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Larry Gets Lost in Seattle [PDF / Epub] ☄ Larry Gets Lost in Seattle By John Skewes – Larry Gets Lost in Seattle is an interactive highly visual children’s story about a young boy Pete who goes to Seattle with his family and is temporarily separated from his cute little dog Larry whi Larry Gets Lost Lost in PDF ✓ in Seattle is an interactive highly visual children’s story about a young boy Pete who goes to Seattle with his family and is temporarily separated from his cute little dog Larry while sightseeing In his search for Pete Larry encounters many Seattle landmarks and cultural attractions before the two are reunited.

10 thoughts on “Larry Gets Lost in Seattle

  1. Amy Amy says:

    Wow I need to get out I never knew all this stuff was in Seattle The Space Needle Pike Place Market EMP sure But There's a troll under the Aurora Bridge in Freemont? And he's holding a real car? COOL I've never seen the Hammering Man and had no idea that he took Labor Day off And what is this sculpture on the cover of this book?The kids really enjoyed this book and clearly I did too It was fun to read it was educational and it may just induce me to let my husband have a vacation from my complaining when he and I walk for what seems like miles around Seattle Close my mouth and open my eyes and maybe I can see the neat stuff Larry saw

  2. Teresa Bateman Teresa Bateman says:

    Clear lines and splashes of color follow Larry the dog as he gets separated from his owner and explores the city of Seattle He sees all the local landmarks Pike Place Market the Space Needle Pioneer Suare and Fortunately he is reunited with his boy and all ends well The idea is cute and well executed The problem? the book was published in 2007 and is now outdated The viaduct is coming down The Space Needle is being revamped The waterfront has changed considerably The EMP is now known as the Museum of Pop Culture This is a cute book but desperately needs updating

  3. Jo Quenell Jo Quenell says:

    This isnot my usual read But I told myself I would review every book I read this year and I did read this while writing a first grade less plan On a 'basic academics' level this is a fun tool that can be used to help teach phonemic awareness and sentence comprehensionFor students who call Seattle home it's a great way to connect with their city It also included lesson plan ideas in the back

  4. Jessica Jessica says:

    Loved this book It is perfect for children that are about to go visit Seattle Seattle is my favorite city and I can not wait to take my two boys there This was the perfect book to introduce the wonderful city to them

  5. Ashley Adams Ashley Adams says:

    Larry and Pete explore notable landmarks as they venture the city of Seattle in their uest to reunite A cute tail for children and lovers of the Pacific Northwest but not the strongest in the Larry Gets Lost series

  6. Ashley Salisbury Ashley Salisbury says:

    I loved this book It was fun seeing all the historical monuments of Seattle while at the same time hoping the boy and his dog get back together in the end Very delightful

  7. JD JD says:

    Great story and illustrations I love that kids can learn about Seattle landmarks

  8. Brooke Brooke says:

    My daughter loves these books Especially if it's a town we've been to so we can see stuff we've already been to or seen before Also it's always fun to read books that rhyme

  9. Grace Thurman Grace Thurman says:

    Larry the dog is lost in Seattle Larry walked around to different places such as Centri link Field Pike’s market Space Needle to find Pete

  10. Carrie Carrie says:

    Cute book for kids about Seattle

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