The Bad ueen Rules and Instructions for Marie Antoinette

The Bad ueen Rules and Instructions for Marie Antoinette [KINDLE] ❆ The Bad ueen Rules and Instructions for Marie Antoinette By Carolyn Meyer – History paints her as a shallow party girl a spoiled fashionista a callous ruler Perhaps no other royal has been so maligned— and so misunderstood— as Marie AntoinetteFrom the moment she was betro History paints her as a ueen Rules PDF/EPUB è shallow party girl a spoiled fashionista a callous ruler Perhaps no other royal has been so maligned— and so misunderstood— as Marie AntoinetteFrom the moment she was betrothed to the dauphin of France at age fourteen perfection was demanded of Marie Antoinette She tried to please everyone courtiers her young husband the king the French people but often The Bad PDF \ fell short of their expectations Desperate for affection and subjected to constant scrutiny this spirited young woman can't help but want to let loose with elaborate parties scandalous fashions and unimaginable luxuries But as Marie Antoinette's lifestyle gets ever recklessly extravagant the peasants of France are suffering from increasing poverty and becoming outraged They want to make the ueen pay In this latest installment Bad ueen Rules Kindle Ð of her acclaimed Young Royals series Carolyn Meyer reveals the dizzying rise and horrific downfall of the last ueen of France Includes historical notes an author’s note and a bibliography.

  • Hardcover
  • 420 pages
  • The Bad ueen Rules and Instructions for Marie Antoinette
  • Carolyn Meyer
  • English
  • 14 June 2015
  • 9780152063764

About the Author: Carolyn Meyer

Carolyn Meyer is as versatile ueen Rules PDF/EPUB è a writer as you will find Along with historical fiction and realistic novels for young adults she has written nonfiction for young adults and books for younger readers on topics as diverse as the Amish the Irish Japanese Yup'ik Eskimos a rock band rock tumbling bread baking and coconuts And ten of her books have been chosen as The Bad PDF \ Best Books for Young Adults by t.

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  1. Sierra Abrams Sierra Abrams says:

    I learned a lot from this book About history about the personal life of Marie Antoinette about human nature There were so many facts so many interesting ideas and concepts So many statements that could have been true so many affairs that might not have been true Marie Antoinette and her story are one big puzzle one that will always be difficult to solve and sort through And one that will always be worth it in the end No one can know which facts are true and which are not; many have been deemed false The most famous of Marie Antoinette’s uotes – “Let them eat cake” – has been studied by many historians over time and most agree that is was one of the many lies told about herMarie Antoinette was raised in Austria until she was fifteen years old where she grew up the youngest of fifteen children Most had been married long before and now was time to watch the last few sisters and brothers leave and marry the man or woman who would best protect the Austrian throne Antonia as she was called in Austria is to be married off to the dauphin of France – the next in line to the French throne With all the work to do to get Antonia presentable to her future husband Antonia has no time – nor the desire to think about what lies aheadWhen she is ready to be married Marie Antoinette is sent to France where she begins her life as the dauphine of France But what she finds there is not what she was expecting At first life is rocky adjusting to the new rules such as wearing stays and no riding horses and learning who it “looks good” to talk to and who it doesn’t Then it is smooth – as soon as she gets a hang of French life no matter how much she dislikes it Marie Antoinette begins to live life like she believed she was entitled to as ueen of France She builds theaters designs lavish gardens makes beautiful dresses and order the most expensive of jewels She commits herself to gambling wasting her husband’s money away for the sake of a desire that could not be uelledThis is only the beginning – the beginning of her downfall While she trying to build herself up Marie Antoinette only paves the way for a major failure After falling in love with Count Axel von Fersen but staying faithful to her husband or so this book claims the country begins to decline The people of France are poor they have no bread and they blame it on the gambling wasteful ueen Marie Antoinette The rumor on the streets is that when asked what to do with the poor starving French men and women at the gates of Verseilles the bad ueen answered “Let them eat cake” The people are furious enraged and they are going to have vengeanceThe story does not end happily If you are looking for sappy romance with an ending that makes everyone warm and fuzzy inside pleasedo not read this book However I highly recommend it For those of you who like historical novels this is a treat And for those of you who dislike historical novels but like romance adventure and intrigue this is a treat The only thing that I would say against this book is that it is probably not a young man’s first pickbut that’s ok Not every book is And this book while being excellently written and planned out is not for young readers Marie Antoinette’s life is very PG 13from the things she did to the things that people said she did to the things that happened to her Not only is this book fairly violent than I was expecting that’s for sure but it holds some mild sexual comments and issues that should be considered Marie Antoinette’s married life and court life mostly revolved around the fact that her husband would not visit her bed and how she didn’t become pregnant until she’d been married for around seven years Her husband’s lack of desire and actual fear of “the act” as it is called is often discussed; and Marie Antoinette’s almost affair with Count Fersen is touched up on a bit Menstrual cycles and other couples’ happiness in marriage or unhappiness for that matter are alluded to These topics are crucial to the story and the facts of Marie Antoinette’s life and Meyers handles them with great care However because they are mature topics I think this book is geared toward teens fifteen and olderIf I could sum up this entire book in one word I’d choose the word chilling It was excellent but it made my heart race and goosebumps form on my arms Especially the end I couldn’t believe the incredible ability with which Carolyn Meyers relates the last few years of Marie Antoinette’s life It was cold depressing and full of sorrow It really happened The life of this bad ueen was not meant to end happy and the way Carolyn Meyers portrays it is so realistic that I cannot help but believe that this is almost exactly how the ueen of France and her family must have felt as she and her husband faced their deaths at the dreaded Madame la Guillotine

