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Chris Crawford on Game Design ☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Chris Crawford on Game Design By Chris Crawford ✑ – Chris Crawford on Game Design is all about the foundational skills behind the design and architecture of a game Without these skills designers and developers lack the understanding to work with the to on Game Epub Û Chris Crawford on Game Design is all about the foundational skills behind the design and architecture of a game Without these skills designers and developers lack the understanding Chris Crawford PDF or to work with the tools and techniues used in the industry today Chris Crawford the most highly sought after expert in this area brings an intense opinion piece full Crawford on Game PDF/EPUB ¾ of personality and flare like no other person in this industry can He explains the foundational and fundamental concepts needed to get the most out of game development today An exceptional precursor to the two books soon to be published by New Riders with author Andrew Rollings this book teaches key lessons; including what you can learn from the history of game play and historical games necessity of challenge in game play applying dimensions of conflict understanding low and high interactivity designs watching for the inclusion of creativity and understanding the importance of storytelling In addition Chris brings you the wish list of games he'd like to build and tells you how to do it Game developers and designers will kill for this information.

10 thoughts on “Chris Crawford on Game Design

  1. Chris Chris says:

    The best kind of advice blatantly biased Crawford doesn't try to hide away of his eccentricities or beliefs in objective sounding weasel words I certainly found places to disagree with his positions and found his history of video games than a little egocentric but that's fine I know where he stands and can better define where I do in comparisonThe best bits are when he talks about games he developed early in his career In particular I found his discussion of coding an Atari 2600 game never to see the light of day intriguing because it's the firsthand account I've read of someone grappling with the extreme technical limitations of the platform and trying to wring a decent game out of them

  2. Johnn Johnn says:

    Great book The first one I read on video game design Chris's experience with game crafting when resources were so few creates much than 8 bit advice My biggest takeaway from the book was looking at fun as a design element How do you design fun on purpose?

  3. Daniel Schulte Daniel Schulte says:

    There's a lot of good things in here for game designers to think about It gets a little long at parts and some sections feel like they could've been left out but overall I'm glad I read it

  4. Dirk Dirk says:

    On Game Design von Chris Crawford war zunächst einmal eine Enttäuschung Wer eine Vorstellung von Methodiken oder Tipps zum Thema Spieledesign sucht wird in diesem Buch kaum fündig Lediglich das erste Drittel des Buches beschäftigt sich mit dem Thema und selbst in diesem Drittel schafft es der Autor nicht seine Ansichten auf den Punkt zu bringen Ich hatte immer den Eindruck dass er ja möglicherweise etwas interessantem auf der Spur ist aber seine Ausschweifungen und insbesondere die Beispiele waren eher störend Dazu kommt dass viele Ansichten meiner Meinung nach doch eher an den Haaren herbeigezogen manchmal veraltet das aktuellste Spiel auf welches eingegangen wird ist Die Sims von 2000 gefolgt von Half Life 1998 bei einem 2003 veröffentlichten Buch teils widersprüchlich oder schlichtweg falsch sind Ab und zu jedoch schimmert eine gute Idee oder ein guter Ansatz herausWeshalb sich das Buch eventuell trotzdem lohnt? Die restlichen zwei Drittel des Buches bestehen aus Entwicklungsberichten der eigenen Spieleprojekte von Chris Crawford Er geht auf Ideen und Konzepte ein was gut lief was schlecht lief Zugegeben vieles davon ist sehr Ich bezogen und stellt Fehler immer geringer dar als die Vorteile Dazu gibt es viele Kriegsgeschichten aus den wilden Jahren der Spieleentwicklung uasi eine Autobiografie eines Spieledesigners Dies hat weniger praktischen Wert als vielmehr historischen aber ich fand es dann doch angenehm zu lesen als ich das Buch anfing als Biografie zu lesen statt als FachbuchMehr von Chris Crawford gibt es in der Bibliothek seiner Webseite zu lesen

  5. Steve Steve says:

    The first half are essays on how to design games and the second are lessons from crafting his own games The painful war stories were fun to read and poignant; Even though I started reading this book 2 years ago I still remember a number of the lessons almost verbatim Sometimes the writing is stilted but the tone is down to earth and full of useful knowledge and experience If you want to understand games I think this is a good place to start

  6. Tom Chandler Tom Chandler says:

    A lot of the book has a lot of really good content but there's a few sections that feel a little like filler

  7. Lyndon Goodacre Lyndon Goodacre says:

    Now and then I dip into this text Chris Crawford for all his crotchets and foibles and unstylish prose is one of my heroes His ideas on interactivity make the world go round

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