The Necronomicon Selected Stories and Essays Concerning

The Necronomicon Selected Stories and Essays Concerning the Blasphemous Tome of the Mad Arab ➲ [Read] ➭ The Necronomicon Selected Stories and Essays Concerning the Blasphemous Tome of the Mad Arab By Robert M. Price ➽ – Although skeptics claim that the Necronomicon is a fantastic tome created by HP Lovecraft true seekers into the esoteric mysteries of the world know the truth the Necronomicon is the blasphemous tome Selected Stories PDF É Although skeptics claim that the Necronomicon is a fantastic tome created by HP Lovecraft true seekers into the esoteric mysteries of the world know the truth the Necronomicon is the blasphemous tome of forbidden knowledge written by the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred Even today after attempts over the centuries to destroy any and Necronomicon Selected Stories and Essays eBook ↠ all copies in any language some few copies still exist secreted awayWithin this book you will find stories about the Necronomicon different versions of the Necronomicon and two essays on this blasphemous tome Now you too may learn the true lore of Abdul Alhazred.

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  1. Christopher Sutch Christopher Sutch says:

    This Chaosium collection is somewhat frustrating but also somewhat intriguing It's divided into three sections stories texts of the Necronomicon by various authors and articles about the Necronomicon The stories are so so as is common with the books in this series; after all Lovecraft inspired fiction is fan fiction most often and something special a little less often Manly Wade Wellman's tale The Terrible Parchment is the best of the early stories I also enjoyed John Brunner's contribution not a name normally associated with the Mythos and was very impressed by Fred Chappell's The Adder The Richard Tierney story merely confirms my impression that Tierney is overrated by editor Price I've never read a Tierney story I liked which I guess merely shows that there is no accounting for taste The worst things about this book are the texts of the Necronomicon particularly the one by Lin Carter whose obsessive need to smooth every contradiction in the most wordy way possible is annoyingly on display here and the Sussex Manuscript Both of these are filled with irritating from a lit scholar and linguist's point of view old English y prose which is actually bastardized early modern English and often ungrammtical to boot These take up entirely too much space in the volume and are sleep inducing The highlight of the book is Robert M Price's faux scholarly exegesis of the Necronomicon which is a very brilliant and scholarly piece of academic writing the research he must have had to perform in order to write it boggles my mind somewhat The work also gives actual insights into Lovecraft's and others' motivations in writing certain fragments from the Necrnomicon and clearly displays where these men got their ideas and inspirations from The volume is a must have if only for that last piece

  2. Gustavo Vazquez Gustavo Vazquez says:

    The Terrible Parchment Manly Wade WellmanDr Xander's Cottage Martin D BrownThe Mantle of Graag Frederick Pohl Henry Dockweiller and Robert AW LowndesThese three stories are very short and they are ok nothing than that A little forgettable The shortness make them a little superficial Settler's Wall Robert AW LowndesThe Howler in the Dark Richard L TierneyThese are the best stories of the book Both are very well written and intriguing Demons of Cthulhu Robert SilverbergA uite silly story not bad but a little previsibleThe Castle in the Window Steffan B AlettiAnother short story ok to goodConcerning the Forthcoming Inexpensive Paperback Translation of the Necronomicon of Abdul Alhazred John BrunnerThe Adder Fred ChappellThese story stories are the most creative but unfortunately they misfire Both could have been great but they don´t work out uite all right They deserved a little care The ideas are great the endings are a bit lazy and not that interesting It´s a shameThe remaining stories are version of the Necronomicon or fake prefaces of the book Not very interesting they are a little fun for a while but then you get the uselessness of all that It´s nice to have them here so you would know that those things were written I don´t blame RM Price for putting them here but those stories are not credible or interesting A couple of pages from each one of them would be enough The worst are the one from Lin Carter mainly the first part about the adventures of Abdul Alhazred that is a bore and The Sussex Manuscript from Fred L Pelton This one is uite silly The guy thinks that Old English is just changing the i for y eg while becomes whyle etc

