America, the Owner's Manual: Making Government Work for

America, the Owner's Manual: Making Government Work for You [PDF / Epub] ☁ America, the Owner's Manual: Making Government Work for You Author Bob Graham – Would you teach someone to play basketball using just chalkboard diagrams Or would you get them on the court and have them play In basketball the answer is easy you do both So why teach politics only Owner's Manual: eBook ´ Would you teach someone to play basketball using just chalkboard diagrams Or would you get them on the court and have them play In basketball the answer is easy you do both the Owner's Manual: Making Government Epub / So why teach politics only as a spectator sport Senator Bob Graham believes that students should expand on America, the Kindle - their classroom learning about the political system he spurs them to hit the court and actually play the game If students work on an issue they care about politics will become a meaningful and positive experience This short how to guide takes students out of theoretical discussions of policy and into the Owner's Manual: PDF/EPUB é a world where they can affect change Graham's goal is to have students identify a problem and then walk them through each step from researching the issue to getting others involved to engaging the media Each chapter starts with a real case showing citizens tackling a step in the process and the Owner's Manual: Making Government Epub / ends with a summary checklist and a series of uestions that help students put Graham’s game plan in action By offering students concrete guidance an array of resources and advice for troubleshooting and overcoming barriers this compact user's guide gets students way beyond textbook learning This book is the culmination of his efforts that began after a year in the state legislature than years ago when Senator Graham took on the challenge of civic education at one school in Jacksonville His time as both a governor and a senator has only strengthened his resolve to piue students' curiosity about politics and teach them to get what they want from government.

  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • America, the Owner's Manual: Making Government Work for You
  • Bob Graham
  • English
  • 23 May 2014
  • 9781604264760

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10 thoughts on “America, the Owner's Manual: Making Government Work for You

  1. Ben Pasqualitti Ben Pasqualitti says:

    I read America the Owner's Manual Making Government work for You by Daniel Robert Graham There are ten chapters ad each one starts with a real life chase description of a variety of views and conflicting interests Through each case the author Daniel Graham explains one how citizens can effectively participate in their government He demonstrates how to use available resources to resolve some of the issues faced in the society I liked this book because there were a lot of anecdotes and success stories It was a spin on the governmental system and I found it uite fascinating However it was a bit boring at times There were certain chapters in this book that unfortunately put me to sleep I would recommend this book to anyone because I believe everyone should get involved with governmental issues and that everyone should be knowledgeable on all that happens in the world

  2. David David says:

    Graham unwisely attempts to distill civic participation into a step by step process He doesn't help explain how to make a difference and even worse he doesn't even try to explain the value of trying The text is replete with dull case studies that fail to convey a cohesive message or teach principles of representational government I walked away without feeling like I gained anything from this book For Florida's sake I hope Graham was a better Senator than he is author

  3. Warnie Pritchett Warnie Pritchett says:

    Each chapter provides great insight and information about the various aspects of how to make the political system work for you With that said however the book is good as a solo read but it's clearly designed as a companion book for a hands on college level classroom

  4. Andrew Jensen Andrew Jensen says:

    Just to get the hang of politics a good brief read Lots of anecdotes and success stories A bit boring at times however It makes me feel like I am a college freshmanbad

  5. Rei Rei says:

    I picked this instructional guide to citizen engagement up at the last Florida Democratic State Convention where the author former Governor Bob Graham was a speaker I bought it and another book by the former Florida Governor motivated primarily by the novelty of getting it signed However when I sat down cracked open the small paperback guide and began to read I was uite pleasedI’ve read other how to guides on citizen engagement running campaigns and the like but this is the first one that’s kept me genuinely interested Each chapter starts with a real life example of the principals about to be explained which provides some interesting reading to break up the textbook monotony of suggestions and statistics common in these types of guides and helps to drive home the importance of the concepts about to be presentedGraham asks the reader early in the book to pick an issue in their community they would like to solve At the end of every chapter he offers an exercise that uses the chapter’s information to further the readers progress in solving their issues This structured hands on approach came from the former state legislator’s experience helping teach civics at a Florida school a challenge he accepted from a teacher after he criticized civics education in his stateThe book covers chapter by chapter all the most important aspects of civic engagement; from proper research to engaging the press building coalitions and raising moneyHe pays particular attention early on to understanding your government and which agencies or politicians can actually address your issue He tells a story of a group of teenagers who came to him with a complaint about the uality of the school’s pizza at lunch They had asked everyone for help except the school administration that could actually make the changes they asked As someone who’s listened to countless citizens speak at public meetings about issues completely unrelated to the people they’re addressing I’m happy to see this spelled out so clearly and with such emphasisI recommend this book highly to anyone interested in being engaged with their government Whether you’re new to the world of civics and activism or a political veteran looking to refocus on the basics I recommend this book It’s an easy read and the real life examples keep things interesting The information it provides is invaluable to navigating the complex and often confusing world of government and public opinion

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