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  1. Patrick Patrick says:

    In my opinion this is the book where Pratchett really hits his stride in terms of the city watch books The characters are established the setting is solid and Pratchett is solidly in control of his craft hereAs I said before or at least meant to say the second book about the city watch was twice as good as the first Similarly this book is twice as good as the second one Putting it solidly in the familiar A uality book that comprises easily half of Pratchett's workOf personal interest to me is the introduction of the Golem into the Discworld In previous books Pratchett has talked about issues of discrimination but the Golems allow him to broaden the subject into a much larger discussion along the lines of What makes a person a person? and perhaps importantly What sort of person should a person be? It's also interesting to note the appearance of Buggy Suires who is called a Gnome But for those who have read the entire series he's obviously a precursor to the Nac Mac Feagles that eventually appear in the Tiffany aching booksAs an author it's cool for me to see how that concept peeked its head up in Pratchett's work almost 10 years before it became fully realized in a much later book Is this book worth your time? Yes A thousand times yes

  2. Mario the lone bookwolf Mario the lone bookwolf says:

    Golem slavery surrounding a conspiracy investigated by special City Watch forensic experts while a silent revolution takes placeGolems Hephaistos´ machines and similar mythological stuff are examples of ancient storytellers dealing with the always current „They are stealing our jobs“ problem Depending on genre preference it can be seen as a fantastic ability to give life to dead objects an alien ability to give technology to primitive humans or be welcomed as the option that humans already had sophisticated technology but ruined everything But to stay on Earth one may prefer the boring option that human creativity thought up much of the nano robot and technical revolution before there even was a smallest piece of modern technology available to degenerate withIndirect subtle slavery cemented with the argument that the victims are too primitive to understand their mistreatment and exploitation is nothing classical not dark fantasy uses to deal with in detail Especially view spoiler the messianic golem leader created by 12 golems with a head filled with good friendly instructions that are overlayed by the evil conspirator´s orders to kill Vetinari which stresses the king golem so much that he turns mad hide spoiler

  3. Joan Opyr Joan Opyr says:

    What interests me most about Terry Pratchett is that he explores with great subtlety and wit issues that other fantasy and speculative writers only pay lip service to racism sexism identity politics Pratchett's hero Sam Vimes dislikes everyone Dwarves trolls werewolves gnomes and most especially vampires He is an eual opportunity curmudgeon but his dislikes with the exception of vampires are not based on the identity of the other as much as they are on the identity of Sam Vimes He is as he says repeatedly a bastard He has no faith in the goodness of humankind He loves his wife he loves his son and he loves honesty He is as unsparing in his assessment of himself as he is aware of the faults of the world around himAnd if this sounds like a dry assessment then I have done Terry Pratchett a great disservice He's one of the best writers out there consistently smart and funny and if you're feeling low if the idea of a McCain Palin administration has you breaking out in a cold sweat then there is nothing comforting than reading a book like Feet of Clay Somehow Sam Vimes' sour take on his Discworld makes me feel a bit better about our EarthAnd that my friends is the genius of comedy

  4. Lyn Lyn says:

    This may be the funniest Discworld novelAnd definitely one of the bestTerry Pratchett ever the clever turn of phrase artist is here in rare form This is literally chock full of puns clichés similes metaphors and enough droll word play to make Nabokov choke a chicken His easy almost swaggering virtuosity makes this a fun read; I was literally reading the story but waiting for and expecting his next verbal tickleIt is as though when he got to this one his 19th Discworld novel first published in 1996 he had hit his stride and was making it look easyCaptain Carrot Sir Samuel and the members of the City Watch are investigating a murder mystery Lord Vetinari gets mysteriously attacked there is a strange Golem uprising and Nobby Nobbs is getting some very unexpected attention And Foul Old Ron takes a bathJust kiddingBesides the gigglingly good word play and the Ankh Morpork action Sir Terry explores themes of monarchy leadership gender roles and what it means to be aliveIf you’ve been thinking about getting started reading the Discworld yes you should this would not be a bad start