  2. Sara Sara says:

    Meyer imagines the life of Marie Antoinette as a young girl through her death giving us a ueen who was not entirely rotten but self absorbed shallow and inept at public relations All of the chapters begin from a rule that was likely given to the monarch and the bulk of the rules refer to her rampant unchecked spending Which Meyer details and then lets the young monarch rationalize Meyer clearly went out of her way to give an impartial view if the notorious ueen She does play to Antoinette's spoiled and thoughtless reputation but balances those fatal flaws with the struggles of young girl trying to fit in amongst the anti Austrian climate and further portrays Antoinette a loving mother her mother and a dutiful wife My only complaint is that Meyer shifts the narration from Maire to her daughter Maire Therese over the last hundred pages and I am not sure why I can only guess that she wanted to keep the narration flowing from a youthful perspective It only serves to alienate the reader from our narrator during the most critical events of her life Otherwise though much of the historical details are fashion and court custom based readers are also given insights into the American and French Revolutions Plus the author gives a historical note and a bibliography which many of my adult fictionalized novels of actual historical figures do not even bother with The story is an instantly engrossing choice with a tragic appeal that young ladies should devour like cake

  3. Lois Lois says:

    I forgot how much I enjoyed thisNot necessarily historically accurate but well doneFully appropriate for tweens

  4. Kara Kara says:

    So despite loads of Historical Revisionist and Fifth Wave Feminist theory as well as tons of new research an author trying to make Marie Antoinette sound sympathetic and an “I” point of view where Marie Antoinette herself is trying to explain and justify her actions and emotions I still was right there with the mob screaming for her blood to run in the gutterYou could argue that signing the marriage contract between the future last king and ueen of France was the signature on Marie Antoinette death warrant – the court of France was a rotted tree that had been gilded – it might have looked pretty on the outside but it was rotten to the core inside and beyond savingBut on the other hand you could argue that Marie Antoinette made every mistake in the book as well as inventing new mistakes when it came to being ueen She doesn’t order anyone’s execution orders no massacres against any ethnicities or religions doesn’t beat servants or rape peasants or make gladiators fight to the death for her amusement – and yet her endless spending made my blood boil Her blindness to the rest of the world made me want to shake her to drag her by the hand and plop her down in a real peasant cottage and make her join the rest of the 99% in struggling to make ends meetThe book itself is well written and very well researched but the main character is just not someone I care too spend too much time with Also structurally the book took a weird turn at the end About 45’s through the book the ueen turns to her daughter and tells she’s been keeping a diary all her life and known she wants her daughter to keep it going Um what?I get why – the author had stuff she wanted to write about that would take place after Marie Antoinette would tell the reader “and then I climbed the scaffold steps” but 1 the switch happens than a year before the ueen and her daughter are separated which would have made sense as the break point and 2 it was jarring to have the main character switched like that when the book was almost done Suddenly Marie Antoinette is a secondary character which rather seems to defeat the purpose of this novel Also the “I” point of view used throughout was just that a point of view; nothing about the prior chapters suggested in any way shape or form that this book was supposed to be an ongoing diary the ueen was keeping Good lord the ueen yammers on and on for most of the book about how much she hates reading and writing I must say though the book does a very good job showing the insanity of extremes – both the beyond over the top excessiveness of the French court and then the bloody madness of the Terror Never underestimates humans’ capacity for insanity in any direction So recommended for fans of Marie Antoinette and that time period in general Also a good introduction to the middle school set of that point in history

