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  • 14 January 2016
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10 thoughts on “The Cave Girl

  1. Jeneé Jeneé says:

    I loved it Edgar Rice Burroughs is amazing I'm glad he wrote so many books but I will be sad when I run out of them to readHe was writing sci fi way before his time His books have an extreme cheesiness to them but that's what makes them amazing It's like Burroughs tried to pack as much adventure and danger as he could into his stories to make them as epic as possibleAnd his main characters are always the most badass people possible and they can never fail and even when they get themselves into a tough situation they always get out of it untouched and save the dayI actually discovered ERB when I was at the bookstore and I saw the cover for A Princess of Mars and bought it just cause it looked and sounded so cheesy And then it ended up being one of my favorite booksThe Cave Girl like most of ERB's books have the most lovable characters and is full of adventure and edge of your seat suspense

  2. Charles Charles says:

    I love the hero here He starts as a civilized wimp and ends as a great warrior This is one of the humorous of ERB's works but it works well with the adventure

  3. Wendi Wanders Wendi Wanders says:

    I want to give it three stars just because I can really understand what a fun read this would be for a certain type of 13 year old boy and their grown up fathers However since I am not a boy nor a grown man with nostalgia for this sort of thing the formulaic story the ridiculous number of coincidences the hereditary determinism the classicism as well as other 'isms just don't uite work for me although even I appreciated Waldo Emerson Smith Jones growing beyond his sniveling pasty tubercular non fiction reading weedy impractical self into a magnificent species of manhood who understands the art and need of self defense I also liked that Nadara is a resourceful girl always looking for the chance to help her man in the art of self defense instead of cowering behind trees and screaming Waldo oh Waldo anybody else watch Hart to Hart back in the day But still 2 stars it is

  4. Wreade1872 Wreade1872 says:

    Oh boy i was not looking forward to this after my last Burroughs experience but you know what it was pretty damn good A posh nerdy bookworm gets washed up on an island full of cavemen He's helped by a girl who teaches him to survive and he eventually becomes the great warrior she already mistakenly beleives him to be Its good solid stuff with surprisingly strong characterization for a Burroughs story The Cave Man the seuel or continuation of Cave Girl depending on your point of view or edition is a real mixed bag There's some great dramatic turns in the plot but its marred by many last minute rescues and Deux Ex Machina's Also the author clearly didn't reread Cave Girl before writing this as there are a number of elements which contradict the previous story Luckily all the investment in the characters garnered in Cave Girl kept me interested despite the flaws

  5. J.A. Ironside J.A. Ironside says:

    I'm not sure this was supposed to be uite as funny as I found it but Rice Burroughs can certainly keep you turning pages Enjoyable undemanding and considering it was published in 1925 not nearly as sexist or racist as I expected Only a couple of cringeworthy can't believe you wrote that moments and they were included in ignorance based on the time it was writen There are books written today which are much prejudiced It's fascinating watching the evolution of sci fi as a genre

  6. Wechselbalg Wechselbalg says:

    Waldo Emerson Smith Jones is stranded in jungle far from civilisation He is an intelligent well educated but physically weak cowardThis savage new world holds dangers and challenges Waldo is unable to manageHow can a man who lives through books and has no idea of what the struggle to stay alive in a place like this means learn to trade the safety of books and a caring mother for physical strengh and courageFor Waldo it seems impossibleWhen he meets the cave girl Nadara Waldo Emerson Smith Jones' life will probably change forever Many adventures are waiting and it is up to him to make them hisEdgar Rice Burroughs is one of my favourite authors and about this book adventure cave men all that in a world far away from civilisation; I love the bookWish there was a seuel

  7. Isabel Isabel says:

    What a delightful discovery an ERB I hadn't read Many things to fix and painted with a broad occasionally cringe worthy brush But all in all a good read fun interesting evocative loved the flat footed confusion at the idea of a spear

  8. Tana Tana says:

    I went through a Burroughs phase when I was about 11 I decided I would reread some of them to see what I thought as an adult Surprisingly this book was entertaining And an awfully uick read

  9. Ralph Carlson Ralph Carlson says:

    Another great Burroughs novel I have been reading and rereading Burroughs since I first discovered him back in the mid 1950s And will continue to read him

  10. Robert Robert says:

    I enjoyed this in spite of the very pulpy writing you know damsel in distress weak man finds his inner strength rescues damsel Burroughs puts in his usual primitive person who is superior to others is actually from the aristocracy and this makes them superior even if they know nothing about European culture junk Yes Burroughs was sexist racist and classist Still he wrote amusing imaginative stories if one can just kind of sliiiiide past the bad spots The Cave Girl is sometimes paired in one book with its seuel The Cave Man creative titles Burroughs I've finished The Cave Girl and will review If one can consider what I write to be reviews The Cave Man separately although they are often published together

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The Cave Girl➿ The Cave Girl Free ➶ Author Edgar Rice Burroughs – The creature dodged back and the blow that would have crushed its skull grazed a hairbreadth from its face Waldo struck no second blow and the cold sweat sprang to his forehead when he realized how ne The creature dodged back and the blow that would have crushed its skull grazed a hairbreadth from its face Waldo struck no second blow and the cold sweat sprang to his forehead when he realized how nearly he had come to murdering a young girl I crave your pardon he said I had no idea that there was a lady here The Cave PDF or I am very glad that I did not injure you But now his attention was reuired by pressing affairs the cave men were returning to the attack.

About the Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs

Edgar Rice Burroughs was an American author best known for his creation of the jungle hero Tarzan and the heroic John Carter although he produced works in many genres.