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  1. Wendy, Lady Evelyn Quince Wendy, Lady Evelyn Quince says:

    Romance novelist Valerie Sherwood would always lovingly dedicate her books to the special cats in her life; in Born to Love it was Mopsy and Chow She was slightly cat crazy So in honor of Ms Sherwood and from one crazy cat lady to another I would like to dedicate my review of Born to Love to one of my cats To Bear that sweet gentle soul a little black furred black nosed green eyed wonder Bear you came into my life at 19 when your mother a feral ueen bore her kittens in the warehouse of the office that I worked I took you home at four weeks old and because you had not been weaned I had to feed you milk and mush Every night before I’d fall asleep you’d suck at my earlobe as you would have at your mother’s teat Even when you grew you still held on to this adorable kittenish trait Sadly Bear you were in my life for just over a year I went back to college and my landlady would not allow cats so you stayed home with my mother and siblings Perhaps life there without me was not what you desired because you ran away I never saw you again and I cried many tears of loss But I have never forgotten you To you Bear this review is dedicated Now that I’ve got that off my chest on to the book Sometimes I hate rating 4 star books particularly when with just care to detail and pacing it could have been a 5 star read Born to Love was a book that reached great highs and very middling lows Although I love her voice this is a problem I’ve run into when reading Sherwood Plus she makes a great hero and sometimes doesn’t do much with him Born to Love is actually four stories of several generations of women with the same name Dorinda and their misadventures in love As repeated over and over the premise of the tale is “It takes one generation to make it one to lose it one to talk about it and one to make it again” The book opens up with the most exciting story of the group Angel faced golden haired Dorinda a chambermaid escapes the Great London fire valiantly saves Grantland Meredith from street toughs marries him and is shocked to learn he is an Earl Unfortunately for sweet Dorinda she is not his true love That would be Polly an amoral evil black haired she devil of a woman Polly is the best character in the book relentlessly calculating and conniving willing to do anything have her man Unsurprisingly this tale is set to end in tragedy Daughter Rinda’s tale is told in the second part She is a hereditary Countess which struck me as odd as I don’t believe that English titles passed on through the female line She falls in love with the Rory son of her mother’s rival The second Dorinda risks everything to save her man at the Monmouth Rebellion Sherwood keeps repeating how brave how bold how valiant Rinda was to ride into battle and save Rory It would have been nice to see it happen not hear about it again and again This story is kind of a letdown Of the third Dorinda we hear about only in a summarized tale told to the fourth Dorinda The last half of the book deals with the Dorinda IV an indentured servant in Virginia I liked this Dorinda and her cat Lady Soft Paws This story while enjoyable was uneven After her indenture is over Dorinda pretends to be a long lost heiress to a plantation Two handsome men vie for her attention but it’s obvious who the hero is Tarn Jenner a mysterious man who has a secret identity but we don’t know this until the end The characters play at deceitful games but this delightful plot point is suandered as Dorinda spends most of her time mooning over the villain Tarn Jenner who is really a witty character isn’t seen enough to be fully appreciated The parts we do see are terrific but fleeting The back of the book claims “She was the Beauty He was the Blade dark debonair the most dangerous highwayman to rove the colonial roads” And yet the highwayman portion is a tiny part of the story and only revealed in brief towards the end of the book The conclusion is wrapped up in a neat package although it’s left up to the imagination what the fate of the fifth Dorinda will be If I’m focusing too much on the negatives it’s because this one could have been great a book I loved; as it is I just liked it 4 stars B

  2. Paula Paula says:

    I really enjoyed this book which follows four generations of women in the late 17th century It was like four novels in one and each heroine was a uniue character Much as I admired the first Dorinda a London chambermaid with a heart condition who marries an earlI must say I found her rival Lady Polly to be eually fascinating Polly is one of those bitches you love to hate until she crosses some lines the second Dorinda is a stronger character there's even a little cathy and heathcliff vibe with her wrong side of the tracks lover Rory who also happens to be Lady Polly's son Rory I felt was the most tragic character in the book Surviving an abusive childhood to get tangled up with the ill fated Monmouth rebellion in an effort to get his lands back and unfortunately getting Dorinda caught up in it too The only dissappointment of the book was the story of the third Dorinda who is a wild child of the London streets She would have been the baddest Dorinda except Sherwood never develops her character The reader finds out what happens to Dorinda from her daughter the fourth Dorinda who is a bound girl in the Virginia colony This final Dorinda is an appealing down to earth resourceful character who finishes her indentured servitude and returns to Virginia in disguise getting caught between two rogues a plantation owner and a highwayman neither of whom are what they seem When she finally gets to have sex it is truly hot but lets just say there could have been of it I did appreciate the lack of humiliating rape scenes that seem to fill some other bodice rippers I could have done without some of the endless descriptions of Virginia mansions and with a little hot sex with Tarn and Dorinda