  5. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Marie Antoinette known as Antonia as a child grew up as the youngest daughter of Maria Theresa Empress of Austria a mother who demanded no less than perfection and dedicated herself to making politically advantageous marriages for her many children In 1768 the year Antonia turns thirteen her mother determines to marry her off to Louis Auguste the heir to the throne of France who is one year older than Antonia From that day forward everything changes for her Everything must be perfect she must look perfect learn to speak French perfectly and perfectly memorize the many tedious rules of etiuette practiced at the French court Now than ever her life is no longer her ownAfter much tedious education and perfection of her looks Antonia finally sets off to marry Louis Auguste in 1770 She must leave behind everything of her former life and give up her Austrian identity including her name she is now to be known by her new French name Marie Antoinette At the court of Versailles she is miserable She feels unwelcome by many who do not want their future ueen to be Austrian and the many rules that govern her every action at court are stifling In addition her marriage is unhappy and she fears she might not produce an heir to the throne and be sent home in disgrace Determined to at least be happy in some way she throws caution to the wind disregards the rules of court life and decides to live a life of luxury parties and entertainments angering the people of France who suffer from increasing povertyThe Bad ueen is a fascinating look at the life of Marie Antoinette beginning from the time when she is a young teenager through the French Revolution when her own daughter Marie Therese concludes her tragic story It paints a sympathetic portrait of Marie Antoinette and shows how she was not truly a bad or evil person but simply a girl who at far too young an age was married to a boy who had not been prepared to be a king leading to poor choices that ultimately caused their downfall I highly recommend this book and the other Young Royals books to readers who enjoy young adult historical fictionDisclosure Review copy provided by publisher

  6. Margo Tanenbaum Margo Tanenbaum says:

    Carolyn Meyer does not disappoint in her newest addition to her Young Royals series young adult novels on various historical princesses and ueens in European history She tries to present a balanced portrait of the much maligned ueen whose life is told through a series of diary entries beginning when she was 12 years old and ending near the end of her life when the author chooses to change the narrator to the ueen's 12 year old daughter Marie Therese who narrates the final few years of the ueen's short life and the tragic ending at the guillotine Meyer writes in an afterword that she was inspired by the recent Coppola film about Marie Antoinette to examine this monarch and we see Marie Antoinette evolve from a young teenager overwhelmed by the elaborate court etiuette and gossip of the Versailles court to a ueen who makes her own simple world in the gardens of Versailles to escape with her children and friends from the formality of court life The author explores the early years of Marie Antoinette's marriage in which her husband the Dauphin was unable to consummate their marriage with particular sensitivity I highly recommend this novel to any teens or even adults who are enjoy French history and this endlessly fascinating monarch The only thing that bothered me about the book was the title The Bad ueen which I felt perpetuated the many stereotypes about Marie Antoinette that the author tries to address with a balanced point of view in the novel However perhaps the author thought that the bad girl title and the couettish look of the cover model would help sell books

  7. Shannon Hayes Shannon Hayes says:

    If you have daughters with princess obsession this is definitely a book to read with them for a cure It was shortly after reading this that Ula my five year old traded in her tiara for a Viking helmet Okay okay I'll admit that this probably doesn't seem like an ideal choice for a five year old and her eight year old sister but I chose it because we were going to France for a homeschool adventure and I wanted to give the girls some historical grounding before we got there and the literature in their age bracket was pretty thin I actually read a lot of beyond age level books with my kids for this reason but I read WITH them so we can talk about what is happening and so I can scan ahead to remove uestionable content And this book was a fabulous mother daughter read It opened my mind to the skimpiness of my own education about the French revolution it brought history alive for Saoirse and Ula and when we took them to Versailles they knew the palace better than any of the guides I should note that we did choose to stop reading the book once Marie Antoinette was captured after her attempted escape Since the girls and I had a pretty clear idea of how things turned out in the end we all agreed to put it aside for happier books To this day they are still conversant about the French revolution they were able to observe its effects all over France and they are uite savvy about sidestepping the glamourous aspirations of fairy tale princessing This is a fabulous read for homeschooling families or for families who wish to enhance their kids' history education

  8. Caidyn (he/him/his) Caidyn (he/him/his) says:

    A very good book I read this in one day If you're interested in Marie Antoinette's life you won't be disappointed The book was enjoyable with the changing perspectives as she got older It begins when she is told she will marry Louis Auguste to the revolution when she is killed All the characters felt real and like their lives were acted out in front of me rather than on a dry page on a textbook making the journey through her tragic life even interesting than it already is I recommend this to people interested in a different take on history

  9. Neda Neda says:

    ManI wish I could have met her I will spend the rest of this year doing research on her life especially the love affair with her Swede Seriously this book left me with uestions than answers

  10. Kessa Kessa says:

    just like the other ones Based off of real facts Also according to Carolyn Meyer Marie Antoinette never said let them eat cake She says it's not in any historical records

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