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Going Postal [Read] ➲ Going Postal By Terry Pratchett – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Moist von Lipwig to artysta oszustwa A także hochsztapler i człowiek który musi dokonać życiowego wyboru zostanie powieszony albo postawi na nogi konające usługi pocztowe w Ankh Morpork To trud Moist von Lipwig to artysta oszustwa A także hochsztapler i człowiek który musi dokonać życiowego wyboru zostanie powieszony albo postawi na nogi konające usługi pocztowe w Ankh Morpork To trudna decyzja Musi dopilnować by przesyłki docierały na miejsce choćby na przeszkodzie stanął im deszcz grad śnieg psy Przyjazne i Dobroczynne Stowarzyszenie Pracowników Pocztowych zły prezes zarządu kompanii semaforowej Wielkiego Pnia oraz nocny zabójca Randka z Adorą Belle Dearheart też byłaby miła.

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  1. Anne Anne says:

    35 starsThis is only my 2nd Discworld book so technically I've skipped over 32 books to get to Going Postal I didn't care for the 1st book in the series but this one kept getting recommended to me over and over again so I thought I'd give the audiobook version a shotThe first several hours were kind of boring and unfunny to me so I ended up giving up on it and listening to a few romance novels and a Sherlock Holmes story before I came back and finished it outBasically I ran out of other stuff to listen to and was forced into itBUT Amazingly the story got a lot betterIt wasn't necessarily what I would personally call 'funny' but it was clever And on the upside you really don't need to have read any of the other books in the series to understand what is going on I mean I'm sure I missed out on a lot of inside jokes but since I didn't think the regular jokes were particularly hilarious I'm 100% ok with thatThe gist is that this lovable con artist gets executed for his crimesbut not really Lord Vetinari recruits him forcibly into the role of Postmaster At which point Moist von Lipwig finds himself saddled with crazy co workers shadowed by a golem parole officer stuck in a rundown building with some sort of reality warping machine at its core harassed by corporate villains who are trying to kill him and almost unconsciously chasing after a strangely sexy golem placement agentadvocate who smokes like a chimneyI honestly think that once you get past the first 3d of the book this thing really picks up The short version is that this sucker is a cautionary tale about corporate monopolies set in a fun alternate universeThe long version iswell much longerRecommended for fans of DiscworldStephen Briggs NarratorPublisher HarperAudioEdition UnabridgedAwards Audie Award NomineeMargaret A Edwards Award

  2. K.J. Charles K.J. Charles says:

    Reading for the 400th time I needed the comfort and the escape and the world which has a lot of darkness so you can see the light better God I miss Pratchett

  3. Melki Melki says:

    The mail must get throughHe was part of the government wasn't he? Governments took money off people That's what they were forTurns out years spent scamming and conning the public have excellently prepared Moist von Lipwig with the skill set needed to run a vast corporationWho knew?My Discworld reading for the Humour Club has had its ups and downs Some books I loved some bored me to tears one I didn't finish I thrilled to the adventures of the witches laughed at the exploits of the Night Watch and frowned upon the know it all wizards Seriously could they be pompous? It's like reading a book where every single character is my mother in law Yet I've never rated anything less than three stars because I laughed at least once while reading each book But now I'm in love again and the spring is comin'I'm in love again hear my heart strings strummin' This one is EVERYTHING a Discworld book can be funny touching clever and thrilling If you're looking to start the series this is a perfect place to jump in Moist's efforts to revive the floundering postal service should make you grin and reuire absolutely no knowledge of previous tales ADDED BONUS Pratchett has invented possibly the nicest euphemism ever for describing old age It's good to know I'm not decrepit I'm just rich in yearsA perfect pick me up of a read Cole Porter

  4. Lyn Lyn says:

    I love it when one work of art makes me think of another and my enjoyment of both is enhancedThe executive office meeting subseuent to the gallows made me think of Mel Brooks’ hilarious 1974 film Blazing Saddles and Harvey Korman’s portrayal of Hedley LaMarr So throughout the rest of the novel I eschewed the British aristocratic drawl of Lord Vetinari and replaced with Korman’s robber baron prose for full comedic effectGranny Weatherwax is still my favorite but Sir Terry has succeeded again in making a GREAT Discworld novel that is funny thought provoking and entertaining all at onceWhile Moist von Lipwig is a worthy and fun protagonist once again the real hero is Pratchett himself The author’s pithy prose and world wise narration keeps this skipping along at a good clip and the Pratchett Smile O’ Meter was bouncing in a lively manner throughoutDescribing a picaresue tale about erstwhile con man and ne’er do well Lipwig Pratchett shows how a second chance after the hangman’s noose is a win win for all involved especially the readers Parolee Lipwig must recreate the Ankh Morpork post office into a going concern We revisit many of our Discworld favorites meet some new friends and a rousing good time is had by all Besides being a great entry into the Discworld mythos this is also just a good book; Pratchett getting better like a fine wine spins a good yarnOne of the best Discworld books a MUST read for fans

