spirit ❰Reading❯ ➾ Creation's Heartbeat Following the Reindeer Spirit Author Linda Schierse Leonard – Bestselling author of The Wounded Woman and Meeting the Madwoman Jungian analyst Linda Schierse Leonard offers an exciting new way to understand the instinctual energies that affect us in our search f Bestselling author of Following the ePUB ¹ The Wounded Woman and Meeting the Madwoman Jungian analyst Linda Schierse Leonard offers an exciting new way to understand the instinctual energies that affect us in our search for wholeness and healing and in the expression of our creativity Inspired by a dream of a woman who runs with a herd of reindeer she devoted years to the exploration of the reindeer in nature and as an archetype of feminine instinctual energy a living symbol that can inspire both men and women in their spiritual development and an image of Creation's Heartbeat Kindle - hope in the ecological dark times in which we now liveDr Leonard takes readers along on her journeys to Siberia Lapland and Alaska where reindeer and caribou are messengers between heaven and earth bridges between spirit and nature Drawing upon myths dreams stories and films she explores the reindeer's power beauty resilience and vulnerability This archetype leads us to our own inner force that is feminine free spirited and strong yet imbued with a gentle and compassionate heart Chronicling travels across the top of the world and deep into the regions of the soul Heartbeat Following the eBook ☆ Creation's Heartbeat takes us along on a luminous pilgrimage giving us a map of the sacred and nourishing us with unforgettable ideas.

10 thoughts on “Creation's Heartbeat Following the Reindeer Spirit

  1. Alison Alison says:

    The first time I read this book I thought Linda Leonard was losing her mind I had read almost all of her other books and admired her work as a feminist Jungian analyst immensely I re read it last year however and it resonated with meI determined to read it every year around Christmaswinter solstice as inspiration for enduring this time of darknessLinda and her partnersoul mate travelled to various places in the Arctic and gathered stories legends and myths about the reindeer from the native peoples; Sami Even etc She illuminates the way of life of the reindeer themselves; highlighting the birthing journey the female reindeer make over hundreds of miles of frozen tundra Thus the reindeer become another archetypal symbol of the hero's journeyShe also hightlights our disconnectedness from nature as a modern Western civilization ruled by technologyindustry and scientific reductionism and heralds the riches of living in connection with the natural world and her cycles The Buddhists view the reindeer as messengers of the Gods Linda Loenard has added to the meaning and depth of the symbol of reindeer and other antlered animals It's been fun to identify all the different ways the reindeer is represented around the holidays and ponder the deeper symbolism deliverers of gifts messengers in flight and of course Rudolph's heroic journeyIf you believe in the power of archetypes as symbols for healing and are looking for inspiration in a civilization that has become overrun with technology and disconnected from nature then you may like this book

  2. Betty Yoder Betty Yoder says:

    A deeply personal inner journey illustrated by the indigenous people’s of the Arctic who follow the reindeer This is a wealth of information I will read over and over again for it all to soak in

  3. Louise Hewett Louise Hewett says:

    I got a lot out of this book Although not inclined to agree with Jungian thought I have been doing dreamwork most of my life and listening to my otherworldly visions to know that the Deer and Reindeer are very important as a vehicle of nourishing our connectedness to nature I felt a true epiphany at one point during the reading as I had dreamed of wearing antlers and this informed a shift in my own consciousness The love and respect with which this book was written really shines through and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in deer and the symbolic resonance they awaken in humanity

  4. Patricia George Patricia George says:

    I read this book not long after it came out and will always be one of my absolute favourite books It's one of those books that becomes part of your life's journey I lent my copy to a friend who has since passed on I hope wherever he and the copy have found themselves they are following creation's heartbeat still

  5. Mily Mily says:

    I'm looking forward to reading other books by this Jungian AnalystThis one is about her remarkable journey tracking reindeer throughout the world literallyShe is a good writer and very articulate re Jungian psychology If Reindeer had personal meaning to me I would have rated this a 4 or 5 star

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