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Lost Goat Lane ➸ [Read] ➳ Lost Goat Lane By Rosa Jordan ➽ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk For Kate being one of three kids in a family that's always broke means feeling ashamed and isolated especially at school where her classmates tease her constantly Things can't get much worse at home H For Kate being one of three kids in a family that's always broke means feeling ashamed and isolated especially at school where her classmates tease her constantly Things can't get much worse at home Her mother works long hours to make the mortgage payments on their tiny farm Her older brother Justin talks about running away and her younger brother Chip has a way of getting into trouble when Kate is supposed to be minding him Lost Goat PDF/EPUB ² Now Kate faces a long hot boring Florida summer with no friends and nothing to do but chores The day Kate's goat Sugar runs away things start to get interesting and a lot complicated She and her brothers meet the Wilsons a tight knit African American family Kate is drawn to Ruby the Wilsons' glamorous grown daughter who has returned home from New York City Ruby hasn't got much time for white trash but the two eventually form an unlikely bond as partners in Ruby's fledgling candy business And as Kate begins to spend time with Ruby she awakens to the undercurrents of prejudice that run through their small town.

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  1. Renee Renee says:

    35 Seven year old Chip 13 year old Kate and 14 year old Justin live with their mother Times are tough though and even their mom works long hours at a dairy there is a chance they will loose their house Kate worries as her older brother starts to distance himself from the family and Chip is obsessed with watching the alligators near their house Kate tracks down her lost goat Sugar at their neighbor's house the Wilsons Kate finds respite when she visits her neighbors The Wilsons have an adult daughter Ruby who is larger than life and she and Kate decide to start a chocolate candy business But racism rears its head in town and at home Then Ruby looks like she will let Kate down A story about family friendship and racism

  2. Asia Asia says:

    Kate is a white farm girl who lives with her two brothers and her mom After their dad left them the family's been going through tough times Her mom can never get a day off work Justin the older brother constantly threatens to leave the family and her younger brother Chip can't seem to stay away from the canal with the alligators When Sugar Kate's goat runs away she meets Ruby the grown daughter of their African American neighbors They didn't really get good first impressions of each other but what could happen if they became friends?I chose this book because of the title It seemed pretty silly to me so I chose read it This book also stood out because of the interesting coverWhen in the middle of this book I got much than silly things and so it really intrigued me So I continued to read itI would recommend this book to Claudia I think she would enjoy this book because she reminds me of Kate's personality

  3. Andrew Andrew says:

    Now I am happy with this book There's a happy ending how I like a book to end Kate and her family now enjoy Christmas and they finally get together with the Wilsons A baby goat as a present; how surprising Kate is once again partners with Ruby after their breakup and now hoping to sell clothesI personally thought this book was awesome and one of my all time favourites I would recommend this to early teenagers and specificlly Tyler if he hasen't read this yet My favourite uote I was thinking about how people prejudge other people That's the same as prejudice right? Considering the society today prejudging occurs very often Even me prejudging a bookEdit Oops forgot that it's Kate not Katie

  4. kanzash kanzash says:

    I really liked this book I read it first in the fifth grade and at that time it was an interesting read but only until now do I understand the important underlying message within the book It was exciting to read and very well written I enjoyed it a lot because it sends good messages and is kept exciting at the same time That's always something I look for in a good book To be fun to read but deliver important messages at the same time I still remember some significant parts five years later so it was a memorable oneRecommended for everyone and anyone It's definitely a worthwhile read Underrated for sure

  5. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    This is a wonderful book that I think will be perfect for a mother daughter book group It has important issues about predjudices and racism and even one small bit about sexual harrasment I think this book is a wonderful way for the young girls and their mothers to discuss these issues in a way they can understand Overall an excellent read filled to the brim with important life lessons for young readers As for me I'm an adult and I loved every minute of it

  6. Mercedes Shepherd Mercedes Shepherd says:

    This book was interesting and kept getting better the I read it I like the characters and I thought they were developed really well It seems like the author wanted to write on the subject of prejudice by using a bunch of characters that can be prejudged and discriminated against in various ways The racial tensions in this book were a little cringy however But I like the moral and thought this book was written okay

  7. Nayab Nayab says:

    This book was so good I couldn't put it down It was that amazing of a book for me It only took me a week to finish the book It's almost as if the book was tunred into a movie right before your eyes It's breath taking utterly breath taking

  8. Lupemellan Lupemellan says:

    This book has a lot of life lessons in it and it also has good humor a little bit of suspense and adventure It's an excellent book

  9. Jayla Jayla says:

    I found this book in the basement and decided to give it a try It's pretty good

  10. Nika Nika says:

    An Awesome book This is really amusing and fun to read

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