  5. Ms. Smartarse Ms. Smartarse says:

    For the longest time Going Postal has been my best known unread book Having watched and rewatched the SkyOne TV adaptation I had sort of tacitly decided that actually reading the book was not high on my list of priorities Plus Charles Dance is the uintessential Lord Vetinari as far as I'm concerned Sorry GoT fans the Discworld was here long before youMoist von Lipwig has dedicated most of his life to perfecting the intricacies of con artistry but his unparalleled streak of luck is about to meet a rather definitive ending Or is it? Lord Havelock Vetinari is in need of a new Post Master for Ankh Morpork's long deceased Post Office A truly impossible job even for Lipwig but our hero's had plenty of experience in slinking off Unfortunately for him the Patrician has had plenty of experience preventing said slinking offAnd since no reuest from Lord Vetinari ever comes with just one catch Lipwig soon realizes that any possible failure may have some truly fatal conseuences And that's not just due to Vetinari's retaliationSo with no other alternatives and a parole officer immune to any forms of bribery Lipwig decides to just fake his way through the Post Master job And against all odds our hero becomes an instant successSo how was the reading experience you may ask? As predictable as I suspected but also not that much The generic idea remains of Lipwig managing to surround himself with some of the most capable people in order to achieve his goals especially when said people had no idea of their own capabilities Except for Ms Dearheart of course who should just be declared a Goddess so we can all bow down to her officially “What kind of man would put a known criminal in charge of a major branch of government? Apart from say the average voter”“That was an important rule of any game always make it easy for people to give you money”“And you just hoped something would turn up? What made you think it would?It always has The only way to get something to turn up when you need it is to need it to turn up” So which one is better? Honestly I liked both versionsThe TV adaptation has turned Adora Dearheart into this absolutely kickass heroine who doesn't just command the Golem Trust but also dabbles in Clacks Tower experiments tames crazy horses and is generally up for saving the World any time and any whereThe book on the other hand gives you awesome bonus scenes like Moist getting inducted into the secret Postal Workers' cult Miss Macalariat the ferocious office manager of the Post Office intent on proper bathroom etiuette even when golems where involved and of course Grandad Lipwig's many teachings back in Uberwald the building blocks of Moist's survival strategiesAll I can suggest is not to rereadrewatch either so much as to be able to anticipate each and every twist and turn It'll take away from the excitement of discovering Lipwigs next crazy schemeScore 385 starsSurprisingly entertaining in spite of all my initial misgivingsOther books starring Moist von LipwigReview of book 2 Making MoneyReview of book 3 Raising Steam

  6. Trish Trish says:

    Welcome to the Industrial Revolution Well technically we already had three books belonging to that sub series though I only really consider two of those truly to be of that subject but this one is full of industry And not as in factories but as in a man's industrious effortsMeet Moist von Lipwick No his parents really didn't think it through when naming him He is up to no good cheating people out of money though always without using any form of violence and he is about to pay the price at the beginning of this book Because Lord Vetinari has ordered his death So he's hanged until an inch of his life literallyI really love the PatricianAfterwards he has an audience with Vetinari where he is voluntold to be the next Postmaster of Ankh Morpork You see the industry there is that word again that has formed around the Clacks towers is getting out of hand the moguls becoming almost unruly which is something the Patrician certainly cannot stand However previous attempts at reinstating a postmaster and re starting the regular delivery of mail for some much needed competition have all failed It takes a swindler to get ahead of the crooks incl their pirate bossSo Lipwick gets a very special parol officer Ankh Morpork gets stamps and mailmen and the letters that have waited decades to be delivered finally get to restTechnically there is no reason for me to like a stinking big metropolis like Ankh Morpork And yet every time I read a book that takes place there I'm loving every minute of it Everyone trying to get one over the citizens there deserves what he's going to get lolI also love the diversity This time represented by the wonderful golem Mr Pump Pump 19And how could anyone not love the fact that this installment of the series centers around stories and unfinished life stories at that Personally I love writing and sending and receiving letters so reading an entire book that was crafted around the notion that mail means communication and connection and HOPE was rather magical indeedThe writing is top notch there is no denying it and no need to go over all the glory that is Pratchett's mastery Just look at the highlighted uotes or read almost any of my other reviews for on that But his newest character addition Moist is a masterpiece I love a number of characters in the series but this confidence trickster hero is something else I'm glad to know there will be books with him in the not so distant future and I'm very much looking forward to his continued shenanigans