  3. Samantha González Samantha González says:

    ¿uieres leer cuatro historias de amor ue te dan ganas de vivir en Inglaterra de 1700? Este es tu libroComo romántica sin remedio este libro fue el paraíso al tratarse de cuatro historias diferentes pero a su vez conectadas me hizo amar más el libroLa trama es la vida de cuatro mujeres todas de nombre DorindaEn la vida de cada Dorinda existe ese hombre perfecto ue todas soñamos cada uno a su manera con sus pros y sus contras pero mientras lees envidias la vida de DorindaLa lectura en si es bastante ligera y las 300 páginas se pasan volando Por lo general lo leería en uno o dos días pero estoy implementando no leer todo un libro en un día así no me pierdo detallesLo ue no me gusto mucho fue el epílogo ya ue me pareció innecesario y fueron las 5 páginas más cursis ue leí Tranuilamente se podrían haber ahorrado el epílogo y el libro sería perfectoY de pronto se encontró entre los brazos de él Sus labios oprimían cálidamente los de ella el brazo de Torn le rodeaba la delgada cintura y curvaba su flexible cuerpo joven contra el Y el mundo fue un lugar mágico Auel beso tenia una demorada ternura ue le llegaba al corazón Podía ser un disipado y también peligroso pero en auel momento a Dorinda no le importaba¿Puedo ir a llorar a un rincón?

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    A bit of a guilty pleasure but I recently picked this book up again after reading it uite a few years ago the cover is a little cheesy but it's actually a wonderful read full of historical detail and dialogue and interesting characters and excellent romance It's a book of four parts that details the lives of four generations of women all named Dorinda The first is a poor servant girl who rescues a wealthy count during the Great Fire in London the two fall in lovewed and have a daughter Rinda Countess Rinda has a fiery spirit and falls in love and has a daughter Dorr a little mystery happens there and Dorr has been brought very low and has a tragic story the majority of the story falls on Dorr's daughter the last Dorinda who will rise herself up from hopeless circumstances finding love along the way Great early 80's romance novel

  5. Sheila Coile Sheila Coile says:

    One of my first romance reads I've read this book at least three or four times and I now own it so I can read it over again whenever I want

  6. William William says:

    A stand alone novel among her usual series in Born To Love Sherwood attempted a family saga concentrating on four generations of women named Dorinda whose fortunes rise and fall from the Great Fire of London to Tidewater Virginia in the early 18 Century Like her previous novel Lovely Lying Lips which also tried to vary the point of view among multiple heroines this method works and doesn't work The first and fourth Dorindas receive most of the attention while the third's entire history is related in the space of about a page or two In one of her rare interviews Sherwood claimed to write in bursts of inspiration rather than methodically and the thinness of that section seems to bear it out The section on the first Dorinda threatens to overwhelm Sherwood as she sets up a love triangle that she can't control successfully to the reader's sympathy; while the second seems to be grafting aspects that hadn't been used from the plotting and research of Lovely Lying Lips onto a new project The final Dorinda is the heart of the book Here Sherwood would've been better served by getting rid of the lopsided family saga around it and having had that story stand by itself as the novel In that section uick witted Dorinda Meredith navigates indenture mysterious suitors and nefarious doings at a plantation on the James The novel is flawed but once it settles into its final generation it rolls along enjoyably After this novel Sherwood would jump publishers to Pocket Books and return to her comfort zone of multi volume series

  7. Guisell Huiracocha Guisell Huiracocha says:

    Amé cada segundo en el pasado y presente de Dorinda De cada una de ellas una historia de maravilla a través del tiempo y del corazón de las protagonistas sin duda me encantó leerlo

  8. Diane Wachter Diane Wachter says:

    PB B 1984 985 romance

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