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The Goatnappers [Ebook] ➦ The Goatnappers By Rosa Jordan – Justin struggles with conflicting choices and important decisions about family loyalty and responsibility as he decides what his path in life will beJustin Martin is almost fifteen and up until now hi Justin struggles with conflicting choices and important decisions about family loyalty and responsibility as he decides what his path in life will beJustin Martin is almost fifteen and up until now his life has seemed woefully predictable barely getting by in school taking the bus home to do his chores around their small farm bickering with his younger brother and sister His mom has to work nonstop to make ends meetThen when Justin becomes the first freshman to make the high school's varsity baseball team he's convinced his problems are all behind him All he needs now is a little money for a bicycle to ride home from baseball practice To earn the money for the bike Justin sells Little Billy one of the family's beloved baby goats But Justin's siblings find out that the new owner is horribly mistreating Little Billy Then when a red sports car appears in the Martin's driveway one afternoon is it bringing emotional upheaval for the entire family the tempting lure of adventure or bothAuthor Rosa Jordan's memorable well drawn characters are woven together into a web of complex relationships marked by the challenges of figuring out what is right and wrong and the confusion of divided loyalties The result is a richly textured portrait of small town life and a struggling family that will intrigue and satisfy readers.

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  1. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadToocomFreshman Justin Martin is pretty sure all of his problems in life are about to be over He's just been made the youngest varsity baseball player in almost two decades he found a bike to take him home after practice and all he needs to do to make everything complete is to sell Little Billy one of the family's pet goats He even finds someone to buy Little Billy for exactly the right price Justin's life is golden Until Justin and his siblings find out that Little Billy's new owner is mistreating him If they leave him they'll all feel horrible and guilty forever If they try to buy him back Justin loses his bike and his spot on the baseball team If they steal him There just doesn't seem to be a good solution Just when it looks pretty bad Justin's long absent father appears and things get much worse Now everyone in the family is thrown into an emotional mess If Justin doesn't figure it all out uick and get his head back in the game he may just lose his spot on the baseball team anyway Not to mention the respect of his family and himself Justin's life may not be something you recognize or it may be a lot like yours Either way the decisions he has to make are a lot like the ones everyone deals with How will you deal with injustice? Do you give someone who hurt you a chance to explain? Do you let them back in and risk them hurting you again? How far will you go to get what you want? This book is about deciding right and wrong for yourself It's about choosing what kind of person you're going to be and defining your place in the world These aren't easy things to decide but I think Justin sets a good honest example

  2. Elizabeth F Elizabeth F says:

    Less intense with a plot centered on Justin in this seuel to Lost Goat Lane Nice twists to the story lines involving the kids and their animals at the endThere must be such a thing as a Spread Factor he thought with a grim smile It would explain how something say a glass of milkcould be an exact measurable amount but if you spilled it it spread out in a way that made it seem a lot bigger The Spread Factor would also explain why Mom always started off working a certain number of hours at her jobs then gradually added and hours until neither of she nor they knew exactly when she would get home And it could also explain why the Justin tried to catch up in math the he kept running into things that he didn't understand Most of all the Spread Factor would explain how his problems which could be listed on half a single page of unlined of lined notepaper once they got out kept spreading like spilled milk all over the neighborhoodThat's when Justin realized three things One everybody has problems Two the worst problems are the ones where nothing you do will make any difference And three he was lucky that his problems were the kind he could do something about

  3. Missy Missy says:

    Another funny adventurous novel discussing challenging ideas like divorce job loss peer pressure our attitude in the face of controversy and even animal abuse How each issue is dealt with is real and transparent

  4. I EAT I EAT says:

    Cute novel I read the first one book back when I was in grade five I am now in grade eight

  5. Kim Maddin Kim Maddin says:

    Did this one for a Guys grade 7 8 book club

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