  3. Daniel Daniel says:

    I'll admit I started this book in 1998 lost track of our for 20 years and recently rediscovered it Like any anthology it's got its good stories and bad stories Some are on line with Lovecraft others give the Elder Gods all too human motives not in line with Lovecraft and others comparing the Elder Gods to Christian theology My understanding has always been that their motives are unknowable and it's best left that wayIf you're a huge fan of Lovecraft there might be some appeal Check out out If you're looking for horror I'm not sure this fits the bill

  4. Traummachine Traummachine says:

    From a long neglected bookshelf I pulled this tome Covered with dust and smelling of putrescence even the cover of the vile thing spoke of madness and secrets best left buried But long had I resisted its siren call and the stars had aligned against me It was Time In other words I've owned this for years and finally got around to reading it ;The Necronomicon is a make believe book of Vile Things Invented by Lovecraft he used it as a prop in his tales as a source of dark magic forbidden knowledge and of ancients gods whose names Must Not Be Spoken Unlike other Lovecraftian books I've read and as far as I know unlike other books called Necronomicon this collection was made up of tales about the book itself About half of the collection was made up of interesting ideas about the book such as the Forthcoming Inexpensive Paperback Edition One of my favorites was about a man safekeeping the book for his uncle then discovering that the book itself was growing stronger and younger as it consumed the text from nearby books Fun stuffSadly the other half of the book lost my interest It was largely supposed to be excerpts from the Necronomicon lost chapters critical analysis and commentary etc While I enjoy reading ABOUT this book this part took it too far I did enjoy the little cautionary tales that were supposed to be a prologue to the original book but there's a certain point where a straight faced work that's really nudge nudge wink wink in nature just bores me With chapters like Concerning the Phases of the Moon and Their Effects on Summonings etc this was just too much and I skipped over these parts I supposed that's why I'm not interested in the Zombie Survival Guide even though I loved World War Z by the same author But I digressI really dug about half of this book and would rate it 4 stars but the rest dragged the rating down Next time I'll read another collection by Lovecraft himself

  5. Eric Eric says:

    The Necronomicon for me was an uneven read The short stories with the exception of Lin Carter’s ‘The Dee Translation’ were good I have never been a fan of Carter although he stays true to the mythos and his contribution was of a hurried outline than a tale Secondly his writing style is Dunsany than Lovecraft I don’t mind a few phrases in the dialect but 60 pages of tacking ‘th’ to the end of words is tiresome Lastly Price’s and I love the man’s work contribution to the book ‘A Critical Commentary of the Necronomicon was summed up best by the author himself “And I hope you will forget that his contribution soon enough” Not a complete loss but you will find yourself jumping ahead at some parts

  6. Rory Rory says:

    I read this expansive tome in stretches which rarely happens but it kept me going for uite a bit The stories were not bad at all nothing too memorable but they are well written enough to be worth including in this collection However I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the various essays some of which seemed to be novelettes disguised as non fiction textbooks as they delved into the larger scale mythos without giving away the intrigue I wouldn't recommend reading it in one sitting as there is heaps to get through but if you do it by different sections or pieces then you can savour it a bit that way your brain won't collapse from information overload Either way I'm glad I read it

  7. Old-Barbarossa Old-Barbarossa says:

    Mixed bag of Necronomicon related tales faux translations and commentary OK for dipping in and out ofprobably soul rending if read in one sittingBut I must gothe gibbous moon slouches towards it’s zeniththe eldritch tome of Alhazred beconsthe cover obscenely rugose and of unearthly colour I must recite the charmPh'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

  8. David David says:

    Largely UGH I enjoyed many though not all of the stories themselves but the faux scholarship of Lin Carter and Robert M Price was largely pointless and overlong Not the strongest entry in the series but far from the worst

  9. Cameron Cameron says:

    For the record The Necronomicon is NOT a real occult book

  10. Stanley Gemmell Stanley Gemmell says:


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