  5. Adrian Adrian says:

    More tomorrow 😀😀So where do I start with this novel easy answer is to read any of my reviews for previous Sir Terry Pratchett Discworld novels Seriously Sir Terry manages to maintain an unbelievable standard of humour and writing whilst developing a theme that lasts for over 40 books i think A cast of ever increasing characters that return in different settings and in their own booksIn this book we are back very firmly in Ankh Morpork and focussed one on the Watch led by Commander Sir Samuel Vimes Everything seems to be happening at once two unrelated people are murdered Lord Vetinari is poisoned and Vimes desparetly wants a drink Corporal Nobbs is buttered up by the leaders of Ankh Morpork society Captain Carrot wants to show his Friend Angua a dwarf Bread museum and with crime on the increase new people are joining the Watch every day; werewolves lady dwarves experimenting with make up; and gargoyles who are good at watchingCan Vimes draw all the leads and clues together before the Guilds run riot and a King is produced to rule Ankh Morpork Amidst the chaos and with the help of a self governing Golem Vimes races to a conclusion but is its the right one ?A wonderful novel worthy of the 5 stars

  6. Jokoloyo Jokoloyo says:

    This book was my FIRST EVER read of Terry Pratchett works I put 5 star rating because this book introduced me to a wonderful universe and a great author Discworld Watch Lineup by Ligeias Ghost from Deviant ArtI highly recommend to read editions that have illustrations of coat of arms that appeared in the story At my first read from a library book it was a hardcover Gollancz edition with the coat of arms illustrations before the story began Let's just say the coat of arms have significant part in the story I would have problem imagine the coat of arms without the illustrations This novel is an excellent mix between parody humorous fantasy setting with crime mystery plot A perfect enjoyable read for me For people who had read other Watch stories they could see the patterns in plots resemble the previous novels with some improvements The only bad things are Patrician Vetinari and Lady Sybil has minor role on this book They have shining in other Watch novelsAlthough I still recommend Guards Guards for starter novel of Watch series and if you like Guards Guards then I beg you to read the series at least up to this book

  7. Bradley Bradley says:

    I really enjoy the City Watch novels because every character is a hoot Vimes is off the hooch Nobby is about to be crowned king and there are truly mysterious murders going on And attempted murders Of Vetinari no lessThis is one of those super solid Discworld novels Pratchett has his thing going on full tilt Discrimination is explored on a much broader basis than ever before and just imagine GOLEMS So everywhere that NO ONE NOTICES them Solution?Revolution Of a sort If you're going to demand your freedom make damn sure you ask for a receipt

  8. Trish Trish says:

    This 19th Discworld novel is once again a small masterpiece Yes I‘m aware I sound like a broken record but it seems all of the novels have and keep this level of uality It‘s something to beholdThis time we are back in Ankh Morpork following Sam Vimes and the City Watch while they are trying to solve a few puzzling murders It doesn‘t help that Vimes is a man of honour which means he‘ll keep his promise to his wife that he won‘t drinkBut the City Watch now seriously enlargened and keeping to build Watch Houses gets a charming addition Cheery Little Bottom a dwarf and alchemist What better place to group together this bunch of misfits?Soon it‘s not just the murders they have to solve because Lord Vetinari has also been poisoned and even though he recovers regularly he also keeps getting worse again shortly afterwardsNot to mention that half the city is almost up in flames literally because of the golems But never fear the City Watch is on the case Or do fear fear very muchArtificial intelligence well the Discworld version of it racismdiscrimination misogyny religious beliefs and Knobby being crowned king of Ankh Morpork almost That‘s one hell of a combination and thanks to the uirky characters of the watch Colon as much as Angua too it‘s a wild smelly ride that works wonderfully I kept chuckling often even laughing out loud From the power of words to destiny the truly fantastic puns the author kept working in are what are standing out the most here This installment isn’t as laugh out loud funny as others but its humour is deep Pratchett has always been great at putting a different spin at everyday expressions and conceptions but I think he put of that in here not least of all because the golems are all about the power of wordsMy heart broke when view spoilerAngua realized Cheery was no different than most others on the contrary She kept going on about not every dwarf being like all the others and wanting to be accepted as she was but denied the possibility of the same being true about werewolves hide spoiler