  7. Laura Laura says:

    This book was an excellent surprise; I love the Discworld series but was getting tired of seeing the same characters again and again in every book But this book introduces an entirely new and refreshing cast of characters I particularly liked the main character and felt he was very well developed Pratchett's books are funny precisely because he has a very firm grasp of human nature His best work feels surprisingly profound even though you're also laughing so hard you're afraid you might break a rib In some of the later novels I was getting of a reused joke feeling and while it was still pretty funny all the depth was gone In this novel it's back and I would rank Going Postal pretty high among the Discworld novelsHighly recommended especially to Pratchett fans who think Discworld has gotten a little stale

  8. Bradley Bradley says:

    Out of all the books in the Discworld series this is the first one that made me truly go from a fan to a diehard fan I enjoyed them all to be sure but this is the one that made me downright giddy and pleasedIt’s a heist Um Kinda When a heist meets becoming an avatar for a god of incomplete stories meets confidence trickery meets MAIL DELIVERYI mean this is Discworld It makes perfect sense Who other than a successful albeit caught by Lord V thief to run the biggest government con job in Discworld?All hail the Postmaster General Beloved of all the gods and the crookedest personality in all of Pratchett’s works So funny so magical and so freakishly realIf you don’t steal enough you’re hung as a thief You steal enough they call you The Government or a Hero

  9. Melindam Melindam says:

    Ankh Morpork is hiringWANTED Postmaster General Employer Lord Vetinari Patrician former Assassin's Guild member tyrant whatnotSalary includes danger bonus and a Golem bodyguard as the former 4 postmasters died mysterious or suspicious or both deaths in uick succession within 1 monthAnd Lord Vetinari's choice of the perfect man for the post? 'Oh all right Of course I accept as a natural born criminal habitual liar fraudster and totally untrustworthy perverted genius''Capital Welcome to government service' said Lord Vetinari extending his hand 'I pride myself on being able to pick the right man' And the CLACKS Discworld's answer to the Internet And the moral of the story? “Speak softly and employ a huge man with a crowbar”

  10. Nate D Nate D says:

    This was really surprising actually Perhaps it shouldn't have been given how many people whose opinions I respect are Pratchett fans but I haven't read a fantasy novel since giving up on Robert Jordan's painstakingly prolonged The Wheel of Time somewhere in book 5 I think long before college Actually I suppose I read a few of the Harry Potters in the interim but in some ways that felt like keeping up with pop culture than reading actual fantasyIn any event Going Postal was purely a pleasure Compared to the grueling epics I recall from years ago Pratchett's style was brisk and entertaining his humor completely suffusing the tone of the book in a way that reminded me of Douglas' Adams' approach to science fiction But whereas Adams' plotlines can be meandering and perhaps secondary to his constant seeking of the absurd Pratchett's were elaborately coiled well paced and compelling and his characters amusing and strange as they often were had a certain sincerity that kept me interested in their welfare Ridiculous name aside Moist von Lipwig's reluctantly scrupulous con artist emphasis on 'artist' as his maneuvering definitely deserves such a word was exceedingly entertaining to followPratchett's underlying thoughts and satire also seemed fairly spot on His commentary on the nature of hope suggests that he would understand why so many under privileged Americans tend to vote Republican against their best financial interests besides its application in many other areas of human nature and the bits about personal momentum were sufficiently commanding as to grant even the reader a resounding sense of motion and possibility from time to timeI suppose Pratchett may not be to everyone's taste and I was not sure he would be to mine fantasy comedy never but he seems to be very skilled in his particular niche Yes this was very good Mostly just at being a fun diversion but also perhaps as well thought out and gracefully executed literature

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