  9. Melindam Melindam says:

    It is fascinating to read the Ankh Morpork City watch books in order and see how the Watch and the characters develop through the novelsAnd here's looking at you Sherlock “Samuel Vimes dreamed about Clues He had a jaundiced view of Clues He instinctively distrusted them They got in the way And he distrusted the kind of person who’d take one look at another man and say in a lordly voice to his companion “Ah my dear sir I can tell you nothing except that he is a left handed stonemason who has spent some years in the merchant navy and has recently fallen on hard times” and then unroll a lot of supercilious commentary about calluses and stance and the state of a man’s boots when exactly the same comments could apply to a man who was wearing his old clothes because he’d been doing a spot of home bricklaying for a new barbecue pit and had been tattooed once when he was drunk and seventeen and in fact got seasick on a wet pavement What arrogance What an insult to the rich and chaotic variety of the human experience”

  10. David Sarkies David Sarkies says:

    The butcher the baker 23 March 2015 A part of me upon learning of Sir Terry's death thought that it was only fitting to make the next book that I read a Discworld novel; which turned out to be this one I won't say anything about Sir Terry here as I have already written a blog post on his passing and instead will just speak about this book In fact it turned out that so far this was one of the best discworld novels that I have read and that is saying something since there are uite a few contenders out there and it also goes to show how great a writer he is if he can still hold my interest this far into the series At first Feet of Clay reminded me a lot of the movie I Robot – you know the one where Will Smith discovers that the robots that were created to serve humanity are actually planning a takeover? The problem is that this book was written uite a few years before Will Smith took to the stage playing a cop in a movie that give the term 'loosely based' a completely new definition and for those who have not seen the film but read the book the only similarities between the two is that they have robots in them – well not uite but you get the picture Mind you Feet of Clay is definitely a 'cop novel' I would say a 'cop movie' but it is not actually a movie – it is a novel but I guess the term is sort of transferable Okay it is partly a detective novel because there have been a couple of murders as well as an assassination attempt isn't if funny that if a person is unimportant then it is a murder but if they are important they are assassinated – why can't I be assassinated it would be much better than being murdered – at least in my opinion and Captain Vimes is trying to find the person behind it So Vimes and the rest of the City Watch goes out to investige the situation it isn't as if it is an Agatha Christie novel you know set in a static place unless you consider Anhk Morpork a static place but for some reason I really don't think that actually counts where there are a bunch of culprits and you are supposed to work out the guilty party before the author gives it all away Okay Sir Terry does give us some clues such as the Butcher the Baker and the Candlestick Maker but that doesn't necessarily tell you how the poison was administered and it is uite clever in that regards So what has this to do with robots you ask? Well the book is about golems you know those creatures made of clay or whatever non living material may be at hand including corpses but in Discworld they are made of clay who do other people's bidding Well they do play a role in this book and they are effectively the magical version of a robot Actually to our modern mind golems really seem to be a magical version of a robot and Sir Terry plays that idea up to no end What is interesting is that this idea goes back to the Ancient Greeks though I can't uite remember which myth it was where one of the gods or was it a mortal I can't remember which off the top of my head did create something that was remarkably similar to a robot There is also another legend from the Jewish uarter of Prague where a golem was created to protect the Jews from their enemies a legend that I discovered when I actually visited that city where I picked up a book called The Prague Golem Interestingly enough he is also playing up the fears of automation in this book as well We or at least the working class don't like robots because they take away our jobs However these robots are so much efficient and faster than any human could ever be In Discworld we are told that golems do not eat sleep or reuire any maintenance so they are much better than the ordinary worker However the problem is that they scare people they scare people because they are so life like yet they are unliving In a sense they have a body and a mind but they have no soul This is probably why I connected it with I Robot the movie not the book because in many ways the robots were so creepy because of that very thing In every sense of the word they were alive but in reality they were not Okay they aren't undead – at least undead beings were at one stage alive but they are not exactly living either Anyway I should probably finish this review off here though I should say that I really enjoyed this book and am compelled to continue reading his books right down to the final one I'm not sure if I will get to the last one but at least I will try Also for those who are interested you can find my tribute to Terry Pratchett here and sorry it may not be as fancy as hiding it in computer code but I felt that I should probably write one anyway

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  • 304 pages
  • Feet of Clay
  • Terry Pratchett
  • Polish
  • 13 July 2015
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Born Terence David John Pratchett Sir Terry Pratchett sold his first story when he was thirteen which earned him enough money to buy a second hand typewriter His first novel a humorous fantasy entitled The Carpet People appeared in from the publisher Colin Smythe Terry worked for many years as a journalist and press officer writing in his spare time and publishing a number of Feet of PDF/EPUB ² novels i.